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Data entry jobs can be difficult to find, especially if are looking to work from home because there are so many scams out there.  Although, there are some legitimate companies that will hire remote workers to do data entry from home.  Some of the companies may require that you complete a typing test online. Some of those requirements may be around 30 to 50 words per minute and for some jobs, especially transcription jobs the keystrokes per minute may be even higher. 

orking from home as a data entry operator is idea for those who have small children or want to work from their home office.  Make sure that you read the requirements when applying.  Here are a list of some companies that hire data entry operators from home.

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Sig Track

 Hiring freelance typists to work to type in signatures.  Must have a Skype account, PayPal account and high speed Internet.  Only hires seasonally.    


Get paid up to $9 per hour doing simple tasks, which include data entry for Clickworker from home.  Weekly pay.  Sign up and start earning money today!  Open to US and non-US residents.   For more information on how Clickworker works, watch this Youtube Video. 

Has data entry and transcription work at home positions.  Must be able to type 75 wpm. 

Dion Data Solutions

A legitimate data entry company that is now accepting home contracted vendors in the u.s.a.  you must be able to type 60 wpm.  apply online.


They have a test that you will take online in completion of your application process.  It may take some time before you hear about the status of your application because they may have a waiting list.  Payments are made via Dwolla on the 1st and 16th of the month.  You must have earned at least $30 in order to be sent a payment.  Read a full review about work at home data entry jobs for Lionbridge here.  You can also watch a video tutorial of Lionbridge work at home data entry jobs below.


They have contractor positions for their at home data entry keyers.  Training courses are offered via web conference.  You will need a broadband internet access for this position.

Palm Coast Data 

If you live in the palm coast florida region, you can apply to work from home as a data entry operator.  Apply online.

Axion Data Services (No openings at this time)

Axion data services has contractor positions available for data entry operators.  They require you to have a clean criminal background.   

How to get Data Entry Work at Home

Please read this article on some helpful tips and ideas to obtain data entry work from home.  You will need to scroll down a bit and look for it on the right hand side.

Writers Research Group

Although they mainly lists jobs in the writing profession, they do have open data entry positions available.  You will need to be a quick and accurate typist. 


they hire typists to transcribe letters, messages, files, etc.  You will to have accurate spelling and punctuation. 

Speak Write

they are currently hiring legal and general typists to work as independent contractors from home.  the pay is $10-$12 per hour. 

Amazon Mturk

This company has data entry tasks available that you can do from home.  You will have to search for those hits (Human Intelligence Tasks) to find and work on them.  Pays daily through your bank account or Amazon gift cards.


Vitac is hiring real-time captioners.  You will be required to type at least 50 wpm, have excellent english grammar, pay close attention to details and be able to meet deadlines.  Flexible schedules.  Apply online.   

Data Plus

Data plus has legitimate work from home data entry jobs available. 
Contractors supply their own computer hardware and software and are responsible for their own insurance, and taxes.  Apply online.

Cass Info

Company has legitimate data entry positions for those who live in certain locations.  Will be required to work onsite for 90 days and then transition to working from home.

Great American Opportunities

This is a fundraising company that hires data entry keyers to work from home to type in their magazine subscriptions online.  There is a waiting list but they do not advertise on their official website for data entry.  They pay per piece not per hour weekly direct deposited to your bank account.  It is a seasonal job.   You can contact them via email and tell them you are interested in the work at home data entry keyer position.  Please read my full review on Great American Opportunities here.  You can also check out my book on Amazon, "300 + Companies that Pay you to Work from Home" here to know exactly what typing speed or score you will need to work from home for this company.   

Amazon Mturk

There are some data entry assignments that you can do from home here.  They pay per task.  Fast payout.  Sign up today.  

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