Working from home as a data entry keyer is not too far-fetched as it used to be.  Why?  This is due in part to the fact that there are a lot more companies hiring typists and data entry keyers to work remotely that I find almost every other day.  This is good news for those who desire a non-phone work at home job that does not require a lot of experience.

Before you apply to any data entry work at home jobs, please make sure that you do the following:

  • Check your typing speed.  If you are unsure of how fast you type, please go to the typing test page here to find out exactly how many words you key per hour.
  • Trim your nails.  If your nails are long, make sure you clip them before you take a typing test if you are required to do so as a part of the application process.  This will help you to avoid hitting the wrong keys so that you will type accurately and fast.
  • Allot enough time for you to finish your application and any evaluations or needed for the position.  Candidates who finish all parts of the application process in a timely manner have a better chance of getting hired.
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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

List of Companies Hiring Data Entry Keyers to Work from Home


Lightroom Studios

This company is seeking data entry keyers that are computer savvy to transfer data from paper formats into computer files or database systems.  You will also type in data directly from customers, verify data, update data, and other duties.  You must be a fast typist, have a basic understanding of databases, and knowledge of spreadsheets.  Full-time with benefits.


Humano is hiring a data entry clerk to enter data into the company systems, reconcile expenses to invoices, file employee records, and other duties.  Requires 3 years of data entry experience, great verbal skills, and be fluent in English.  This is a full-time position working Thursday to Monday from 8 am to 4:30 pm including overtime as needed.  Benefits provided.


This company is hiring individuals to work from home to enter data into REEF systems quickly and accurately, make corrections to source data, troubleshoot and problem solve data issues, resolve missing information, and other duties.  Requires 1-2 years of data entry experience, experience in editing materials, have excellent problem-solving skills, and a quiet workspace.  Pays $14 per hour with weekends off, benefits, and a free loaner laptop and a USB headset.

Open Systems Technologies

This company has a client that is seeking a data entry operator to work remotely to input data online, enter data into administrative systems, and other related duties.  You must have 4-6 years of data entry experience.

World Education Services

Work from home as a data entry processor to produce accurate evaluation reports by entering course information from submitted international transcripts into course worksheets.  Requires good communication skills, tolerance for repetitive work, a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and can type 60 wpm.  Full-time.  You can work anywhere in the United States.

Sea to Summit

Now hiring candidates to enter, proof, and process all sales orders into SAP, manage high volume data entry and answer questions regarding order status.  Requires excellent data entry skills with high accuracy, has problem-solving skills, performs tasks under pressure, and a high school diploma.  Pays $17 to $18 per hour.


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Another company that is hiring data entry keyers in select states to work remotely to receive, process, and ensure document classification, capture information, verify data, and other duties.  Has basic skills in a range of processes.

Cass Information Systems

Hiring offsite invoice payment specialists to work from home to enter required customer data by accurately interpreting a variety of source documents and coded information, perform required steps, and can understand the billing and payment processes, can type 9,000 keystrokes per hour, can retain instructions, and be willing to work extra hours.


This company is hiring data entry specialists to oversee creating new UPCs for Vibes in Vibes holding account into GS1.  You will also keep track of all data entered to ensure timely product launches.  Requires previous data entry experience, be familiar with GS1, has excellent communication skills, and strong interpersonal skills.


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Hiring Multiple Data Entry Keyers

Now hiring data entry keyers to work from home that pays $720 to $880 per hour plus another company hiring a data entry keyer right now that you can apply to online.  Please watch the video below

Please visit the weekly job section and Friday freebie page for additional work at home job leads you can apply to online with all the details.


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