Starting with the first topic, when you are looking for legitimate work from home jobs and you come across a company or website that offers you potential work that you are interested in, try to find out as much as you can about the company before you apply. Read their terms of service and conditions. Check out popular forums online for more information about the company.

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Stay away from websites that charge a membership fee for access to legitimate work at home jobs. There are so many free resources available on the Internet for you to find legitimate work at home. Make sure that they can provide you with the necessary contact information such as an email address, telephone number, official website, etc. If you are in doubt, check the Better Business Bureau to get a detailed report on the company. If you have a friend or know of someone who works for the company, ask them about their experience and if they have received payment. Of course, there are other things that you can do, if you are in doubt. My advice would be to use whatever method you feel most comfortable with.

Many companies are asking new writers to take a test or submit a writing sample before assignments are given. This is to determine your writing skills and where you will fit in with the company. Make sure that you read all the instructions given before you submit your writing sample. This will avoid having to resubmit your writing sample. Make sure that you do research for the subject that you will be writing on, if it is allowed. Try to stay on the subject and not deviate too much. Do not use too many elaborate words. If you overthink your writing sample, you may spend too much time on it and get discouraged. Keep it simple. The most important thing to remember is not to stress about your writing sample. This is your time to shine. Be yourself and you will do fine.

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Next Wave @ Home

Get paid cash instantly to take short polls

This company is seeking writers to work from home part-time writing on various legislative topics.  Pays $13 per hour.

This website is in need of articles on issues related to men between the ages of 18-45. They welcome both men and women to submit articles on a variety of topics from fashion, to dating, sports, health, and other insightful and practical articles. They pay $50 per article.

Good Old Boat

They publish articles on ownership, maintenance refits, restoration of good old boats, boat products, services, as well as the history of sailing. They will pay $700 for boat reviews. For original technical articles of approximately 3,000- 5,000 words, the pay is $700. For book reviews, the pay is $50. Cover photos are paid $100. For short pieces and more, the pay is $100-$300.

Everything Mom

Need articles between 300-600 words long on anything related to mothers. They pay $25 at their entry-level pay and more for their experienced writers. Payment is on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Rural Heritage

They accept poetry, cartoons, fillers, how-to articles, on draft animals, farming, ranching, horse-drawn equipment, etc. Read more details online.

This website relays information about the skydiving industry. They need writers to submit articles on safety, training, gear, and other information articles related to this topic. They pay $50-$100 per article.

Red Gate

They allow writers to submit articles on a variety of topics of interest. The topics may be chosen. This is a paid writing gig.

Genealogy Today

Needs writers for their weekly publications. They pay monthly based on the number of items published. Apply online.

This company will pay for feature articles. The pay is based on the quality of the article. Please contact them in advance to discuss rates.

Content Corp.

They need writers on a variety of topics. Send them your writing samples. You can also apply for this job online.

Sasee Magazine

This is a company about women for women. They welcome submissions from freelance writers about women that are filled with humor, satire, personal experience, and features. Payment for submissions varies. Read more details online.


Send in your best work to this magazine company. They accept content from new writers. Submissions start on Oct. 1. They pay $25-$50 for poetry. For fiction and non-fiction, the pay is from $50-$500.


They welcome submissions from writers as well as photographers. Ruralite readers are predominantly rural and small-town residents who are interested in stories about people and issues that affect their Northwest lifestyles. The cornerstone of Ruralite’s content is its colorful people features. Other mainstays include human interest and energy-related articles, as well as a limited number of Northwest travel, outdoor and unique historical features.