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Have you ever thought about building your own website or blog?  Maybe you have considered it but you don’t know where to start or what you would blog about?  Do not let that stop you.  Anybody can do it.  The great thing about it is that it doesn’t have to cost you one penny to have your own blog.  Here are the steps you need to take to start your own blog or website today!

Before you get started 

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Step One – Find a topic or subject that interests you that you will not run out of material on or get bored with. You could blog on your love of fashion, on crafts and how to make them, on fitness and health, entertainment, raising kids, etc.  

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Step Three – Decide on a name for your blog.  You could either choose something catchy or memorable.  You could even include your own personal name in the title.  For example, say you are going to make a blog about home cooked meals in the south.  Your blog could be titled“Anita’s Southern Fried Meals”.  This is just an example.  This is one of the most important steps into creating a blog so you want to make sure that you think it over very carefully.

Step Four – Pick out a template or design for your blog.  There are several to choose from on blogger.com or you could get several free templates online or you can get some free ones at Trendy Girl Designs.  There are step by step instructions as to how to install your free template.  They have many to choose from here.  Choose a look and feel that appeals to you and your blog readers as well.

Step Five – Add pages to your blog that is related around or to your blog in general.  If there is a subject that you want to cover that is off subject you could simply add a page and title it miscellaneous.  

Step Six – Add rich, quality content.  Make posts on your blog every week, if possible.  This is not only good to gain readers, followers, and fans of your blog but it is also helpful to do this so they will have fresh, new content available to them.  It will keep them coming back to your blog and they will be more likely to recommend it to others and remember it.  An active, updated blog is attractive to others.  If for some reason you have trouble coming up with content for your blog there are free articles for you to use on your blog as long as you include the author’s bio information.  Here are a few resources

Article City

Article Circle

Article Geek

Lady Pens

Step Seven – Fancy up your blog.  Play with the colors, add pictures to your blog posts, add blog buttons, blinkies, social media links, follow me buttons, and other cool features to have your blog readers experience it the way that you intended.  Blogger.com will have some of these features available for you when you sign up for a free blog or you can do a google search for the features.  You can get them all for free!  

Now you are ready to publish your blog.  You did it!  The most important thing that you need to remember is to keep adding quality content.  That alone will help you to gain a following over time.  Before you know it you will have more blog readers than you ever expected to.  Whether you decide to make a blog for fun or for business, many people want to monetize or make money from their blog and there are several ways for you to do this.  Please browse around this blog for more opportunities.  In the meantime here are a few that I recommend.  

Google Adsense


Commission Junction

Vix Womens Forum

Panthera Network

Max Bounty

Share a Sale

Link Share

Don’t forget to take advantage of these helpful resources and tools to make your blog a success.

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