It is becoming even more popular today not just to make your own crafts but to sell them online as well.  There are a few websites that cater to this kind of business.  There is really little to no money that you need to invest to get started selling your crafts online.  Some websites charge as little as .20 cents per item or a few dollars a month to list your handmade craft to sell online.  Some don’t charge a listing fee or don’t require a commission fee.

This is another great opportunity for you to earn extra income online selling your crafts.  Here is a list of some companies where you can sell your crafts.

Sell  your Crafts


To start selling on Etsy, you’ll first need to register for an Etsy account. To become a seller, you’ll need a credit card for verification purposes.  It costs 20 cents to list an item for four months. When your item sells, you’ll pay a 3.5% transaction fee.


Artfire is a website that also allows you to buy and sell your crafts and handmade items online.  It costs $11.95 to list and sell a product on their website.


This website does not charge you to list an item to sell.  they only charge you a 5% commission fee when you sell a product online. 

Made it myself

This is a fairly new website that allows you to sell items that you made yourself.  There is no listing fee.  They only charge you a 3$commission fee when your item is sold on their website.

Shop Handmade

Shop handmade is the fastest growing handmade craft store on the internet.  You can get start selling your handmade crafts in just 5 easy steps!  There is no monthly charge. There is no listing charge. There is no mandatory sales commission.


Craft is art has two different options for sellers of their handmade crafts.  You can either choose a free account or a premium account.  You can list as many items that you want to on this website. 

I craft

You can also sell your handmade crafts here.  There is a $25 registration fee for sellers.  You can sell and list up to 5 items for free.  Prices are listed online.

Silk fair is a place where you can buy and sell handmade products online.  They have free basic rates up to unlimited rate plans to sell your handmade crafts.

Az Craze

You can also buy and sell your handmade crafts online.  Keep 100% of your commission for your sales.  

Sell Your Jewelry

Jewelry makers can use the internet to their advantage to sell their earring, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.  You can purchase your kits at local craft stores, online, or even at some department stores for just a few dollars.

It is not very time consuming and can be very enjoyable when you see the finished product.  Especially when it is authentic and uniquely yours.  It gives you a chance to express your creativity through your designs.  Many people appreciate and seek out handmade jewelry. 


Some of the same places where you can sell your handmade crafts like Etsy, M ade it Myself, Shop handmade and others will also allow you to sell your jewelry online.


If you make handmade jewelry, Amazon has a section just for you on their front page.


If you want to sell jewelry from this well-known company without having to make it yourself, be an Avon consultant and sell jewelry online, from your home, and elsewhere.


You can also sell your handmade jewelry here.  There are millions of visitors on ebay each day, which means that you will reach more customers and have greater opportunities for you to sell your jewelry.


It is free to list your item here and also local.  Make sure that you set a price to sell that will allow you to make a profit.

Stella & Dot

Another place to sell beautiful jewelry without having to make it yourself.  Sign up to become a stylist and earn money at home.  This is a business so some start up costs may be required.


Another option would be to sell your handmade jewelry online through your own website.  Just take pictures of your finished product and upload them online.  You could even use craiglist and other free advertising classifieds and methods to direct traffic to your website.  If you need more ideas on starting your own business please click here.

Sell your Artwork

If you are creative or artistic there are many opportunities for you to make money online selling your artwork.  You can even get starting right away.

There are so many benefits from selling your artwork online.  First of all, you don’t have to wait for your local fair or art show to earn money.  The fees are reasonable and affordable for listing your artwork to sell online.  You have access to a broader audience and have the ability of reaching many customers.

Considering these and other factors, selling your artwork online is another avenue to expand your business and showcase your talents.  Here are a few places where you can sell your artwork online.

Cafe Press

Sell your unique designs and artwork on this site to put on tshirts, mugs, and more!


Start a 14-day free trial.  Yearly membership is only $59 to sell your artwork online. 


Sell your designs through this online company and reach 20 million visitors a month.  Sign up for a free account.  More details provided online.


Sell your artwork, photos, illustrations, and more on imagekind for free.  Easy to set up and get started.

Excel Sportswear

Excel Sportswear is looking for additional Illustrators, designers and cartoonists to supplement our in-house art staff.  Our specialties include Public Schools, Fire Departments, Police Departments and Car/Cycle Dealerships.  We have a never ending need for original illustrations of Mascots, Cars, High School Sports action shots, etc.


The single largest directory of online stores, Amazon turned itself into one of the world’s largest retailers by creating a platform for anyone to sell anything.


This is one of the largest and most popular free online classified ad websites that will allow you to sell just about anything.  Sign up for a free account.


The world’s largest auction site.  Follow @ebayart on Twitter to get an idea of what kind of art does well on ebay.   

Sell Your Photos

If you have photos that you have taken on vacation, at an event,
around the house or anywhere else, you have money.
There are many places where you can sell your photos online
and earn passive income.
This is another popular way to get paid online.
Pictures are in high demand due to webmasters and others
that look for photos to accommodate their website.
Of course there are other various reasons why people need and use pictures online.

The internet has made selling photos online a possibility and a reality.
If you like to take pictures and you are in need of extra income,
this is a great opportunity for you.  

One of the best things about selling your photos online
is there are no age requirementsto earn money.  If you are
under 18 years of age, you can still make money.  There
are no limitations in regards to your earnings.