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I recently contacted Humanatic with some of the more popular questions that I have been asked and have wondered about myself as well.  For those who may not know, Humanatic is a non-phone work-at-home job that does not require a background check, special skills, or experience to simply listen to calls from your computer and sort them accurately into categories.  They pay weekly as long as you have $10 in your account via Paypal.

The only thing you will need to work for this legitimate company is a Paypal account and an email address.  Now Humanatic has a smartphone app that is available on Google Play which allows you to listen to and categorize calls right from your phone.  

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This makes it perfect and convenient for those who do not have a computer.  Your training will be done online and only takes just a few minutes.  It is an easy work-at-home job but the pay is fairly low, so I contacted them to address these and other concerns, and here are the responses I received.

1.  How long does it take to hear back from Humanatic after you have applied? 

Answer:  Applications are generally processed within 24-48 hours after they have been submitted, with the exception of the weekend. Applications submitted over the weekend will be processed on a first come first serve basis starting Monday.

2.  What can you do if you are having difficulty signing up to work for Humanatic?      

Answer:  If an applicant is finding that they cannot proceed with their application this could be a few things. Their Paypal address may not be verified.  Humanatic requires a verified PayPal address in order to sign-up.  The Paypal address may be associated with another account that is already in the Humanatic database.  Humanatic will not accept duplicate application information.  Their name may already be taken.  

Again, Humanatic won’t accept duplicate information.  A variation of their name should be tried.  The applicant may have applied with the same information in the past and been denied.

3.  Is there anything that can be done to avoid being penalized for inaccurately reviewing calls?

 It is encouraged that all reviewers thoroughly read and refer back to the overviews and announcements.  The overviews will include detailed instructions as well as examples, and the announcements include important information about updates, tips, and requirements for reviewers and their accounts.  In addition, reviewers can access their Detailed Earnings History.  This spreadsheet will provide a detailed history of each call that has been reviewed, every earning, and any penalty that has been applied.

If a reviewer notices that they seem to be getting penalized dominantly in one or two categories more than others, they are welcome to email regarding those categories.  We can then perform an audit on their reviews for those categories and provide feedback to help them with future reviews.

We also provide a Call Viewer tool where reviewers can plug a call identification number in order to see the outcome of a previous review.  By doing this, they are provided with the opportunity to see their answer versus the data confirmed by the audit.  The dispute then processes into a dispute queue that is handled by our in-house auditors on a first come first serve basis.

4.  When is the busiest time for call volume?         

 Because our clients are all over, call volume will continuously fluctuate.  However, our busiest hours seem to be from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, Monday-Saturday.  

5.  Does Humanatic promote its call reviewers?   

 When needed, our most advanced and accurate reviewers are invited to become auditors.  The status of an auditor requires that a reviewer is active in all of our available categories, with a minimum of 100 reviews in each category, and an accuracy rating of 95-100% in each.  This, however, is not a guarantee to those that have the most advanced, accurate accounts.  Auditors are only added on an as-needed basis.  Those accounts that become eligible will be held in reserve, to be added if/when the time comes.

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6.  Will Humanatic ever offer pay increases?              

 Each category pays an amount that is for the most part unchanging.  The amount will fluctuate slightly based on the supply and demand of calls in a particular category, but they will always remain in the same general range.  The categories currently pay between $0.6 and $0.20 per correct review.  When reviewers show steady accuracy they are promoted to the more advanced, higher-paying categories, with the opportunity to become active in all of our categories that are currently available.  

Update:  Humanatic just made a new announcement regarding part-time bonuses for their call reviewers that you can read below:  

Last week we announced the prime time for users to review calls, that being the time that our clients see peak activity.  This is most commonly expected during the afternoon and early evening. So in response to many of you reading that overview and jumping in to help during that time frame, we have implemented a Prime Time bonus!  This is to help make sure you are seeing an added bonus for helping out when and where we need you most!

This bonus will be in place if it is a weekday between 4:00 PM and 6:59 PM EST and categories are seeing high volume. The reviews completed during that time frame will see a 10% increase in pay per task.

7.  Can multiple people work from Humanatic in the same household?                                                          

 Our system allows for multiple people to work from the same IP address, as long as this is not abused.  The accounts will need to have individual PayPal addresses though.

8.  Do you know of any other work at home companies that are similar to Humanatic?

 At this time, we are not aware of any other companies providing this same opportunity.

9.  Is Humanatic open to those outside the US?

 We accept and encourage applicants worldwide.

10.  Can teens work for Humanatic?

Answer:  Anyone can apply for a Humanatic account as long as they have a verified PayPal address.

I hope that this Humanatic Interview has answered some of your questions, given you some insight into how this company operates, and help you to review your calls more effectively.  If you would like to sign up for Humanatic, please click here and make sure you put in my email address as a referral at


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