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20 Easy work at home jobs that will hire youHave you been applying to work at home jobs but never got hired?  Do you want to work at home but no one has offered you the opportunity to do so?  Many people experience similar challenges in their work at home journey but this post may help you turn things around so that you can start working.

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If you are determined not to give up, you will eventually be offered a work at home job.  In the meantime, you can start working within the next week or so with these easy work at home jobs.  Many of these employers will hire you without an extensive screening process.

Please keep in mind that some of the work may be ongoing while others are as-needed assignments and tasks.  Check out some of the possibilities below.

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  1. Moderation – Companies need remote workers to filter out harmful or hurtful content shared in online communities, on social media, and elsewhere.  This job is needed to protect their reputation and keep the internet safe.  A few companies hiring moderators to work from home are Gaggle, ModSquad, LiveWorld, the Social Element, The Social Factor, Teleperformance, and many more.
  2. Transcription – Transcribers will listen to audio files and transcribe them into text for doctors, to capture messages, conference calls, meeting notes, etc.  Several companies are hiring transcribers daily.  You can apply to companies like Daily Transcription,, VIQ Solutions, Scribie, Accutran Global, and others.
  3. Call Reviewing – If you’ve ever heard the message “This call is being recorded” at the beginning of a phone call, this means the call is going to be analyzed and reviewed to see how the call was handled, to make improvements, etc.  Human reviewers who work for the company handle this kind of work.  You can get a job faster working as a Call Reviewer by applying to Humanatic, Cognosante, Slingshot (not currently hiring at the moment), Millennium Information (still hiring), and Etech.
  4. Telephone Interviewers – You can conduct surveys with people and record their answers as a Telephone Interviewer.  Companies evaluate consumers’ feedback for market research purposes.  Try applying to be a telephone interviewer at Luce Research, L & E Research, Nichol’s Research, and Eureka Facts just to name a few.
  5. Virtual Assistants – Work on simple administrative tasks/duties that may involve scheduling appointments, doing research online, finding hotels, etc.  You can apply to work from home as a Virtual Assistant for companies like Fancy Hands,, Boldly, Zirtual, and Belay.
  6. Email Customer Service – Work from home sending out and/or replying to emails from customers and others for companies.  This job will require good typing and grammar skills.  Employers like Omni Interactions, ModSquad, UpWork, and others hire Email Customer Service/Support agents.
  7. Assembly – If you’re good at assembling items and furniture, you can work from home doing this for others.  Companies like Task Rabbit, Handy, Thumbtack, etc.
  8. Customer Service – Work from home answering questions for customers, helping them with their orders, placing orders for them, and other related duties.  This kind of work is vital for the success of the company.  You can apply to employers like Sitel, Sutherland Global, Amazon, OneSupport, Uhaul, and many more.
  9. Writing – Put your writing skills to work by writing articles for companies.  They desperately need people to write articles on all kinds of topics that may or may not include a little research.  Some writing jobs pay $0.10 per word and up!  If this job interests you, please apply to be a writer at BKA Content, Constant Content, Listverse, Marker Content, etc.  YOu can see more here.
  10. Editing – Work from home editing written text, video content, books, and more.  Apply to companies like Scribendi, Gramlee, Fiverr, and many more.
  11. Website Tester – Visit various websites and give you feedback on the design, functionality of the website, how user-friendly it is, and other details.  Try companies like UserTesting, Intellizoom, Userlytics, UserFeel, and others.
  12. Data Entry – Get paid to type documents for companies, enter important information online from your home office, correct data, etc.  You will need to possess at least an average typing speed of 35+ wpm with accuracy.  Try applying to companies like Data Dimensions, SMI, Bold Business, and Simply Insured.  You can find more by visiting this page.
  13. Chat – Get paid to chat with customers in a chat box or something similar, on social media, etc.  Several companies need Chat Agents to help customers get answers to questions, find/buy products, and other tasks.  Apply to companies like Amazon, the Chat Shop, GE, Sephora, and others.  Drips is another company that hires Chatroom Operators to work from home.  You can apply for this job here.
  14. Tutor – Companies hire remote Tutors to assist kids and adults in learning English, help them with their reading and math skills, or any other subject they are struggling with.  You can apply to work from home Tutoring jobs at Magic Ears, BookNook,, and others.
  15. Rater – Work at home rating the web to evaluate the results for search terms and ads to ensure their relevancy and improve overall web search results.  Apply to be a rater for companies like Telus International, Welocalize, Appen, and others.
  16. Online Shopper – Online Shoppers are needed to make online orders to evaluate the whole shopping process.  As a perk, shoppers get to keep the items purchased.  Apply to be a mystery shopper for companies like Telus International, BestMark, or even Field Agent.
  17. Proofreaders – Articles and other content that have been written by writers need to be checked for errors.  Proofreaders will cipher over the content to uncover flaws and correct them.  Apply to employers like Scribbr, Wordfirm, Kirkus Media, Clickworker, and others.
  18. Answering Service – Take messages for companies after hours as an Answering Service Operator.  This job may require you to work in the evenings or on weekends.  Please read this post for current companies now hiring Answering Service Operators.
  19. Tech Support – Help customers and others with their tech support issues and problems.  This job will definitely require patience and tech-savvy capabilities.  Some of these jobs are entry-level.  Please apply to be a Tech Support agent for Kelly Connect, Transcom, Symetra, and CGS.  You can find more here.
  20. Freelance Work – You can complete simple tasks in search evaluation, writing, research, translation, voice-over jobs, and more working at your own pace.  These tasks can be done on a daily, weekly, or whenever-you-want basis.  Many companies need remote workers to do freelance work like OneForma, Amazon Mturk, Clickworker, and Workersonboard by browsing this blog or visiting the weekly job section and Friday freebie pages.
  21. Brand Ambassador – Work from home advocating for companies as a Brand Ambassador.  You will be the voice of the company helping clients, customers, and others obtain valuable information about their products, and services, answer questions, etc.  Apply to be a Brand Ambassador for Yelp, BairesDev, VIP Desk Connect, and many more.


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