Get paid over $12 per hour listening to recorded callsThere is a new non-phone work-at-home job that will actually pay you to review recorded calls from your home office.  Does this job sound familiar?  There is a company called Humanatic that recruits remote workers to do the same thing…listen to recorded calls either from your smartphone or computer but you will earn less than minimum wage to do this from home.  You can get paid over $12 per hour to listen to recorded calls.

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As I was looking for new work-at-home job opportunities to include in my free weekly newsletter, I came across a company that needs Quality Assurance Agents to work remotely with almost the exact job description as Humanatic with much higher pay.

If you are looking for a legitimate entry-level work-at-home job that will not require you to talk on the phone with hourly pay, please read this entire post so that you can apply online.

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Who is Hiring for this position?

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A company called Slingshot Technology, Inc. based out of Lehi, Utah is currently hiring individuals to work at least 30 hours a week reviewing calls.  This company has other remote positions for Seasonal Call Center Reps, Real-Time Workforce Analysts, Tech Support Reps, WordPress Developers, and Call Center Team Leads.

What exactly does a Quality Call Assurance Agent do?

Slingshot highlighted 3 bullet points included in the job description that state you will review recorded calls as your schedule permits and analyze the quality of conversations as well as customer interactions.  This is needed to help others be successful by auditing and scoring conversations and processes.

Remember this is a non-phone work at home job.  You will not have to talk to anyone over the phone.  Just listen to calls.  Pretty cool.

What kind of skills do I need?

Slingshot is looking for people with keen attention to detail who can work 30 hours or more each week.  You also need to be comfortable using multiple computer programs at the same time and can work independently.   Other than that, there are no additional skills required.  This is due to the fact that it is an entry-level job.

What home office equipment is required?

You will need your own computer and equipment that is in good working condition with reliable internet access to be a qualified candidate.

How much will I earn?

Slingshot Technology pays its Quality Assurance Agents an hourly rate of $12.60 per hour.  You will earn bonuses and commissions for your work performance.  If you get hired to work for this company working 30 hours a week at $12.60 per hour, your weekly salary is $378 not including the bonuses and commissions you can earn also.

Does this company offer any perks?

Yes.  If you are employed full-time, you will get access to a generous Paid Time Off package, a health care plan, a matching 401K, and a gym membership.  They also state there is potential for growth within the company.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has the desire to work remotely and wants to earn over $300 a week should do so.  This job is especially ideal for those with little to no work experience, who prefer a job with less stress, or who desire non-phone work.

How do I apply?

You can apply to review recorded calls for Slingshot Technology here.

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    Hi. Quick note: Slingshot hires in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Nevada, Oklahoma, Florida or Texas only. No one from anywhere else will be considered.

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