Could you use an extra $50 cash in your pocket to spend?  There are a few ways that you can do this that does not require for you to promote a scam or work from home taking calls for customers over the phone.  You may already be doing these things but were unaware that you could get paid for it.  In fact, all of these methods have been tried by others and have proved to be successful in accomplishing this goal.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Please be aware of the fact that you may have to complete all the steps and follow the directions given on each website to ensure that you will receive your money.  Some of the methods that I list may take a little bit longer than others but if you keep working hard, are honest and agree to their terms, you will get paid too.

Here are a few random ways that you can make $50 online.

  1. Sell your Hair – Yes ladies, if you have grown your hair out and you would like to chop it off for a new look or you are simply tired of your long locks, you can sell your hair and get some decent cash.  Like hundreds of dollars depending upon the length and type.  Remember that you can get more for your hair if you have not permed, dyed, bleached or chemically processed your hair.  Try sites like Hairsellon, Onlinehairaffair and
  2. Sell your Photos – Shutterstock is a company that not only hires image reviewers to work from home but they also need images that others can download from their website.  They will pay you at a starting rate of $0.25 every time your image is downloaded.  You will earn more per download once you reach $500 and up.  Read more about being a paid contributor for Shutterstock here.
  3. Product Tube – Get paid cash to make short videos about products that you buy and use.  You can join on their official website or via their mobile app.  You can earn up to $80 per month for just one hour of your time with this company.
  4. Mindswarms – Use this company to get $50 for answering just 7 questions.  Payments are sent via PayPal the next day.
  5. Sell your ClothesThredup is just one of the many companies that will pay you cash for your used clothes.  You simply order a bag, put your gently used, washed clothing items in them and ship them for free to Thredup.  Once it has been processed, you will get paid.
  6. Turo – Get paid to rent out your car to others by listing it for free on their official website.  You will get paid every 5 days via direct deposit.
  7. Wrap your car – There are some legitimate websites that will pay you to place advertising on your car.  Cartvertise is one of them.  They will send you cash each month with a check for having your car wrapped in ads.  Read more about how it works here.
  8. Savvy Connect – Download this free app to get paid $50 plus $5 per month to surf the web and have it installed on each of your internet connected devices.
  9. Ebates – It is a must to use this site to get cash back when you shop!  You can earn also an extra $50 in cash for referring 2 of your friends to try Ebates.  Remember, they must join and use the site for you to get credit!
  10. Clinical Trials – This is another cool and interesting way to get paid BIG money plus get free medication and free medical care.  You must have been diagnosed with these medical conditions in order to participate.  Most clinical trials start off paying $700 in cash and up.  Here are a few that you can join…Pediatric ADHD if you are a parent of a child that has been diagnosed with this condition, you are qualified to participate.  Chron’s Disease Clinical Trial, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Insomnia,
  11. Sell your videos – Get paid for your original videos and earn commissions and royalties on each accepted video.  You can use sites like Junkin Media, Rumble and YouTube to name a few.
  12. Letgo – Use this app to sell stuff to people near where you live. Post an item and upload the photos in just a few seconds.
  13. DoorDash– Get paid to deliver food items to others and set your own hours working whenever you want.  No car needed.  Weekly pay.
  14. Gazelle – Sell your electronic devices for fast cash.  Ship it for free and get paid via PayPal, check or gift cards.
  15. Recipes – If you have some recipes that you have created or were passed down to you from your family, you can get paid around $50 if a company publishes your recipe online.  Cooking Light is one of them plus you will get a free t-shirt.
  16. JokesReaders Digest will pay you $100 for any funny true story.  They will also pay you $25 for a joke, gag or funny quote.
  17. Sell JewelryStella & Dot is a well-known company that pays people to sell their beautiful jewelry at home and elsewhere.  (There is an investment for this program).
  18. Rent Your Driveway – Rent out your driveway to others for cash with Parklee.
  19. Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel – Get paid to make a difference by installing the app and using the internet as you normally would.
  20. Sell your used BooksCash 4 Books is a website that you can use to sell your used books or textbooks for cash.  You can get an instant quote online or with their mobile app.  Ship them for free and get paid.

Do you know of any other ways that you can make $50 online?  If so, please share your comments below.  You can also check out some other ways to make money online here.

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