Is it realistic to think that you can make $25 from one single website or company from home? Yes.  It is very reasonable and practical to have the goal of being able to make $25 and much more from one site.  But will it involve you participating in a scam where you will process emails from home, send out letters, invest your own money into a program that promises to help you earn a steady income online?

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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Absolutely not.

All of the suggestions that I have come up with are from legitimate companies that will pay you for your time and efforts.  Some of the tasks are quite simple and may only take a few minutes of your time.  If you are willing to give them a try and put in the work, you could easily earn $25 in just one day.

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How much will I earn if I make $25 a day?

Get paid cash instantly to take short polls

Now $25 may not seem like a lot of money initially but if you are able to make $25 daily seven days a week that equals up to $175 in one week.  In just two weeks, you will have earned $350 and at least $700 in one month!  This is more than enough to pay for your cable, light, phone, or Internet bill, buy groceries, pay your car payment, insurance (depending upon the amount), or contribute to the rent or mortgage of your home.

Be sure to choose sites that appeal to you the most and give it your best effort.  I always recommend that you try more than one site or company at a time.  Not only will this help to keep it interesting for you but you may also find that one site may work better for you than another and you can add more streams of income to your online earnings.

It is also a good idea to set a goal for yourself as to how much you want to earn.  This will help you stay motivated and feel a sense of pride that you were able to meet, reach and possibly exceed what you expected to make online.


20 Cool Ways that will help you make $25 a Day

Bonus Sites

Nielsen Computer Panel (Earn up to $200 a year) to install their meter on your wireless router.

Smart Panel (Earn up to $180) to share how you use the Internet.

Survey Savvy Connect (Earn up to $180) in a year to install their app as you browse the web on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Google – Google has a secret panel that will pay you $25 in just 15 minutes to give your opinion in a quick study/survey from home.  I have already gotten paid from this cool site.  You can read more about it and join the panel here.

Shoppers Needed – InstaCart is looking for people to visit the store and pick up items for people in your neighborhood.  You can work whenever you want.  Just download the app to get started.

  1. Darwin’s Data – This company will pay you $25 to share your opinions on legal disputes from home.  You will get paid $25 for every single survey you complete.
  2. Math Wiz Tutors – This company has an urgent need for tutors to work from home helping students from grade level K through college in Algebra, Geometry, etc.  You must be able to work 10-60 hours a month.  The pay is $25 to $75 per hour.
  3. LovetoKnow – I just posted jobs about this company on the weekly job section of this website.  They are currently looking for social media content and expert topic writers to write on topics that you have some knowledge or expertise in.  You will earn $25 to $100 per article!
  4. Usertesting – Get paid to visit new websites and mobile apps for just 20 minutes to earn $10.  If you complete 3 tests in an hour, you will earn $30!
  5. Nashville Review – If you are a songwriter or poet, try this company to submit your previously unpublished pieces.  They pay $25 per poem & song selection and $100 for other pieces.
  6. Mindswarms – Participate in mobile video surveys to earn $50 and sometimes up to $75 to answer 7 questions from your smartphone, webcam, or tablet.  Payment will be made in 24 hours.
  7. US Kids – Submit short stories that kids would love to read, poetry, crafts, puzzles, games, and activities to earn at least $25 up to $40 per submission.
  8. Blue Mountain Arts – Submit your poetry to be included in greeting cards for a payment of $50 for one-time use or $300 for exclusive rights.
  9. Rakuten – Refer just one person to use this site and get paid $25 in cash!  Ebates is a company that gives you discounts and cashback when you shop online or at the store.  It is free to join and use.  In addition to the cashback, you will get a free $10 gift card when you join and redeem your first cash-back offer.
  10. E-Jury – Be an online juror and participate and give your feedback on mock trials for extra cash.
  11. Magic Ears – Get paid up to $26 per hour to teach English to kids remotely.  You can work from anywhere working your own schedule.  Read all about how it works here.
  12. L & E Research – This company will pay you at least $100 to participate in an online focus group, telephone interviews, or bulletin boards giving your opinions on different brands and products.  These virtual studies take about an hour of your time.
  13. Paid Viewpoint – Join this fun site to take mini polls and refer others to do the same.  Not only will you earn cash for every short poll you take but you can also earn up to $25 for every person that you refer to Paid Viewpoint.  Must be 13 to join.
  14. Mobee – Get paid to visit various stores in your area as a mystery shopper completing various tasks.  Depending on how many missions you complete, you can earn at least $25 with this app.  Use code QQPD for a bonus.  Available on the App Store or Google Play.
  15. Amusement Advantage – Edit mystery shops that have been submitted by mystery shoppers for grammar, spelling, content, etc.  You either need to have been a mystery shopper in the past or have a good understanding of the mystery shopping industry.  You will work 3 hours a day, 4 days a week earning from $200 on the low end up to $1,000 a month.  Read more here.
  16. Fiverr – Come up with and create a gig that you would like to sell to others online for Fiverr.  If you sell 5 gigs for $5, you will earn $25.  You can also earn more per gig with add-ons.  Find out how I made $75 in just 5 minutes using Fiverr here.
  17. Create a Website – Not only can you earn money by having ads strategically placed on your blog but you can also earn from sponsors, various campaigns, selling your own products and so much more.  You can even promote your own referral links on your blog to earn passive income online.  You can check out my online course that explains exactly how you can create a blog with Blogger or WordPress on Udemy here.
  18. Clickbank – Sell digital products online with this site.  Make sure that you watch out for scams so that you will not promote them to others.
  19. Amazon Direct Publishing – Create and self-publish your own ebooks and paperback books on almost any subject for free to earn 70% royalties on each book you sell!  Your books will be sold worldwide.  Payments are made monthly and directly deposited into your bank account.
  20. Get paid to Share – Companies will pay you to share your data as you browse the Internet.  You have to install the apps and keep them installed in order to receive payment.  If you use all of these companies, you will earn about $480 a year!

You can also download the Qmee for extra cash as you go online from your smartphone and tablets as you visit websites, search for products, and more.


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