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Working from home certainly has its advantages and disadvantages but that doesn’t have to include your working hours that do not fit into your lifestyle.  If you desire a work-at-home job with daytime hours but you only find graveyard or overnight shifts or you want to work under 10 hours a week or just on the weekends, this post is for you.  If you like the idea of working for as long or as little as you want at your own pace, I have a few legitimate work-at-home jobs that fit into this category.

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Please keep in mind that some of these jobs may not require experience but if you have a certain skill that you excel in, you can find several opportunities to help you make extra cash or even a living online.  Some of these jobs may be classified under freelance work, online gigs, or even short tasks.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Whatever job or opportunity you decide to pursue, remember that it will allow you to work at your own pace and schedule which will benefit you and your entire family.

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30 Work Whenever You Want Jobs

  1. 6ya – This free smartphone app is looking for experts to help people over the phone with their product problems.  You will provide recommendations and earn cash for every call you make.  Calls last 6 minutes or less.  All registered experts will receive a $100 bonus will be paid who accept at least 20 calls within 7 days from their activation.
  2. BookNook – Work whenever you want to help students learn reading and math.  This job pays $18 per hour.
  3. GoTranscript – Transcribe documents, reports, investigations, and more in your spare time.  You will need access to Wifi and a PayPal account.  You can set your own schedule, work from anywhere in the world, and earn money every Friday.
  4. DoorDash – Work your own schedule delivering food and other items to people in your neighborhood.  Your pay includes tips from each customer.  Fast pay.
  5. Field Agent – Work from home completing various tasks on your smartphone.  This may involve taking photos, buying and trying new products, ordering takeout, etc.  Pays via direct deposit.  Open worldwide.
  6. – This company has several work-at-home job openings in data collection, web search evaluation, search engine evaluation, online ad evaluators, voice recording, and more.  A flexible schedule that allows you to work on a part-time basis.
  7. Needle – This company is looking for brand advocates to work from home helping customers by providing your expertise in the form of an online chat.
  8. BestMark – Work as a mystery shopper on your own schedule evaluating various businesses.  The work is easy and payments are fast.  No experience or background check is required.  This company has phone and web shops too.
  9. Clickworker – A company that has been around for a long time that allows clickworkers or freelancers to work their own schedule completing interesting online tasks in various categories.  There is no interview or resume required.  Can start working the next day.
  10. Intelichek – Work from home on your own schedule gathering information about the products and services they offer and the price of those products and services.  You will need a landline or mobile phone, a pleasant phone demeanor, and can work 10 up to 30 hours a week.
  11. Humanatic – This company should only be used for extra cash not relied upon for full-time income.  You can work whenever you want to listen to calls and sort them into categories in a multiple-choice style below each call.  Very easy.  You will need a PayPal account to get paid.  Open to people of all ages.  Can start working possibly the next day.
  12. Appen – A very popular work-at-home employer that has work-at-home jobs in social media evaluation where you can work 1 up to 4 hours a day at your own pace, completing crowdsourcing tasks, as a web search evaluator, annotator, and more.  You will need a computer or smartphone.
  13. The Smart Crowd – Work from home on your own terms completing online tasks on this platform.  You will earn money for every task you complete.  No interview or resume is required.
  14. Literably – Make over $10 per hour working every week from anywhere setting your own schedule completing transcripts of word and non-word utterances from children who are attempting to read prepared texts.
  15. Lionbridge – Lionbridge has been providing work-from-home opportunities to individuals around the world for over 20 years. They offer flexible working hours while working from home without having to talk to anyone over the phone.  They also hire from all over the world.
  16. Wonder – Work any time of the day or night researching and finding the best resources for their clients.  You can set your own schedule.  It only takes 5 minutes to apply.
  17. Mod Squad – Work from home moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities, and buzzing on social media.  As a Mod you can work from any private location with secure high-speed internet access. You’ll select your projects based on YOUR passions – and schedule when YOU want to work and deliver.
  18. Fancy Hands – Be a virtual assistant and work from home assisting other people with phone calls, making appointments, finding hotels, and more.  You must be good on the phone and great with internet research.  Pays per task.
  19. – Work as little or as much as you want as a captioner, translator, or transcriptionist.  You can even choose the projects you want to work on and get paid every single week!
  20. One Space – Once Space4 is currently looking people for to listen to audio files and convert the spoken words into written form. The audio files typically range from less than 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length.  Opportunities for these positions are open to those who are fluent in one of these languages or more.  This company offers daily pay and allows you to create your own schedule.
  21. Amazon Mturk – Select a variety of tasks to complete at your own pace by registering to be a Turker and completing human intelligence tasks.
  22. UpWork – A large platform for freelancers to obtain work from businesses or individuals online.  You can work your own schedule and get more freelance gigs by exposing your talents with UpWork.
  23. Talent Hack – Work out of your living rooms as a dance and/or fitness coach or instructor.  You will make $25 an hour with a commission.
  24. Fiverr – Another platform for freelancers that allows you to work when it is convenient for you or whenever you are ready as long as you meet your gig deadlines.  You can sell your services in the form of a gig for Fiverr sellers to purchase for extra cash.
  25. Study Pool – Earn up to $5,000 a month by answering homework questions and assignments from home.  You get to set your own price and guidelines.
  26. Textbroker – Work from home writing articles about various topics and subjects that you have knowledge of for extra cash.  You can work whenever you want as you get to choose which projects you would like to write.  No experience is required.  Reliable payment.
  27. Smartling – Work from home and get paid to interpret, translate, and transcribe at your own pace.
  28. Focus Forward – Work from any country in the world whenever you want to transcribe audio files from home.  You could be offered to work from home for this company in 2 days or less.
  29. Appen – Work from home as an Internet Analyst for 10 up to 26 hours per week conducting evaluation, research, and feedback on search engine results.  You will need a Google account, excellent web research skills, and a smartphone.
  30. Outsourcely – Find reliable long-term remote work on this platform.  Create your free profile to share your skills and work experience for access to tons of freelance gigs.  Get paid directly.

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