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60 Work at Home Jobs you can do AnytimeHave you come across a work-at-home job that seemed to be the perfect fit for you with the exception of the time, day, and hours that you would need to be available for work?  You now realize this perfect job is not so perfect and it seems to be slipping away from your hands. But don’t give up yet because there are a few legitimate work-at-home companies that are very flexible allowing you to work anytime choosing which days and times you want to work.

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In addition to this, there are even a few companies that give their remote workers the freedom to stay on as an employee or independent contractors even if they have not logged in for a period of time (possibly months) without the worry of losing their job.  This makes it convenient when we have to deal with circumstances that are beyond our control which can cause a brief interruption in our lives.  So if you are a stay-at-home mom/dad, student, teenager, or simply someone who needs some extra income there is something on this list for everyone.

Please carefully read over each company’s terms and conditions so that you will know what they expect from you.  Remember that every company has different policies.

Work at home Jobs you can do Anytime

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  1. – Write articles on a variety of topics that you have knowledge or expertise in.
  2. Accutran Global – Work on transcription assignments in your spare time.
  3. Alorica at Home – This company hires home agents to take incoming calls for clients.  It is a flexible work-at-home job.
  4. Appen – Work from home as a social media evaluator, crowd worker, web search evaluator, transcriber, and more.  They have more than 100 work-at-home job openings and hire worldwide.  Read my latest review about how you can make over $1,000 a month with this site here.
  5. Audiobee – Complete voiceover tasks and other non-phone jobs in translation, transcription, segmentation, and more.  Work as much as you want whenever you want.  Open worldwide.
  6. Babbletype – Complete transcription and editing jobs with this company.
  7. BestMark – Complete some mystery shopping tasks on the telephone from home.
  8. Blog Mutt – Write posts for businesses and get paid.
  9. Brainfuse – Work as a tutor assisting students from home.
  10. Call Center QA – Another company that needs telephone mystery shoppers to work from home evaluating various businesses.  Pays $5 per call.  Read my full review here.
  11. Cambly – Work from home as a Tutor chatting with students anytime/anywhere.
  12. Click N Work – Complete a wide range of data entry, writing, telephone interview jobs, and more from home.
  13. Clickworker – Work whenever you want to complete short tasks in translation, searching the web, completing tasks on your smartphone, data categorization, and much more.  Weekly pay.  Find out how you can earn up to $9 per hour using Clickworker here.  If you need help with the UHRS tasks, read my How-to guide here.
  14. Constant Content – Submit your own articles for payment.  Work as much as you want whenever you want.
  15. Cracked – Submit funny articles and other content for this company.
  16. Daily Transcription – Work from home completing transcription assignments.
  17. Demand Media – Work as a freelancer for this site.
  18. Fancy Hands – Work from home as a virtual assistant making calls, reserving hotels, scheduling appointments, and more.
  19. Field Agent – You can work on short gigs right from your smartphone as a field agent.  You can do these jobs anytime but some of the gigs are time-sensitive.  Open worldwide.
  20. Focus Forward – Work anytime as a transcriber for Focus Forward from home.
  21. The Forum Wheel – Post on various forums that you are interested in.
  22. Go Transcript – Work from home freely choosing your transcription projects.
  23. GAO – Work from home typing in gifts and purchases from their catalog from school order forms.  Log in and work whenever you want.  Find out how to apply here.
  24. Great VirtualWorks – Work from home servicing customer service calls as an independent business owner.  Flexible hours.  Read more about Great Virtual Works here.
  25. Hubpages – Write and submit articles and other content whenever you want.
  26. Humanatic – This company will pay you to spy on calls.  You will listen to recorded calls and select the appropriate answer to determine if the call was satisfactorily answered.  Weekly pay.  Anyone from any location can work for this company.  Read all the details here.
  27. Intelichek – Work from home collecting prices for tires on a vehicle and more.  Read all about this job from an Intelicheck recruiter here.
  28. Internet Brands – Write articles on various subjects from home.  May also have other remote jobs.
  29. Writer – Write and submit articles to this company whenever you want
  30. Kinzer Projects – Work from home completing tasks in keyword moderation, description editors, writers, and more.
  31. Lionbridge – This company has work-at-home jobs you can do anytime as an Internet ads assessor where you will review online ads to improve their content, quality, and layout.  You will use your smartphone to complete certain tasks.  Testing is also required.  If you want to know what it is really like to work from home for Lionbridge, make sure you read this honest review.  You can also find out what the Lionbridge exam is really like by reading this post here.
  32. Live Ops – This company is open 24/7 so this allows for flexibility in your work schedule.  You can see some of their work-at-home openings and apply online.
  33. Maritz CX – Work from home conducting telephone survey interviews from home.  You can split your hours working from home for this company.  Find out all the details here.
  34. Mturk – Complete various online tasks called HITS or human intelligence tasks including data entry and more on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform.  Work anytime.  You can also get paid to listen to songs on this site.  Find out how by watching this video.
  35. My Employment Options – Various work-at-home jobs in several categories including some flexible positions for those who receive SSI or SSDI.
  36. Needle – Chat with customers about their favorite brands and products online.
  37. One Space – Work from home as a freelancer completing various assignments.  Read what kind of work you will be doing here.
  38. Pactera – Complete various tasks in annotation, voice recording, translation, Internet Judging, and more on their crowdsourcing platform.
  39. Sig Track – Get paid to type in signatures and registrations from home.  Not always recruiting.  Read my SigTrack review.
  40. Quicktate – Get paid to transcribe memos, letters, meetings, and more.
  41. – Work whenever you want in translation, transcription, or captioning videos whenever you want.
  42. Scribendi – Work from home as an editor or proofreader.
  43. Scribie – Transcribe and review audio files from home.
  44. The Smart Crowd – Another site that you can sign in to and work from home typing according to your own schedule.  You will be required to take and pass a test before you are invited to work for this company.  Find out what the test is like here.
  45. Skyword – Work from home as a freelance writer or videographer.
  46. TeleNetwork – Tech Support Reps needed to work from home.
  47. Telexpertise – Telephone Mystery Shoppers and call evaluators needed to work from home.
  48. TextMaster – Complete translation, copywriting, and proofreading tasks from home.
  49. Tiger Fish – Another company that will pay you to transcribe audio files from home.
  50. Transcribe Team – Work from home transcribing and editing projects whenever you have time.
  51. Usertesting – Make extra money reviewing new websites and apps as a website tester.
  52. UpWork – Sign up as a freelancer to complete online tasks whenever you want.  Read this UpWork review from a work-at-home mom here.
  53. Verbalink – Work from home as a copywriter, proofreader, in transcription, or as an editor.
  54. Verbalizeit – Work from home translating anytime you want.
  55. VoiceLog – Work from home as a live operator taking calls to combat sales fraud working just 2 hours a day if you want from home.
  56. VOIQ – Work from home as a brand representative for companies on your smartphone.  Must download their app.
  57. Whatusersdo – Visit new websites while talking out loud giving you feedback.
  58. Wonder Research – Work anytime finding satisfying answers to questions that users submit online based on your research.
  59. Working Solutions – Work from home servicing various clients in Event Ticketing and Sales, Travel Agents, and more.  Find out why this is one of the top work-at-home employers here.
  60. Yardi Matrix – Work as a rent surveyor from home calling various apartments and asking a variety of questions.  Seasonal work.


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