Did you know that Victoria’s Secret has work-from-home jobs?  Just recently, I came across a cool work from home job opportunity from Victoria’s Secret.  If you love Victoria’s Secret and would like to work from home, you should definitely apply online.

Before you do, make sure you have the following items in your home office.

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Victoria’s Secret is not the only well-known company that hires people to work from home.  I have found other remote jobs from companies like Nordstorm, Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Godiva, The Gap, Disney, and others.  Please visit the weekly job section to view the latest work-at-home job leads.

Work at home job from Victoria’s Secret?

Right now, Victoria’s Secret is hiring remote agents for the upcoming 2022 holiday season.  This is needed to help with the influx of customers requiring assistance.  This is a seasonal work-at-home position that offers cool perks from Victoria’s Secret.

What is the job Victoria’s Secret is hiring for?

Victoria’s Secret is hiring Seasonal Customer Service Reps to work from home.  This is not a hybrid position but a 100% remote opportunity.  Those with customer service experience are encouraged to apply for this position.

What are my job duties working for Victoria’s Secret?

As a Customer Service rep, you will be responsible for interacting with their customers over the phone.  Your job duties will consist of you assist customers with exchanges, billing questions, or selling and recommending products.  You will also help customers with ordering, sizing, shipping information, lost packages, checking the availability of other products, and navigating the website.

These contacts will also be non-phone.  You will also respond to customers via email and chat.

In addition to resolving customer concerns and questions, you will also be required to enter important information into the company database.

What are the job requirements?

Victoria’s Secret is looking to hire candidates with previous customer service experience.  Preferably experience that involved making product recommendations, resolving issues, and negotiation skills.  Qualified candidates should possess a professional phone presence with good communication.  You also need to type 35 to 40 wpm with basic computer experience and math computations.  Not sure how fast you type?  Check your typing speed here.

Reliable and regular attendance is essential to work from home for this company.

How much does the job at Victoria’s Secret pay?

Victoria’s Secret pays $13 per hour to start.  You will also earn 10% per hour differential pay for working evenings and weekends.

Victoria’s Secret also pays an additional 10% per hour bilingual shift differential.  If you are fluent in English and Spanish, please apply to Victoria’s Secret here.

What kind of perks does Victoria’s Secret provide for remote agents?

One of the best perks is that you get to stop the commute and work from your home office.  You will also receive up to a 40% discount on Victoria’s Secret products.  You will also be entitled to get time off and up to 8 hours of holiday pay.

How to apply to Victoria’s Secret

You can apply to this position from Victoria’s Secret by visiting this page.  It only takes a minute to apply.  If you have any questions about this work from home job opportunity, please direct your emails to cstalentacquisition@victoria.com.

Tips for applying to Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret does not require that you submit a resume to apply online.  Please make sure you answer all the questions completely in your application before you submit it to the company.  Check your spam folder for email correspondence from Victoria’s Secret.


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