If you are looking for a work-at-home job that is super easy and will not interfere with your family life, give Humanatic a try.  This company has been around for at least 5 years now paying remote workers to listen to live recorded calls to provide clients with the answers they need to improve their customer service and increase sales.  You can even review calls right from your smartphone with their app.

Humanatic has improved over the years and has made it even easier for their call reviewers to earn more money.  Here’s how.

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How to earn more money listening to calls?

There are several ways you can earn more than the payout amount for each category of calls you review.  If you follow these steps you will see your earnings dramatically increase.


Accurately reviewing calls for Humanatic is so critical that you could be locked out of other categories to earn more if you fail to pay attention to how the call was handled.  As you review calls and make progress you will unlock additional categories with higher payout amounts.  So make sure you select the right choice before you go to the next call.


The only way to have your name shown on the leaderboard at Humanatic is to review more calls.  The more you review, the more you will earn especially if they are reviewed accurately.  Those who get to the leaderboard each day will receive additional cash bonuses added to their daily earnings.  Bonuses are also given to those with a high accuracy rating.  Call reviewers who make it to the leaderboard earn from $12 up to $50+ dollars a day.


Yes.  Humanatic now has cash prize sweepstakes for all of their reviewers who log in and review at least 10 or more calls per day.  You will get an entry for every 10 calls you review that range from $10 to $50.  Five names will be drawn at random daily to win the cash sweepstakes.

Humanatic has also improved its platform and simplified its categories that may have been previously confusing to keep things fair to the reviewer.  The pay rates have also been raised in most of the categories.

If you haven’t logged into Humanatic for a while, revisit this site especially if you are looking for a simple way to generate some extra income working whenever you want for any location.  If you speak Spanish, you can work from home sorting Spanish calls.  If you are bilingual you can sort both Spanish and English calls.

How to Get Started?

Remember that you do need a verified PayPal account in order to get paid for the calls you review.  Payments are sent out every week on Monday or Tuesday as long as you have earned at least $10 in your account.

If you sign up and start sorting calls this week, you could get paid in 7 days or less.

If you like the idea of getting paid to be a reviewer, check out some of these other companies that will pay you to review other things online.

I cannot guarantee that you will make a full-time income from this site but you can use Humanatic as a source of side or extra income from home.  From my own personal experience, I use Humanatic as a way to earn extra cash only.

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You could also try delivering food and other items for Door Dash, being a telephone mystery shopper for Call Center QA, and even more jobs listed on the weekly job section and Friday Freebie page.

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The Uhaul post is inaccurate. The top pay for the customer service rep is $11, currently no benefits or bonuses. The maximum amount of hours is 32/week on a set schedule.

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    Thank you for this update. I know sometimes pay changes or is updated for remote workers at certain companies so I will definitely remember this.

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