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Get paid over $1,000 in cash from your smartphoneHaving a smartphone today is almost considered a necessity for many people.  They use it to text, make calls phone, check their emails, browse the web, and even make money!  If you are ready to make BIG money with your smartphone, continue reading to find out how this is possible.

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Before you get started, remember that you will need either an Android or iPhone with internet access as well as the following items:

  • A valid email address.
  • Possibly a PayPal account.
  • Enough space on your phone to keep your apps updated (when prompted).

I have been able to earn close to $10,800 with apps that I have downloaded either to my smartphone or tablet over the years.  You can earn with them too!  I only recommend legit apps that really do pay you to do simple things in your spare time.

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Here are some of my favorites and new smartphone apps that I use for extra cash.

  1. Get Upside – This app will give you cash back when you fill up on gas to put in your car.  You will get a $0.30 cash-back bonus on each gallon of gas on your first use when you use the code ALICIA7572 to download this free app to your smartphone.  You will also earn money for every gallon you buy in the future.  Give it a try and earn to save on gas.
  2. Fetch – This is by far the absolute best cashback app that I have ever used!  You simply scan your grocery receipts to earn points for free gift cards including MasterCard and Visa Cards at your favorite stores.  I have made $800 with this app alone in just 13 months!  You will not regret using this app.  Enter the code G4HBH to get $2 free when you sign up today!  Instant redemption.
  3. Nielsen Computer Panel – Get paid as soon as you download this app to earn free cash and rewards for your internet usage.  It is one of the easiest ways to earn while you are online.  Nielsen also gives away $10,000 to 400 of its members for participating.
  4. Mobee – This free app will pay you to mystery shop and complete various missions in local stores where you live.  You can redeem your points for a $100 MasterCard reward with free gift cards or even donate to charity.  Use code QQPD for bonus points when you join.  I have earned more than $300 with Mobee.
  5. NCP – National Consumer Panel is always looking for families to scan their weekly grocery purchases on their smartphone or with a handheld scanner to earn free household items, up to $20,000 in cash, with gift cards, and more.  Use the code 4B790A to get a bonus when you join.  The more you scan, the more prizes you will get.  They are in need of new panel members to do the same thing.  I have earned enough to order free stuff from their online catalog and extra money to spend at Amazon.
  6. Field Agent -This smartphone app is pretty cool because you will earn free gift cards just literally walking into various stores and taking photos of displays, buying and trying new products and items like beverages, food, and more from stores like Walmart, Target, and many others.  You can earn more cash to order fast food, pizza, and other items.  This app is open worldwide and available on the App Store and Google Play.  You will get paid via direct deposit to your bank account.  Pays from $5 to $15 per quick job.
  7. Rakuten – Get $10 just to try this app plus earn cashback when you shop online or at the store!  I absolutely LOVE this app!  I always look forward to receiving my BIG fact check from Rakuten just before Black Friday and 3 other times throughout the year!  You also get access to real coupons and discounts for being a member of Rakuten and shopping with their partners.  Over 2,800 participating stores.  The best part is that it is completely free!  My earnings so far are over $4,400.
  8. Killi – Get paid cash for every single question you answer!  It is similar to PollBuzzer if you remember this site.  It is a fast way to make easy cash.
  9. Ibotta – This well-known cashback app has been paying and rewarding its members for scanning barcodes and uploading their receipts for at least 5 years now.  You will get $10 when you join plus have your own Ibotta team where you will earn more depending upon how active your team members are to earn bonus cash and rewards. I have made more than $2,500 with this app and counting.
  10. Product Tube – This app will pay you to make short videos about products you have already purchased.  Some people have earned close to $200 in rewards and up.  Rewards are sent to you the next day!
  11. Clickworker – Another company that pays you in cash to do random short gigs on your phone while you are at the mall, in your home, and elsewhere.  They pay weekly and you can work on and complete as many tasks as you want.  This year I have earned more than $170 with Clickworker.
  12. Checkout 51– This app allows you to earn cash back on select items that you purchase on a weekly basis.  Every month a new member will also get a chance to win an additional $500 if you upload a receipt each week.  Right now Checkout51 will give you $5 to join!  New offers are added each week.
  13. Inbox Dollars – Earn to stream videos, browse the internet, read your emails, play arcade games, print coupons, and more.  I have earned over $1,000 from Inbox Dollars so far.  You will get $5 in cash when you join.
  14. Feature Points – This app will still pay you to try completely free apps.  You will need to install and check it out for at least 2 minutes.  If you like the app, you can keep them on your device but you are not required to do so.  Now, you can earn to take surveys, shop online, and many other things as well as log into your account from your computer to their official website.  I have earned more than $400 with Feature Points.
  15. Smart Panel -Get paid $5 per device every month you keep this app installed that will run in the background as you search the web.  You also get loyalty bonuses every 3 months plus extra cash if you decide to take surveys.
  16. Savvy Connect – Earn an extra $180 every year to download and install the Savvy Connect app.  These are guaranteed monthly incentives for being an active Savvy Connect member.  You will earn additional cash if you decide to complete any studies.  I have made more than $500 with this company.
  17. Current – Get paid up to $600 a year to play music from your smartphone!  Listen to your favorite songs while you are exercising, waiting in line, and more.  They have over 100,000 stations for you to choose from.
  18. Swagbucks – Get paid instantly to watch and stream videos, take surveys, answer polls, complete offers, shop, and so much more!  Open worldwide.


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