You’ve probably heard about all the hype from Fetch Rewards.  If you are not familiar with this free app or have yet to download it, please use the code G4HBH to download it right now so that you will have a chance to win $500!  This app is one of my favorites because you will get paid every single time you scan a receipt from any store including club stores!

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Right now Fetch Rewards has a special promotion for all their members who have downloaded and installed the app a chance to win $500!  This promotion only lasts until the 26th of this month so you will need to act right away.  It is called the Fetch Rewards Max Points Challenge and I will explain how easy it is to enter and how it works.

How the Contest Works

  1. Download the app with the special code G4HBH
  2. Go shopping just like you normally would.
  3. Scan your receipts through the Fetch Rewards app.

This contest is encouraging their members to earn the most points scanning receipts for Visa cards or free gift cards that you can use just like cash by earning the most points you can this month.

You will also earn points for every receipt you scan but you will earn more when you buy select products listed on the homepage of the Fetch Rewards app.  Most products are worth 500 points and up.  The items Fetch Rewards has listed are everyday products that we all use and stock in our homes.  Here are the most current offers that you will see when you download the Fetch Rewards app.

In addition to scanning your receipt, you will need to take a screenshot of your points and post them on social media.  Specifically Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #FetchMaxPoints.  You can also tag your friends who use Fetch and encourage them to do the same.

How many winners will there be?

In total, 225 people will win extra cash from Fetch this month!  That means that you will have a good chance of winning.

  • Five of those members with the highest total points will each win a $500 Visa gift card.
  • The next 20 members with the highest point totals will each win a $50 Visa gift card.
  • Then 200 randomly selected members will each win $20 in Fetch points.

Things to keep in mind

Get a resume that will pass the ATS tracking system for better results

Please remember that this extra cash is on top of what you will already earn by scanning your receipts so you stand a chance of winning way more than just $500.  All winners will be contacted via email by Fetch no later than January 27, 2020.

How much cash is Fetch Giving Away?

Fetch is basically giving away more than $7,500 in cash to its members this month!  That’s worth shouting about.  I absolutely love this app and wish there were more companies out there that would develop an app like this because it is so easy to use and very rewarding.

Why I love Fetch Rewards?

Since I installed the Fetch Rewards app over a year ago, I have made more than $975 with Fetch alone!  I promise you that you will not regret using this app especially if you want some extra money and like getting free stuff!  Remember to use the code G4HBH otherwise you will forfeit your $2 when you download it.


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