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During this time of the year, people are shopping at the mall and department stores to buy things for their family and friends, taking time off from work to travel, getting their grocery list ready to prepare their favorite recipes, and more.  But did you know that you can actually use this to your advantage to make money?

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Yes, it is possible to earn from these and other ways.  Not just during the holidays but you can continue to earn into 2020 and beyond.

This guide will give you some cool ways to earn money from your phone, home, and in your neighborhood.

All you have to do is to take action now so that you can earn some real cash and come back to visit this site for new ways to earn.

  1. Task Rabbit – There are people that will pay you to assemble furniture and other items for them that they have received.  You could earn $60 or more depending on the job.  If you are good at following instructions and putting things together, you can get a lot of work doing this gig in your spare time.
  2. Facebook Marketplace – Sell or purge your unwanted or unused items to others in a short period of time for free on Facebook.  All you have to do is take a picture and list your item.  This will literally take just a few seconds.  Make sure you include details and additional clear pictures so your item will sell faster.  I sold a Chandelier light for $60 in just 2 days with this method!  It really works.
  3. YouTube – If you have decided to start your own channel, you could make a home tour video showing how you decorated it, where you purchased your home decor, and any improvements you’ve made.  Upload a video series and tour various rooms of your home and possibly start with your living room.  These videos are very entertaining and engaging.  You could also upload a video of you cleaning your home.  I have noticed that these videos get a lot of views and are fun to watch…myself included.  If your channel is not monetized, you can still make money with the next idea below.  Check out my channel below.

  • Amazon Affiliate – One of the easiest ways to earn money online is to promote products from major companies like Amazon.  Almost everyone has shopped on Amazon and you can include links to their items online even under YouTube videos.  It is free to sign up to be an Amazon affiliate.
  • GetUpside – If you plan on taking a road trip to visit relatives or go on vacation, download this free app to earn $0.30 cashback and much more when you use the code ALICIA7572.  This app shows you where to get the cheapest gas in your area.  You will pay much less than what they are selling the gas for when you get gas at select gas stations.  I just got gas the other day for $1.14 per gallon with GetUpside.
  • Shopping – Find deals, save money and get cashback to shop online or at the store with Rakuten.  I absolutely love this free site because it is so simple to use and earn from.  You will even get $10 to join.  Everyone should be using Rakuten because we are all consumers and shops!  You must as well get rewarded for it.
  • Blog – Write about your goals, experiences, journey, adventures, or anything you want on your own blog.  Bluehost has the perfect plan for all your blogging needs because it comes with a free domain, 24/7 support, email, hosting, and more for less than $4 a month!  Rakuten gives you $10 back in cash when you select your plan at Bluehost.  Blogging really works if you apply yourself.  You can make money with a blog every single day even during the holidays!
  • Fetch – Keep all your receipts from your grocery purchases to earn free gift cards!  please enter the code G4HBH to get 2,000 points which is equivalent to a $2 gift card instantly when you download this free app.  You can instantly redeem a gift card at several of your favorite stores.
  • Ibotta – Right now you can get $2 for free in cash just to shop at JCPenney, a free can of pringles, $5 cashback to buy Hormel Black Label Thick cut Reserve fully cooked bacon and many other offers.  You will also get $10 when you join.  You can also redeem your cash instantly via PayPal or with some gift cards.
  • NCP – Win cool prizes like Smart TVs, Keurig machines, Dyson vacuum, Fitbit, Visa cards, cash up to $20,000, and more to scan your weekly purchases.  A very simple way to earn throughout the year.
  • Dabbl – Get paid to find new products and watch videos on your phone with this free app.  Every time you click an image on your phone, you will earn.  You will get additional points when you watch short videos that last 30 seconds or less within the app.

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