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Get paid to drive less with ParkedA lot of people are looking for more ways to earn passive income online.  One way this can be accomplished is by getting paid to drive your car.  There is a company that is looking for millions of car owners to record their mileage and will pay you when you check in online with your vehicle.

How does it work?

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Parked is a company that is offering this unique way for people to earn money driving their vehicles.  After you have signed up for free, users will need to take a photo of your car and odometer for Parked to record your mileage.  You will add your vehicle from your mobile device by clicking on your email from Parked when you are near your car.  When you log into your account online, you can check your mileage to start earning from Parked.

I signed up for Parked in September and have already received a couple of payments from them.  The total amount was $25 so far.  I received it via email in the form of Amazon gift cards. You can see the proof below.

How much can you earn with Parked?

You will earn $8 for your very first check-in with Parked.  After your first check-in, you will get $3 for the month regardless of how many miles you drive.  In addition, you will earn cash every two weeks when Parked checks your mileage.  The less you drive your car, the more you will earn.  For example, if you drive up to 200 miles during that time period, you will earn $10.  Driving 201 to 400 miles will help you to earn $5.  If you drive 401 to 700 miles when Parked checks your mileage, you will earn $3.

This amount of money listed above is based on one vehicle.  If you register more, you will earn more.

In total with one vehicle, you will earn from $11 up to $21 your first month!  You will continue to earn money every single month or 28 days with Parked as long as you participate.

Tip:  You can earn more money with Parked by sharing it with your friends.

Who is eligible to join Parked?

Currently, Parked is available to people who reside in the United States but they plan to open this program up to support other countries worldwide very soon.  Parked is valid to people who live in the following states at this time:  Maryland, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.  If and when Parked opens it up to other states and countries, I will let you know.

Does Parked have a mobile app?

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Not at this time but a mobile app for Android and mobile devices is planned to be rolled out soon.  In the meantime, you can go to their official website to log in to your account to see your rewards, profile, frequently asked questions, contact support, and more.

What happens if you miss a check-in?

Nothing.  It is recommended that you try to check in as soon as you can because your mileage will be greater if you check in less frequently.  This means you will earn less money due to the fact that your mileage may be greater.

How do I join Parked?

Please click here to sign up for Parked for free today.  Spots are limited.

Are there any other sites similar to Parked?

Not that I am aware of.  I do recommend using GetUpside.  This is a free app that will give you $0.30 cashback off each gallon of gas you purchase back to you in cash or free gift cards.  Plus you can earn from your restaurant and grocery receipts in select cities/locations.  Please enter the code ALICIA7572 when you download GetUpside for a bonus!


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