Make easy money with OwnliDid you know that you can get paid to take quick photos with your smartphone?  There is a free app called Ownli formerly known as Parked that pays members money to snap photos.  The Ownli app is super easy to use and pays instantly.  I will explain how it works and why you should download it today.

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Who is Ownli?

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Ownli is a company that was formerly known as Parked helping consumers make money from their data.  The best part is that Ownli puts you in control allowing you to decide what data you want to share.  The data you share with businesses allows you not only to earn money but to save money too.

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How does the Ownli App work?

It is really straightforward to use the Ownli app.  All you have to do is download the app from Google Play or the App Store with the code 47B337.  Afterward, you can input your information on your profile within the app.  After you have followed those steps, you are now able to make money in a variety of ways with Ownli.

Please watch this YouTube video I made to show you just how easy it is to use the Ownli app.

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How can I make money with Ownli?

Ownli has a feature within the app where you can submit your data with check-ins.  Simply click on the Data tab at the bottom of the app to make money from your vehicle, insurance policy, home, and surveys.

How Check-ins work

  • For the vehicle check-in, you will need to be near your car to snap a photo of your odometer and license plate.  Submit those 2 photos within the app to earn cash.  You can complete this check-in every month for payment.  Please note that you will earn more money for fewer miles reported with the Ownli app.
  • The insurance check-in allows you to add data within the Ownli app regarding your individual insurance policy to earn cash.  This step takes 3 minutes or less to complete.
  • The home check-in requires you to take photos of your the outside of your home including any outdoor structures and pool (if you have one).  After you have uploaded all the photos and it is confirmed by the Ownli app, you will make $10.
  • The survey check-in allows you to take part in new short surveys regarding your car buying habits, your profile, any car repairs you’ve had on your vehicle, places you shop to purchase car parts, and even a dashcam survey.  The survey check-in tab is also ongoing allowing you to earn money monthly.

If you complete every check-in when you download the Ownli app, you will make around $16 or more.

Remember, you get to decide what data you want to share with Ownli.  Every check-in is optional.

How can I save money with Ownli?

Ownli helps you save money on necessities like your home and auto insurance policies.  The data you share helps you not to overspend on your insurance keeping more money in your pocket.

You can also earn on your tires when you purchase tires at Discount Tire.  Simply confirm your purchase within the app to earn $15 when you make a purchase online.

In the Marketplace tab, there are companies that will pay you additional money to take photos of your fireplace, kitchen, and living room.

What payment methods does Ownli offer?

In the Wallet tab of the app, you can choose to claim your rewards via Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.  If you select the PayPal cash option, make sure you have input your PayPal address within your profile in the Ownli app.  You only need to have made $1 to request your money.

Why do I recommend Ownli?

It is completely free and one of the simplest apps I ever used that will pay me for my photos.  Ownli pays instantly and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete a check-in.  Ownli has great ratings and reviews from users who have installed the app both on Google Play and the App Store.

Plus, I have already earned more than $450 with the Ownli app!

How do I join Ownli?

You can click here to download the Ownli app today.  Be sure to enter the code 47B337 when you are prompted for a code.


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