Work from home for Omni InteractionsNo longer will you have to work a 9 to 5 schedule that may not fit your lifestyle.  Omni Interactions allows you the freedom to set your own hours and decide when and for how long you want to work.  If this is the kind of job you are looking for, please continue reading and apply online as soon as you can.

What position is Omni Interactions hiring for?

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Omni Interactions is now hiring remote workers to serve as Gig Brand Ambassadors to provide support for leading brands.  You will represent Fortune 500 companies by means of email, text, chat, phone, and social.  The position is in Customer Service in a contract role.

What are my job duties?

Your job is to interact with customers and help them with anything they need.  This may entail you answering chat messages, and responding to emails and calls.  Specifically, you will be responsible for quickly helping customers find good solutions, solve problems in a creative way, and document the details of calls and customer interactions.

What kind of skills will I need?

Omni Interactions is looking for candidates who can type and talk at the same time.  You must type at least 20 wpm.  You also need great communication skills, can navigate the computer easily, can multitask, and be comfortable empathizing and exhibiting patience with difficult callers.

If you are unsure of your typing speed, please click here to take a typing test.

Does this job require experience?

No.  You are not required to have any experience whatsoever to work from home for Omni Interactions.

What kind of equipment will I need?

You need to have a quiet workspace at home.  A personal computer with Windows-based software and a noise-canceling USB headset with a hard-wired ethernet connection.

You can get a noise-canceling USB headset delivered to your home from Amazon here.

How much will I make per hour?

Because you can work your own schedule, you control how much you stand to earn.  Omni Interactions pays for available time.  This means the more hours you work, the more you will earn per hour.

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How will I get paid?

Omni Interactions sends out payments every 2 weeks directly to your bank account via direct deposit.

Are there any perks working for Omni Interactions?

Yes.  You can self-schedule yourself to work for just 30 minutes at a time or for one hour.  In addition to the pay, Omni Interactions offers performance-based pay and other incentives.

Will I be hired as an employee?

Omni Interactions recruits Independent Contractors to work from home.  Independent Contractors are not employees of the company which means you are responsible for your own taxes.

How do I apply for Omni Interactions online?

Please feel free to apply here.  You can start the application process in 2 simple steps.

Check out this video below for more information and to apply online.

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