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How to Find Legitimate Work at home Jobs

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Work at home Job Postings for 4/1/2020

Online Shoppers

Lionbridge is looking for people to shop at a variety of online stores to collect data to determine which provides the best customer experience.  You will need a printer, smartphone, internet connection, can receive packages at home and live 20 miles from UPS, USPS, and FedEx facilities.  The company will provide a laptop.  You will work Monday through Friday.

Home Agents

TeleDirect is hiring agents to handle calls for clients that include taking reservations, setting appointments, taking donations, and more.  Requires 1-year customer service experience, good attendance, good spelling and grammar and a workspace with a door.  Full and part-time openings.

Customer Support

Sykes is now hiring home reps who can talk and type at the same time to answer questions and provide solutions to customers.  This is a full-time work at home job with paid training, hourly pay, and benefits.

Remote Customer Service

24-7 Intouch is hiring customer service professionals to service their clients from their home office via inbound calls, emails or chats.  Requires effective communication skills, 6 months of experience, and reliable internet.  Full and part-time shifts available. with flexible scheduling.  Benefits provided.

Virtual Tutors

Course Hero is looking for people to help high school and college students get answers to their questions about various subjects.  Tutors earn an average of $12 to $20 per hour.  Work on your own schedule.  Hiring in the US, UK, CA, AU or NZ.

Customer Experience Agent

Atrium is hiring associates to answer customer calls and reply to online chat inquiries.  You will also manage accounts and input customer information into the database.  Requires 1-year experience, be system savvy with good communication.  Pays $17 to $18 per hour.


Telelanguage is seeking people who are fluent in English and one other language to help millions of people needing language services across the globe.  You must have a secure and reliable phone and a quiet environment to take calls.  Choose your own schedule.

Online Tutors

VIP Kid is seeking people to work from home choosing their own schedule to assist young students to learn English.  There is no experience needed.  Pays up to $22 per hour.

Nielsen Panel

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Lionbridge is seeking people who use the internet daily with strong communication skills to provide feedback on text, web pages, images, and other information.  You must use Gmail, have a smartphone with a desktop or laptop computer.

Social Media Evaluator

Appen is seeking people who love social media to provide feedback on news feeds, advertisements, and search results.  You will need good writing skills, secure internet, and access to a computer and smartphone that is less than 3 years old.

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Work at home Job Postings for 3/31/2020

Membership Reps

Anthem is hiring individuals to respond to incoming calls by answering benefit questions, resolving issues, and educating callers.  You must be accurate with1-year experience or equivalent background.


Lawn Starter is looking for candidates to work on their remote writing team to drive new customers and help local businesses grow.  You must have solid written communication skills and can work on deadlines.  Pays $10 to $12 per hour.

Customer Support

Lawn Starter is also hiring people to work from home full-time through the spring and summer answering questions about their application services and policies.  You must be a problem solver and have a quiet workspace, a headset, webcam and high-speed internet.  Pays $11 per hour.

Customer Service 

Frontline Call Center is now hiring reps with technical abilities to troubleshoot your own equipment to handle inbound calls entering tickets and assisting potential renters with scheduling tours.  You must have good attendance, a quiet work environment, and can multitask.  Pays $10.50 to $11.50 per hour.


DoorDash needs people to deliver food and other items to people near your area.  Get paid this week!  Smartphone required.


Daily Transcription is seeking stay at home moms, dads, and others to transcribe audio/video files from home.  You must type 50 wpm, have excellent listening skills, and can meet deadlines.  You will need a good pair of headphones.  Training provided.  Pays up to $0.85 per audio minute.  Weekly pay.  Work on your own schedule.

Call Center Agents

Touch Point Contact Center is hiring full-time and permanent remote workers to coordinate and release vehicles from their current location to an auction house.  You will contact customers to secure important vehicle data.  You must have a capable computer, internet, and a noise-free work environment.  Pays $14 per hour with performance bonuses.

Gaming Support Agent

5CA is hiring agents to provide support for some of the most popular games in the world.  You will help players with account issues, refunds, technical problems, and gameplay inquiries.  You must have in-depth knowledge about gaming, can speak English, have a smartphone, computer and can work full-time.

Internet Researcher

Uscreen is seeking individuals to work from home searching the web and gathering information.

Customer Success Champion

Uscreen is looking for individuals to help customers set up their accounts and provide them with solid and accurate answers.  This is a long-term full-time work at home positions that requires 2 years of experience in customer support, experience in SaaS with good communication skills.  Work from anywhere.  PTO.

Several Work at home Jobs

My Employment Options is seeking individuals to work from home in customer service, as a virtual assistant and many more careers.  Hiring in most states.  Must receive SSI or SSDI.

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Amazon Home Services

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Amazon Prime

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Amazon Business

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Work at home Job Postings for 3/29/2019

Data Entry

Conduent is seeking individuals to enter data into the healthcare for Workers Compensation Claims.  You must be computer savvy with excellent keyboard and 10-key skills and can work 40 to 50 hours a week.  Pays $15 per hour.

Chat and Phone Reps

Transcom is hiring reps being in the frontline supporting their customers with questions and helping them with a variety of products and services.  You must be able to multitask, navigate multiple applications, can work full-time hours and type at least 30 wpm.  Pays $13 per hour with benefits.

Voice Data Collector

Appen is looking for people who are looking for work to record your voice while reading short prompts from an online phone application.  You must have a computer with access to a smartphone, fast internet, and a quiet workspace.

Virtual Coach

Omni Interactions is seeking virtual coaches to listen to calls and provide ongoing feedback by writing and conducting evaluations and reviews, communicate policy updates and other duties.  Requires 2 years of call center experience, and can work a flexible schedule.

Gamer Tech Support

TTEC is seeking gamers of all levels to assist with technical issues that other gamers may be experiencing.  You must be a gaming enthusiast with good communication skills, have 6 months of tech support experience and a quiet work environment.


InfoCision is hiring agents to handle calls for leading non-profit organizations to help them raise funds for their charity.  You will read from a script.  The job requires good listening skills, can follow instructions and be computer proficient.  Weekly pay with daily incentives and benefits.

Tech Customer Service

Conduent is seeking full-time customer service agents to work from home helping customers solve problems on their smartphones and computers.  No experience required!  You must be able to navigate the web and know how to use a smartphone.  Pays $13.50 per hour with benefits.


InfoCision is actively hiring candidates for their virtual sales call center to offer products such as cable and internet while navigating multiple billing systems.  You must have a willingness to learn, strong computer skills, and a quiet workspace.  No experience needed.  Paid training with weekly pay, benefits, and daily incentives.

Teach English Online

Education First is looking for teachers with EF to enjoy the ability to choose their own work-from-home schedule, ability to bring their own teaching style to our custom-designed classroom and receive local, US and UK-based support and payment.  Teachers with EF earn up to $20 per hour.

Customer Service Advisor

TaskUs is seeking people to world-class service to its customers researching and resolving issues, document customer information, and other duties.  You must have your own computer, fast internet, a smartphone, great communication skills, and experience with phone, email, and chat support.


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Work at home Job Postings for 3/25/2020

Disaster Response Agent

Direct Interaction has 449 openings for agents to handle inbound calls for companies, outbound dispatch, support calls, chats, emails and more due to the Covid-19 virus.  You must have excellent verbal skills, can remain calm under pressure, and can work up to 40 hours a week.  Pays $11 per hour to start.  You will need a computer with a USB headset.

Customer Service 

Broadpath is immediately hiring reps to receive inbound calls from current and potential health insurance members to direct them to the appropriate department.  Requires previous customer service experience, be computer literate with strong listening, writing, and communication skills.  Company will provide you with a laptop, USB hub, webcam, and headset.

Customer Service Reps

Discover Financial is hiring reps to work from home in the evenings handling routine customer inquiries, troubleshooting questions, and other related duties.  You will need a personal smartphone or tablet, a quiet workspace and internet service.  Pays $17.25 per hour with full-time benefits.

Online Banking

Discover Financial is hiring reps to handle complex customer service inquiries, troubleshoot customer questions, and document files.  You must have strong verbal skills, can multitask, with 1-year customer service experience.  Company will provide you with other technical equipment.  Pays $17 up to $20 per hour with benefits.

Content Moderators

WEBTOON is hiring content moderators to review and moderate all user-generated content.  You must be tech-savvy and be a native English speaker.  Part-time.

Billing Support Specialist

A2 Hosting, Inc. is seeking individuals with strong customer service skills to assist customers with billing assistance, quote prices for services and upgrades, check orders, perform audits, etc.  Requires strong customer service skills.  Full-time with hourly pay and benefits.

Virtual Reps

Unbridled Connect LLC is hiring reps to place outbound calls to qualified leads for a high-quality academic partner.  Requires good communication and basic typing skills can multitask and have a computer with a USB headset.  Pays $12 per hour.  Part-time.

Home Agents

Accenture is looking for agents to provide support and resolution of customer problems, issues, requests, and queries.  Requires 1-year customer service experience.

Online  Tutors

Course Hero is looking for people to help high school and college students to get answers to their questions in various subjects.  Pays $3 per answer.  Work whenever you want.  Must live in the US, UK, CA, UA or NZ.

Captioners is looking for people to add captions to movies, educational videos, TV shows, and more.  You can work whenever you want.  Must have good English skills, a computer or laptop with fast internet.  Weekly pay via PayPal.  Open worldwide.

Inside Sales Rep

Powell Electronics is hiring people to sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses or groups of individuals.  You will also recommend products to customers, estimate prices, obtain credit information, etc.  Requires industry experience with good listening and speaking skills.

Smart Panel

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Savvy Connect

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Work at home Job Postings for 3/23/2020

Several Work at home Jobs

My Employment Options is seeking individuals to work from home in customer service, as a virtual assistant and many more careers.  Hiring in most states.  Must receive SSI or SSDI.


Literably is looking for people to listen to audio recording of students reading and transcribe errors.  There is no experience necessary and you can work your own schedule.  Pays over $10 per hour.

Hotline Reps

Omni Interactions is hiring people to resolve problems that their customer accounts face with accuracy and efficiency.  Requires 1-3 years of customer service experience, strong listening, and phone skills, can multitask and work 25 hours a week.

Telephone Interviewers

G1 Research is seeking individuals with great communication skills to work from home recording answers from respondents you contact.  No selling involved.  You must have good phone etiquette, basic phone skills, a computer with internet, telephone and headset.  Pays $10 per hour plus a bonus for each completed survey.

Research Writers

Wonder Research is looking for people to perform research for Proctor & Gamble, Bloomberg and others.  Work when you want and learn about new topics.  Pays $15 per hour.


Allegis Transcription has a high demand for people to translate recorded audio files into written documents.  You must type 75 wpm, be tech-savvy, with a USB foot pedal and headset.  Weekly pay via direct deposit.

Overnight Content Specialists

ICUC is seeking people to work from home to enforce the online community’s safety and usage policies across multiple content areas.  You must use social media regularly, have good judgment, can multitask and a general interest in the content being moderated.

 At Home Tutors

VIPKid is seeking thousands of people to teach English online to kids in China.  No foreign language or formal teaching experience required.  Pays up to $22 per hour.  Hiring in the US and Canada.


Working Solutions is seeking people to work from home to help convert leads into clients, resolve problems, and guide callers to the right solutions for their needs.  Requires 1-2 years call center or retail experience, are computer literate, can locate answers from webpages, and be able to multitask.

Freelance Work

Clickworker is looking for internet users worldwide to correct texts, categorize data, perform web searches and so much more.  No experience needed.  Work from your computer or smartphone.  Weekly pay.


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Inbox Dollars

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Pinecone Research

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Work at home Job Postings for 3/18/2020

Data Entry

The Scholars Strategy Network is hiring a data entry rep to work from home to maintain member data and web content for 15-20 hours per week through August 2020.  This job pays $15 per hour.  You must be an excellent writer, proofreader, and have discipline to work from home.

Seasonal Customer Service

Amazon is hiring candidates to help a variety of Amazon customers via phone, email and chat to navigate the web, research accounts, and problem solve.  You must work 40 hours a week and have a physical address to receive your equipment from Amazon.  Pays $15 per hour.

Temporary Customer Service Jobs

Sykes is hiring people to work from home who are tech-savvy with customer service experience who enjoy talking to people on the phone while using the computer.  Pays $10 per hour.

Support Reps

Sutherland Global is now hiring customer service advisors to build loyalty and turn customers into fans.  Requires client contact tech support experience, strong verbal skills, can multitask, with basic keyboarding skills.

Teacher Quality Evaluator

Sykes is looking for teachers to work from home part-time to evaluate educational and family-friendly online services for relevancy and quality.  You will work 10-30 hours per month around your schedule.  Requires strong computer and mobile device skills.  Requires 2 years experience in the classroom grades Pre-K through 6th.  Pays $25 per hour!

Medicare Member Reps

Broadpath Healthcare Solutions has an immediate need for reps to take calls from Medicare Advantage plan who have questions regarding eligibility, coverages, copays, claims, etc.  Requires 1 year experience with strong technical, computer and keyboarding skills.  Full-time.

Bilingual Agents

Skyes is hiring those who are fluent in Spanish and English to answer back to back calls in a remote environment resolving issues, providing guidance and troubleshooting to callers, and other related duties.  You must be able to speak with empathy, can multitask and can stay calm under pressure.

Call Reviewers

Humanatic is still seeking people to listen to recorded calls and categorize them accordingly.  No experience needed.  Work whenever you want on your smartphone or computer.  Weekly pay.

Amazon Tech Support

Amazon is hiring full-time tech support associates to work from home who have a basic understanding of device platforms, digital services including videos, music, apps, streaming content, etc. to support customers and meet their needs.  You will work 40 up to 60 hours a week and have a physical mailing address to receive your equipment from Amazon.  Paid training provided.  Pays $15 per hour.  Hiring in several states.

Educational Outreach Specialists

Next Wave @ Home is hiring reps to make outbound educational calls and conduct interviews with students and parents across the country to provide assistance and collect data.  No sales or fundraising calls ever.  Work from anywhere with a wired internet connection.  You will need a quiet workspace with a PC or Mac with a USB headset and microphone.  Pays $14 per hour plus bonuses.

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Work at home Job Postings for 3/16/2020

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Customer Service

Enterprise Rent a Car is hiring people from multiple states including Canada to handle multiple tasks including inputting information into numerous applications, answer customer requests, and other duties.  Requires 2 years of customer service experience, has work-related experience on a personal computer, a USB headset, and fast internet.  Pays $14.50 per hour with full-time benefits.

English Transcriber is hiring people to listen to English audio recordings and type the speech into English text.  You must type 50 wpm, basic computer knowledge and have good spelling, reading and writing skills.  Full training provided.  Will work 15-20 hours a week.

Internet Analyst

KarmaHub is looking for people who enjoy browsing the internet and can express your opinion on the quality and content on the web.  Requires strong comprehension skills, be familiar with US websites, have a laptop with Internet Explorer 10 or higher with antivirus.

Customer Service Agents

itelbpo currently has openings for agents to answer inbound calls regarding a customer’s account, make outbound calls, resolve customer issues, and build customer relationships.  Requires 1-year call center experience, 2 years customer service experience, can troubleshoot basic technical issues, have a clean desk and quiet workspace.  Pays $10.50 per hour + a $2.50 per hour performance bonus.  Full-time with benefits with paid training plus get paid within 24 hours of earning it!

Live Operator Independent Contractor

VoiceLog is hiring US operators to receive live verification calls for telephone companies and other service industries to help combat sales fraud.  Requires a quiet work environment, a printer, a Skype account, 1-year customer service experience and an email provider that can handle large documents.  Pays $8.50 per hour.  Work 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours.

Team Care Members

Academy Sports and Outdoors is hiring people to answer incoming calls and provide quick solutions.  You must have 6 months of customer service experience, strong verbal and keyboarding skills, have broadband internet connection, have a laptop with a camera and 2 monitors.  Hiring in select states only.

Customer Care Reps

OneSupport is hiring qualified applicants to provide general support and light troubleshooting for clients.  You must have proper phone, chat, and email etiquette, and can speak and write clearly, and up-to-date completed resume, and can type 40 wpm.  Pays $10 per hour with benefits.

Social Media Assessor

Lionbridge has immediate openings for assessors to rate social media ads and other content for quality and relevancy.  You must be able to work Monday through Friday, have an iPhone or Android phone that is less than 3 years old and use social media daily.

Market Research Interviewer

Maritz CX is hiring people to conduct market research interviewers with various individuals to gather valuable information.  You must have a clear speaking voice, strong reading skills, an active email account and a high tolerance for repetitive tasks.  Pays minimum wage plus performance and wage increases.  Weekly pay via direct deposit.

English Tutors

Education First is looking for people to work their own schedule to help young students learn English.  Pays $20 per hour.  Must have fast internet, computer, and webcam.  For US and UK residents.

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Work at home Job Postings for 3/12/2020

Virtual Tutors (US, UK, CA, AU, NZ)

Sign up for Course Hero and get paid for helping high school and college students with course-specific questions.  Pays $3 per question answered.  Work whenever you want.


Door Dash is looking for people to deliver food to people in your town.  You can work and set your own schedule.  No experience needed.

Customer Service Consultant

Morgan & Morgan is hiring professional customer service reps to provide first-class service to their clients with empathy and kindness.  You must be able to learn quickly, can type 35 wpm, and be reliable and dependable.  Pays $15 per hour plus cash incentives.  Will train onsite for 3 weeks.

Data Entry

Cass Info is hiring people to accurately type data from home to pay utility invoices and prepare customized reports.  You must type 9,000 kph, have a personal computer and can work independently.

Product Support Specialist

Five Star Call Centers is hiring product associates to assist their customers via phone and email to resolve issues, provide training, etc.  Requires good phone etiquette skills, can use technology efficiently, have a positive attitude and can read, speak, and write fluently.  Paid training with weekly pay and benefits.

Home Agents

SC Contact Centers is seeking people to take orders, verify information, and answer customer questions.  Requires a Windows-based computer.  Paid training.  Hiring in IA, MO, WI or NV.

Community Support Associate

Mod Squad is looking for community support experts to assist customers that use the Vimeo platform.  You must be internet savvy, have great people skills, can multitask and has high technical troubleshooting skills.

CCS Shopper

Signature Worldwide is seeking individuals to post customer events and make mystery shopping calls.  You must be computer proficient, have good communication and strong analytical skills.  Comprehensive training provided.  Pays $12 per hour.  Part-time.

User Happiness Officer

Big Health is seeking remote reps in US time zones to help members use their web program, respond to their questions, troubleshoot problems and other related duties.  You must have a background in customer support or working remotely, be comfortable reading scripts and are fluent in English.  The company will provide you with a Macbook.

Teach English

Qkids is looking for people to help young Chinese learners speak English.  There is no experience needed.  You can make $20+ per hour teaching ESL online.  Must live in the US or Canda.


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