Work from home training chatbotsA lot of people are looking for a work from home job they can start right away.  These jobs are rare but not too hard to find, especially with the popularity of Chatbots.  You can even work from home today helping to train Chatbots making up to $600 a week.  This non-phone job can be completed from your computer or in some cases smartphone.

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What are Chatbots?

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If you are unfamiliar with the term Chatbots, here is a brief definition of what it is and why it’s so important.  Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate human conversation through text or voice interactions.  Chatbots are also known as conversational agents or virtual assistants.  Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to understand and respond to user queries or commands.  

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Chatbots are commonly used for customer support, assisting with tasks, and providing information on various topics and subjects.  You can find chatbots in applications, smart devices, mobile apps, websites, messaging platforms, etc.

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Why are Chatbots Needed?

Chatbots help businesses and organizations interact with users without personal interaction to improve customer service, answer questions, and provide 24/7 support and assistance.  Chatbots give the user a personal experience to help serve customers and improve satisfaction with the company.  Great customer service equates to customer loyalty.

How do I train Chatbots?

Companies have implemented guides or models for these computer programs that you will follow to help train AI models to become better writers.  This is so important to keep the information up-to-date and as accurate as possible.  Chatbots may also encounter queries and questions they are not trained for, so your job is to provide reasonable solutions to this problem with additional responses.  Training Chatbots can even help to avoid relaying unbiased responses as well as false information or misinformation to the public.

Because technology and computer programs are flawed and imperfect, companies rely on humans to assist these virtual agents or Chatbots.

Do I need experience?

No.  Training AI Chatbots doesn’t require experience but you will need to be fluent in English and pay very close attention to evaluate written content for quality, accuracy, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and more.  In addition, you will create various questions a user may have and come up with appropriate responses that will answer the question and/or use action words to direct the customers for more assistance.

How many hours will I be required to work training AI Chatbots?

The hours are very flexible allowing you to work whenever you want.  You can work a couple of days a week for a few hours or more if you like.

How much will I make training AI Chatbots?

You will make from $15 up to $20 per hour training Chatbots.  This set hourly pay is determined by your skills and consistency.  But in order to make $600 a week, you will need to work at least 30 hours or so.  You can spread your hours out on different days and times.

When can I get started training Chatbots?

Some companies are hiring remote workers to train AI Chatbots right away.  The onboarding process for Remotasks takes less than 1 hour to get started.  Other companies have a similar module.

How do I apply to train Chatbots?

These Chatbot jobs have been outsourced to companies hiring remote workers all over the world.  You can find and apply for these jobs at

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