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Are you looking for an easy work-at-home job that will only require you to work one hour a day? Are you a frequent user or familiar with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others?  Do you use these platforms daily to connect with and share information or photos with your friends and family members?

If so, you could work from home for Appen.  Appen is currently looking for daily social media users from anywhere in the US, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, and Russia of all ages to assist them with an ongoing project.

Perks of Working for Appen

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One of the great things about this job is that you can complete it right from your smartphone working part-time flexible hours according to your own schedule.  There is also no experience required but you will need to be able to follow instructions, be able to express your thoughts and feelings clearly in English, and have a computer with Microsoft Windows installed.

This is a great opportunity for those who are in need of a work-at-home job with good pay and who have little to no work experience.

Appen is a favorite among work-at-home employers and here are a few reasons why.

  • The training program is very simple and easy to complete.  Takes less than a day.
  • No resume is required.
  • You can work from any location as long as you are connected to the Internet.
  • Payment is $13 per hour for the social media evaluator position.  Payments are made monthly.
  • You can choose your own hours and you want to work.
  • Several work at home opportunities.
  • Appen only has non-phone work-at-home jobs.
  • No selling is involved.
  • Hires remote workers worldwide.
  • Great home job for people with very busy schedules.
  • You can apply to multiple positions at Appen but only one at a time.

Social Media Evaluator position at Appen working 1 hour a day 

Appen has 2 unique openings for social media evaluators to work from home for just 1 or 4 hours a day.  You will find these projects on Appen’s official website but I will provide a link to both of these opportunities for those who may be interested.  The first position requires you to work just 1 hour a day for 5 days a week.

What are Appen’s requirements for remote workers?

Appen is particularly looking for those who can troubleshoot and have strong expressive writing skills.  You will need to have a certain number of social media followers in order to qualify to apply for these positions and they are listed below as follows:

  • 25 + Facebook friends
  • 25 + Instagram followers
  • 40 + users that you follow on Instagram
  • You also need to be active at least 5 days a week on Instagram/Facebook
  • Fast internet and a computer or smartphone

Please click here to apply online for this position at Appen

Social Media Evaluator position at Appen working 4 hours a day

This position is similar to the one listed above with the exception of the number of hours you are required to work as well as the number of followers you must have on social media.  The project is exactly the same which will involve you to improve the relevance of the newsfeed of a leading global social media platform.

You can read the number of social media followers that are required below.

  • 200 Facebook friends from a Facebook account that you own

You will work 4 flexible hours a day 5 days a week for a total of 20 hours a week.  Please click here to apply for this opportunity also.

For the original social media evaluator job posting for Appen that does not require that you have a certain number of social media followers but use social media daily, click here if you live in the US.

If you live in Germany, please click here to apply to be a social media evaluator from home.

If you live in Indonesia, click here to apply to be a social media evaluator.

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If you live in Brazil, click here to apply to their social media evaluator jobs.

For those who live in Russia, click here to work from home as a social media evaluator for Appen.

Are there other work-at-home opportunities at Appen?

Yes.  Appen also needs transcribers, linguists, testers, data annotators, web search evaluators and so much more from remote workers from all over the world!  Please see their 100 + current remote/work-at-home openings and apply online here.

If you currently work for Appen and have done so in the past, please tell us what your experience was like what you liked or disliked about the company, what your job duties were, and any other details that may be helpful for those who plan to apply to Appen online.

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