Are you a fast typist?  Do you like the idea of getting paid to type alpha and numeric keystrokes from home?  If so, you may find that a career in data entry will fit your needs perfectly.  In fact, before I started working from home, I used to work for the United States Postal Service typing in mailing address and zip codes that were feed to my computer screen that others had written that the scanner was unable to read at the Postal Office.  The job was easy and the pay was good but getting it was difficult because you had to pass the Postal Exam.  That was a few years ago when working from home was not as much of an option as it is today but now you can do this kind of work online and get paid just the same as you would if you were working outside to home commuting to your job.

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Believe it or not, there are a few legitimate companies that outsource data entry work for remote workers.  Data entry work is a commonly preferred and sought after paying gig because it requires little to no experience, basic typing skills, and a computer with Internet access.  This is a job that will never require you to use your phone, so if you have background noise from your neighbors, pets, or kids, you can still complete your data entry assignments right from your home office.

One of the many advantages of working from home as a data entry keyer is that a lot of the companies will allow you to work and create your own schedule.  This means that you have the option to choose when and how much you will work according to your own lifestyle and schedule.  If you stay up late a night, you can log in and work on your typing tasks or on the weekends, early in the mornings, or at random times of the day.  Here are some skills that you may need to work from home as a data entry operator.

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  • Type at least 50 wpm or higher to make it worth your time.
  • Type accurately.
  • Stand-alone keyboard.
  • A study desk or table to sit your computer and keyboard on.
  • Shorter nails (not a requirement but a suggestion) Find out why this important and how it can help you to make more money by reading these comments my book entitled, “300+ Companies that Pay you to Work from Home” available on Amazon.

Please keep in mind that when you go to apply to be a data entry keyer that you may be required to take a typing assessment test.  This is not to intimidate you but to gauge your speed and accuracy to see if you would be a good fit for the position.  I recommend that you practice typing online as much as you can to improve your speed.  You can do this by typing up sample letters, type an article that you have written or go to the typing test page on this blog.

Tip:  Remember to practice every day and slow down if you make several mistakes.  Work on typing your words accurately and your speed will improve over time.  Now, you are ready to apply to work from home as a data entry keyer.

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Here are some legitimate data entry companies that you can apply to online.

  1. SigTrack – A company that periodically needs typists to work from home typing in signatures and registrations.  Not hiring at this particular time but when they are recruiting workers again, I will let you know on this blog or on my YouTube channel.
  2. The Smart Crowd (a Lionbridge Company) – This company was formerly known as KeysforCash and then Virtualbee until Lionbridge acquired them.  You can complete data entry tasks from home working your own schedule for extra cash.  A typing test is required.  You can find out what the test is like and some tips that I share by watching this video below.
  3. Xerox – This company has several work at home positions including some for typists to input data online as a transaction processor.  You can see their current openings and apply online.
  4. Cass Info – Another company that hires data entry operators to work from home entering data to pay utility invoices and prepare customized reports.  Must live in select states.
  5. P9r – You can complete data entry tasks by signing up to complete HITS or (human intelligence tasks) for Amazon Mturk.  This company has several data entry tasks that you can complete there that are easy with bonuses.  The typing tasks is similar to working for the Smart Crowd Lionbridge.  Pay is per task.  Amazon Mturk is now accepting international workers again!  You can read some of their tips and tricks to completing their data entry tasks here.
  6. Clickworker – This company allows independent contractors to work from home working on data entry tasks from time to time when they are available.  You can also work any time of the day or night and get paid weekly through your PayPal account.
  7. Humanatic – Yes, Humanatic has some data entry work doing the call summary tasks.  You must work on other call reviewing tasks before you can work on the call summary tasks.  This job involves you listening to the conversations and typing in what you hear.  You can read my full review of Humanatic’s data entry jobs here.
  8. UpWork – You can find some work at home data entry gigs on this site but there may be some scams on this site so be very cautious when you are searching for jobs here.  You can read my full UpWork review here.
  9. Great American Opportunities – This is a company that will pay you to log in and work on data entry tasks from your home whenever you want as long as there is work available.  You will type in magazine subscriptions and gift from order forms that are handwritten and sent into them.  The pay is per piece rate but averages out to be around $10 per hour depending on how fast you work.  You can only request to be considered for this position via email when they are recruiting.  I will let you know exactly when you can do so on YouTube.
  10. Axion Data – This company also uses independent contractors to input data and get paid by a per-piece basis.  There is a waiting list by which you can register to be put on the list if you live in the US or Canada.
  11. Dion Data Solutions – This company is currently seeking part-time data entry operators who can type 60 wpm accurately.
  12. SDI – SDI Careers is currently looking for sports data entry reps to input live sports scores and box scores for scheduled games.  You will need some sports-based knowledge of the NBA, NFL and NHL.
  13. Click n Work – They hire individuals that are rapid and accurate data entry keyers.  You will need to register for free on their site so they can review your skills.
  14. Eye Faster – This is a San Francisco Bay area company that is looking for local candidates to help with video coding.  This position requires you to commit to working 40 hours per week and use an Apple computer with a large monitor.  Local candidates only.
  15. Short-Term Data Entry Work – A Denver based company is looking for at-home data entry specialists to retrieve large amounts of data and enter them into online spreadsheets.  You will also be required to work 40 hour weeks and be familiar with Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets, etc.  Pays $8.30 per hour.

You can find more legitimate work at home data entry jobs below.

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