Would you like to start earning money today from home?  Are you looking for a non-phone work-at-home job that will allow you to work whenever you want and doesn’t require a resume or background check?  Do you have access to the Internet? If you have answered yes to all of these questions, you should definitely apply to work for Clickworker today.

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But what exactly is Clickworker, what are the requirements, and more importantly, how can you start working from home today for this company will be explained in the following text.

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What is Clickworker?

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Clickworker is a company that recruits remote workers and home-based agents to complete and perform tasks online for their clients.  If you have ever worked from home for companies like Microworkers, Amazon Mturk, One Space, or the Smart Crowd at Lionbridge (formerly called Virtualbee or KeysforCash) the assignments and tasks are very similar in nature to these short tasks jobs that you will complete right from your home computer or smartphone or tablet (for certain tasks).

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What will I be doing as a Clickworker?

As a Clickworker, you will have the option of choosing and selecting any available tasks that are displayed in your online portal or dashboard that pay you a set rate.  Many of the tasks are simple and only take a few short minutes of your time.  If you are an active online Internet user, you may be engaging in some of these tasks already such as searching the web, typing, rating audio recordings, data processing, comparing and analyzing data, writing, editing, translating video tagging, and much more.

Do I need experience?

No experience is required to work for this company.  In fact, anyone can sign up to be a worker for Clickworker in just a few short minutes.  All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet with Internet access.  You will also have to be of legal age.

What are the hours?

There is no set schedule that you must meet or hour requirement.  You can work when you want for as long or as little as you want.  Working for Clickworker is great for busy moms and dads, those who are still attending school, and others who have various obligations and commitments.  You can work late at night for a couple of hours, early in the morning, and even at random times throughout the day.

Can I choose which tasks to work on?

Yes.  Clickworker gives you the option to pick which tasks you would like to complete and you will know upfront exactly how much you will earn per task.  But you will have more tasks and assignments if you complete and take a skills assessment test.

What is the Clickworker test like?

The test is not difficult at all and involves spelling and grammar in a multiple choice format.  The test should take you no more than 30 minutes to complete.  After you have completed your assessment with a good rating, you can begin working the same day!

How much can I earn working for Clickworker?

It really depends on how much you work, how efficient you are and what tasks you decide to work on but you can expect to earn on average around $9 per hour.  Clickworker will pay you bonuses in addition to your hourly pay for tasks that you completed as well.  The way to earn the most money on Clickworker is by completing the UHRS multi-task project.  It is available for Clickworkers in multiple countries and consists of various evaluation tasks.  If you want to work on the UHRS tasks for Clickworker, please read my full review on how to get started.

Can I work for Clickworker if I live outside the United States?

Yes.  Anybody who has access to the Internet can work for Clickworker to make extra money from home.

How does Clickworker pay?

Clickworker pays their remote workers every single week through your Paypal account.

How can I apply for Clickworker?

Please click here to go to their official website to sign up to be a clicker from home.  If you have more questions about Clickworker and how it works, please watch my latest video.

Additional Reasons you may want to work for Clickworker

  • This is one of the few work-at-home jobs that you could abandon for a while and still come back to knowing that you will still have a job.
  • It is possible to earn up to $30 per hour on the UHRS tasks at Clickworker.
  • You may be asked to provide your SSN but this would be for tax purposes only.  Clickworker is a legitimate company.
  • As with any work-at-home job, make sure that you are accurate when you are completing their tasks.  Accuracy is a critical aspect of being able to keep a work-at-home job.

Here is a recent payment that I got from Clickworker today.

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