Most of you who follow this blog know that U-Haul hires remote workers to assist their customers with questions they may have when it pertains to their rental products as well as sales.  U-Haul is a well-known company that has been in business for more than 70 years now.  For those that are looking for work this summer, U-Haul is currently hiring work-at-home employees to provide assistance with sales calls.  The company says those who are chosen for the position will work between 8–14 weeks for this position. This particular program runs from now until the end of August which is right about the time that school will begin or has just started for many students.  The pay rate for this job is $10 per hour.  You can receive direct payments or other means of a paycheck.

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Here Are The Details For The Work At Home Jobs

U-Haul is a moving company that needs extra people to work for them during the summer.  The job will be based out of the employee’s home.  They will answer phone calls, assist the customer to make reservations, roadside assistance, and rental information.  Not only does U-Haul hire remote workers including teens to work for the summer but other times of the year and throughout as well.  You will need to periodically check their official website to apply to any new positions that will be posted there.

As a work at home employee for U-Haul, you can expect to take incoming calls only.  There is absolutely no cold calling or outbound calling involved.

Here are some additional details regarding what U-Haul requires from their remote workers:

  • Employees must have their own high-speed Internet and a USB headset.  These items must be maintained.  They will need a minimum of 4G (8G recommended) RAM.
  • They must also have a laptop or regular PC with Windows 7,8 or 9.  The Internet service cannot be wireless or Wi-Fi because your connection may not be secure or stable so a more reliable service is recommended.  They will also need a process that is Core 13 or higher.
  • The employees will have four weeks of paid training.  You will be required to attend all the sessions.
  • Employees must be able to work between 6 am – 5 pm.  These hours could change depending on the company’s needs at the time.
  • Since employees will be working from home, casual dress is allowed which means that you can work in your pajamas.  You will need a quiet work area, but no extra phone line is needed.

What Type Of Applicant Is U-Haul Looking For?

They want people that are at least 16 years of age.  If you are a teenager, you must also have a high school diploma or GED, or still be in school.  It is a great job for those looking for extra money this summer, especially students and teachers, although others are welcome to apply.

Because U-Haul focuses more on skills rather than experience, it would be a good idea to improve your typing skills and have an interest in various locations and areas for this type of work. Practice your communication skills as you talk to others over the phone and try to be upbeat and positive.  This will help you to make a good impression on the company.

Perks that U-Haul provide for their Remote Workers

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  • Flexible schedule
  • Benefits for part-time workers
  • Hire teens
  • No experience required
  • Paid training
  • Opportunities to advance

Tips for Applying to U-Haul

One of the things that applicants fail to consider when applying to a particular company is how much they know about it.  Your interview will stand out to a recruiter if you know as much or more about the company than they do.  This makes them confident that you can fulfill their assignment and you have a good idea of what will be expected of you.  In order to do this, make sure that you study the company well and become as familiar with their background, history, and company as much as you possibly can.  You will find out a lot of U-Haul and how they got started by visiting their official website.  It would also be important to brush up on your interviewing skills so that you can address the hiring manager quickly and concisely when they are asking you questions.  If your resume is not up-to-date make sure that you do so right away.  Find out how you can do it for free by visiting this page.  Be prepared to interview over the phone, and possibly in person if necessary.

If you are ready to embark on a new journey with working from home, and you meet the requirements, then you will want to apply with U-Haul online right away.  They will look over your information, and get back to you quickly so you can begin your new work at home position with them.  Remember that U-Haul is one of those unique employers that hire teens and does not require any previous experience, so many of you will have a good chance of getting this work at home job.  If you are interested in applying to work from home with U-Haul, please visit this page.


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