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Is it possible to get a work-at-home job without having a high school diploma?  This is a question that many have wondered about because realistically it can be very difficult to get a job at a brick-and-mortar company without a diploma unless you want to flip hamburgers at a local restaurant, babysit children in your neighborhood, work at an amusement park or be a lifeguard just to name a few.  These jobs are okay temporarily or for some extra cash but they may not necessarily lead to a career with a decent income.

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This is one of the advantages of working from home.  You can pick from a variety of gigs and online tasks to work that could be much more fulfilling and even lead to greater work-at-home opportunities.  The only thing that is in your way is the resources of legitimate companies that have work-at-home jobs with a high school diploma.  This post will list a few jobs that fall into this category that you can apply for online.

Just in case you are wondering what kind of individual would be a great fit for these jobs, here are a few examples.

  • Those with limited education.
  • Youths and teenagers who are out of school for the summer.
  • Young adults who are homeschooled.
  • Seniors or those who are retired.
  • People who want to work from home on a part-time basis.
  • Individuals with acquired or outstanding skills in a certain area.
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Work at home Jobs without a High School Diploma


This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Telephone Mystery Shoppers

Companies like Best Mark, Call Center QA, Yardi Matrix, and Intelichek is always looking for individuals to pose as potential shoppers calling various businesses to get pricing information, ask questions, and other data.

Telephone Interviewers

Telexpertise, G1 Survey, and Promark Research are actively looking for people who have a clear speaking voice and can read from a script to get respondents to answer questions via the telephone.  This kind of job is great for those who have strong reading skills.

Customer Service

Uhaul, Evine, SC Contact Centers, Pleio, and other companies need candidates to work from home taking customer orders, assisting patients to get on a good routine of taking their medications, making reservations over the phone, and other duties.  Most of these companies provide training and will pay you for it.

Data Entry

If you like the idea of typing alpha and numeric keystrokes from your keyboard and are fast and accurate, there are just a few companies that recruit remote workers to complete online data entry tasks.  You can try sites like Mturk, Sig Track, and Cass Info but I believe you need to live in either Ohio or Missouri, Xerox, Click N Work, and UpWork just to name a few.  Please apply if you like repetitive work.

Website Testers

Usertesting, Whatusersdo, Loop 11 and more listed on this page has an ongoing need for people to visit websites or mobile apps and browse around the site all while speaking their thoughts out loud.  Most companies pay you $10 for just 20 minutes or less of your time.  This is not a steady job but great for side or extra income.

Call Reviewers

If you would prefer listening to recorded calls rather than making them yourself, then a call reviewer may be just the job for you.  Your job is to select the correct response of how to call was answered for each call.  The faster you get at reviewing the calls, especially for Humanatic, the more you will earn.  The pay is low and per call but it is a foot in the door for those with no work experience or high school diploma.  There is another company that is similar to the call reviewer job at Humanatic that pays more than you can read about and apply to here.

Chat Agents

Do you love to chat online?  There are some companies that will pay you to assist their customers via chat only to help them find products, buy products, and do other related duties.  Needle is one of the companies that are looking for people who are passionate about giving your expert advice to assist people online.


Wonder Research is looking for people to find high-quality resources around the web and explain the results to their users.  This is a great opportunity for those who are known as problem-solvers because you are finding solutions and satisfying answers to questions in a virtual community.  You can set your own schedule and work from anywhere.


Appen and all recruit remote workers to evaluate advertisements on the web, search engine results, content on social media and so much more.  You will have to check to see what openings they have available and apply accordingly.  These are part-time work-at-home jobs with hourly pay.  You can work your own schedule.  Other companies like Lionbridge, Leapforce, and Rater Labs all require a degree.

Short Tasks

Clickworker, UpWork, Mturk, OneSpace, Audiobee, Oneforma, and other sites are great go-to’s for easy tasks and gigs that you can complete in random categories.  There is a short assessment test that you may have to take for some companies but it is very simple and tests your grammar and spelling skills.  This is a great gig for those who like the freedom to work any time of the day or night.

Virtual Assistants

Fancy Hands and Time Etc. are companies that recruit remote workers called “virtual assistants” to assist their clients with personal and business tasks from their home office.  This could include making travel arrangements, typing, finding good prices, administrative tasks, and more.  Great job for those who are good on the phone and love to do research.


Transcription is a great field to pursue if you have limited education, are a good listener, and like a steady stream of work.  There are literally several companies that hire experienced and beginner transcribers to listen to audio files working your own hours.  GoTranscript hires people from all over the world and pays you every Friday.  You can find a list of companies on this page that you can apply to online.  Transcribeme is looking for beginners to transcribe short clips.  You can make $20 per audio hour.


Do you love sharing your thoughts on paper?  Are you an expert in a certain field or subject and would enjoy sharing your knowledge with others?  Writing online is how I got started working from home.  It even helped me to earn a steady income online because there are plenty of companies that need writers and you can earn some decent income for your content.  Check out this page for a list of legitimate writing companies that will pay you to write articles, books, a blog and so much more.


Companies need people to moderate forum communities to ensure they are safe and the topics are related accordingly.  This kind of job mimics online policing but can be very enjoyable too because you get to interact with members, review posts, delete posts (if necessary), and other similar duties.  I would recommend those who have experience chatting on forums or those who have good morals and judgment to apply to be a moderator.  You can try companies like Live World and Mod Squad.


Here are some miscellaneous ways you can make money by completing simple tasks from your smartphone in your spare time.  No high school diploma is required.

Field Agent

Door Dash




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