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Would you like to earn some extra cash this weekend that will not take too much of your time?  If so, there are quick paying gigs and tasks you can complete right from your smartphone.  A lot of these tasks are open worldwide and some even allow teenagers to join too.

Here is a list of some of the latest quick paying gigs you can do right now to earn some real cash!’



Clickworker needs people to take pictures of various fragrances for women at Macy’s stores to get paid $17 per job.


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Clickworker is also looking for men and women to take 15 photos of yourself and your child.  This assignment pays $5 per job with a bonus included.

Selfie Photos & Videos

Clickworker is also seeking people to 3 selfie videos and 5 selfie photos.  If you do it from your desktop, you will get paid $20 per job.  Those who upload the videos and photos from your smartphone get paid $6 per job.


Clickworker has a quick gig for people to show them your US driver’s license to get paid $1.

Quick Selfie

If you are a woman with a bald head, you will get paid $0.80 to take a quick selfie from Clickworker.


OneForma is collecting pictures of different, traditional, or popular dishes from international cuisines.  This project is open to everybody and must be in jpg format, be in focus, and the main dish should take at least 30% of the picture.  Can be taken with a phone or digital camera.  The deadline for this project is November 13, 2020.  There are over 1,000 openings!  Pays per valid photo.  For example, if you take a picture of a turkey or ham, you will get paid $1.50 each.  More categories and prices are listed per photo in the task.  Sign up for OneForma here. 


Baby Video

Record 3 short videos of your baby clapping or handwaving to get paid $6.50 per job.  There is a bonus included.  Only babies under 1 year are allowed.

Short Baby Video

Record 3 short videos of your baby and get paid $6.50 per job.  Only babies 1-2 years of age allowed.  Bonus included.

Toddler Video

Record 3 short videos of your toddler to get paid $6.50 per job.  Only toddlers from 2-3 years of age allowed.  Bonus included.

Selfie Video

Record 3 short videos of yourself.  For females only.  Pays $5 per job.

Child Video

Record 3 short videos of your child.  Must be between the ages of 3-10.  Pays $6.50 per job.  Bonus included.

Teen Video

Record 3 short videos of your teen child.  Must be between the ages of 10-18.  Pays $5 per job.

Video Study

Lionbridge has a short video project for you to collect short videos of simple everyday actions (example: Unbox a gift on a table).  Engage your friends, family, and pets to help you.  You will be assigned 10 to 30 scenarios.  Each video will take 15-30 seconds.  You will need a smartphone with a 12-megapixel camera.  Pays up to $2 per video.  Can start immediately.  

Internet Judges


OneForma is looking for those with a background in interior design to work as internet labelers to label/rate home décor and furniture choices to complement our client’s home decor choices.  You will need a laptop, headphones, a quick thinker, and be familiar with decorating styles.  Pays $1 per hit completed.  On average, labelers can complete 15 tasks per hour which is $15 per hour.


OneForma is looking for people from different countries to join our team of UHRS Internet judges!  UHRS is the platform of a Global Leaging AI developer where you can take part in a wide variety of projects and tasks (local search relevance, image labeling, etc.). You don’t need to complete any certification or to have any specific skills, it’s a simple plug and play!  

Get a resume that will pass the ATS tracking system for better results

Query Classification project

OneForma is looking for people to check queries that people have made online and evaluate them, following the guidelines that we will provide!  You can complete as many tasks as available.  

Internet Assessors

OneForma is looking for Russian internet judges to join their team of UHRS Internet Assessors.  You don’t need to be certified or have any special skills. It’s really very simple – register and start working.  Currently has 1,000 openings.


Barcode Video Research

Lionbridge is looking for contributors for their new Barcode Video Research Project to record short videos of medical barcodes (manufactured barcode on the packaging of different medicine/vitamins) with their smartphone. The videos for this project need to be 20-40 seconds long.  Each contributor can submit 25 videos of different barcodes and get $1 per video that meets the filming and file naming requirements.  You will need a smartphone with a good camera.

Junior Translators

OneForma is looking for people to translate scripts from the European Union, so background knowledge is valued.  Pays up to $0.16 per word.  You can start right away.  Immediate tasks available.


Field Agent

Get paid up to $15 per simple job to buy and try products and complete simple missions right from your phone.


Deliver food working and setting your own hours using your smartphone.

Nielsen Panel

Nielsen is looking for people to get paid for their internet usage.  You will need to download their app on your smartphone.  Earn while you are online.

Savvy Connect

Get paid $180 a year to install their app as you browse the internet.


Use code QQPD to get paid to complete mystery shopping missions that may involve taking photos of displays and more for free gift cards and Visa cards.

Fetch Rewards

Use code G4HBH to get $2 when you join plus earn free gift cards and Visa cards to scan your receipts from any store!  You can also earn to scan grocery receipts.


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