It has been a while since I first introduced you to Qmee.  For those who don’t know about Qmee, it is a free application that you can download from Google Play or the App Store to earn free PayPal cash and/or gift cards to take daily surveys, sign up for offers, and browse the web (similar to Inbox Dollars).  You can use Qmee to earn $10 a day or more from home.

For those who have used Qmee in the past but barely use it now, please revisit this site especially if you are looking for a reliable way to make money daily.  Qmee now has new gift card options and has made it even easier for you to earn whenever you want.

What I like about Qmee

  • Instant payouts with no minimum amount to cash out.
  • No point system.
  • Qmee has a wonderful support team to assist you in real time.
  • You can earn on the go with your smartphone.
  • Surveys take less than 20 minutes to complete.
  • Higher earnings for those who are active on Qmee.
  • You can refer other members in your household to join Qmee (Very few companies allow this).
This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

What task pays the most on Qmee?

Your go-to task on Qmee will be the surveys.  I know what you’re thinking.  I hate taking surveys because they’re too long and are a waste of time.  Over the years, I would definitely agree with you that some survey panels don’t live up to the hype but not with Qmee.  If you like Paid Viewpoint…Qmee is the next best thing.  Qmee is very transparent telling you how long each survey will take and exactly how much you will earn.  If for some reason, you are not qualified, Qmee (from time to time) will give you a cash reward for trying but you will know in the first 2 minutes or less whether you qualify or not.

The more surveys you take the more surveys you will be offered.  This means more money in your pocket.  And once you have your 5 links or piggy’s activated, you will get a 10% bonus by completing surveys and answering daily polls.  Qmee has a steady stream of surveys from providers they partner with to help you earn $10 a day or more.

Unlock 5 Oinks or Piggies to earn more

Who can join Qmee?

Anyone who is at least 16 years of age with access to a computer or smartphone residing in the US, UK, CA, or AU.

Earn Searcing the Web

Another way you can earn with Qmee is to download their free extension on Google Chrome.  As you browse the internet, Qmee will bring up paid search results on the left-hand side of your computer/laptop or smartphone screen that will pay you from $0.05 up to $1 in the hopes that you will click on the link to visit the sponsored website.  With the Qmee extension installed, you can earn when you are browsing on Amazon for products as well as Google.

Qmee also has a section for its members to sign up for various offers for cash.  Qmee outlines the terms and conditions of each offer and some of the offers will give you cashback in addition to the signup cash bonus.

How you can Make More with Qmee?

Another way to earn more with Qmee is by completing studies.  Some survey providers will invite you through Qmee to participate in a webcam study.  The pay for these webcam studies are anywhere from $100 and up!  Only Qmee members who are active with the surveys will get these additional money-making opportunities so make sure you log in and use the site daily.

Another way to increase your earnings with Qmee is by referring your friends.  Use your unique referral code to tell your co-workers, family members, and others to join Qmee by texting them your link to their phone or sharing it on social media.

Qmee runs contests and cash sweepstakes on their official Facebook page.  Follow their page so that you can take part in these promotions to earn more money.

Payment options at Qmee

Another change with Qmee is that you can request your cash instantly via PayPal, gift cards, or donate your earnings to charity.  If you decide to opt for a gift card, they now have various options from some of your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, Apple Music, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Old Navy, Hulu, Google Play, Door Dash, Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Target, Whole Foods, and more.

I encourage you to join Qmee today!


I have made over $2,900 since I first joined Qmee!  If you join Qmee and use it daily to earn at least $10 a day, you will make $70 in a week’s time and over $275 a month with this site.  If you invest the time and set a goal, you will not be disappointed with Qmee.

How to join Qmee?

Join Qmee by clicking here.  You can start earning with Qmee as soon as you create your profile and confirm your email address.  Remember, cashouts are instant with no payment threshold.

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