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If you are an internet user looking for an easy way to make money online, I have a few sites that you can join today to get started right away.  Make sure that you have a valid email address and access to the computer so that you get paid.  Some companies will even allow you to use your smartphone or tablet if you don’t have a laptop or computer.  Here are a few that I recommend and even use myself!


The Swagbutton browser extension will help you to earn more SB with Swagbucks.  Please make sure that you download and install the Swagbutton to your Google Chrome browser as search the web.  The Swagbutton will notify you with Swag code alerts that you can only redeem with this special button plus as you search the web, you will get additional Swag bucks, watch entertainment, fitness, food and other popular videos from your browser and even get alerts to additional Swag buck earning opportunities that you can redeem for great rewards.  In addition to this, you will save money every time you shop online with the Swagbutton because it will apply coupons at whatever site you are browsing on.  Swagbucks will even give you $10 to join.  It is completely free to use and you will save on thousands of stores plus earn SB too!  It is open to those who reside in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Smart Panel

The Smart Panel is now open again and looking for teens between the ages of 13 and 17 who use the internet to get rewards for sharing their thoughts and opinions.  All you have to do is install the app on all of your devices including your PC, tablet, and smartphone to get $5 every month you keep the app installed.  The Smart Panel will even give you $5 just for qualifying upfront.  You can redeem your rewards via PayPal and Amazon.  In just one year, you will earn $100 for using the Smart Panel.  The longer you stay with the panel, the more you will earn.  If you know any teenagers who would like to earn some easy cash online, make sure you tell them to join the Smart Panel.

Savvy Connect

Savvy Connect is looking for people to install this application on their devices as you search the web.  In order to get started, you must be a member of Survey Savvy, which you can do so here.  Once you are a member, make sure that you download Savvy Connect on your PC, Android and/or iOS devices to earn $5 per device or up to $15 per month if you download it on all three.  You will earn up to $180 per year just for being a loyal member of the Savvy Connect community.  You must be 13 to join and live in the US or UK.  Remember to download and install the app and keep it installed for 30 days to get paid.  It is free and easy to use.


Make your Internet usage count! Earn $5 in points as a sign up bonus when you register and download the Nielsen app on your iPhone. Then earn $5 in points per month each month you are a member. Click Here

I love the Qmee extension browser because it is helped me to earn close to $3,000 so far just to browse the web and visit the advertiser’s websites.  You are not required to stay on the site for any length of time and you will still get cash, not points for checking it out.  You can also earn real cash to take surveys.  Qmee has an app that you can download on your phone or tablet that makes it even easier for you to earn while you are on the go.  There is no payment threshold and you can redeem your cash via PayPal or with gift cards.  Please join and use Qmee today.  You won’t regret it.

Inbox Dollars

You will get $5 to join Inbox Dollars plus cash when you search the web and also watch TV, read your emails, take surveys, and more.  This company will even send you a check in the mail for being a loyal member.  You can even download their app to your mobile device to continue to earn as you run errands or are out and about.

Altogether that is more than $300 if you install these apps in just one year!


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