Can you really get paid money to read emails with Inbox Dollars?  There are several sites that claim you can literally make cash for every single email you read.  It is hard for many people to believe that this is legit but there are some reputable sites that really do pay.

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Inbox Dollars is one of the few companies that has an A+ rating by the BBB.  They have been in business for more than 19 years paying their members to read emails that come directly from the company.  They give direct cash rewards to members in the US and UK for a whole lot more than reading emails so you will definitely want to join Inbox Dollars because this platform offers several ways to make money.

How do Paid Emails work?

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The first thing you must do is join Inbox Dollars here.  Once you have confirmed your email address your account is now activated for you to begin making money.  You can opt-in to receive Paid Emails from Inbox when you are signed in to your dashboard.  Click confirm and now you are ready to get paid for every single Paid Email you receive from Inbox Dollars.

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Please keep in mind that it could take 7 days to credit your emails.  Your earnings from Paid Email earnings will show up in your account and you can request your check after you have made just $30.

Other Ways to Earn with Inbox Dollars

In order to accelerate your earnings with Inbox Dollars, you can complete other tasks and micro jobs when you are logged in.  But before you get started, make sure you complete your entire profile and answer every question.  You will get paid some extra cash for completing this step.  Not to mention the $5 cash bonus just for joining.  Please read this post on How you can use InboxDollars to earn Cash Daily for more tips.

Printing Coupons

Yes.  You can really earn money for every single coupon you print through Inbox Dollars.  This will help you to not only save money but earn some too.

Play Free Games

This concept is not new because there are other websites that will pay you to play games but they may not be free.  With Inbox Dollars, you will get to play over 30 free games either on your computer or through their mobile app.  You can choose to play arcade games, word search, pool, chess, card, and other games.


You can sign up for various offers with Inbox Dollars that can help you save money, earn money, win gift cards, and other deals.  I also select the 100% free offers but there is plenty for you to choose from.  Inbox Dollars will tell you exactly how much you will make upfront for signing up for each offer.


Watch clips of your favorite celebrities, get up to date with the latest headlines from all over the world, ideas for a new recipe, how to improve your health, and many other interesting videos.  Don’t forget to download the Inbox Dollars mobile app on your mobile device to earn on the go.

Searching the Web

Instead of using Google try the Inbox Dollars search engine to browse the web.  Google won’t pay you to search the web but Inbox Dollars will.


Shop with Inbox Dollars to earn and find local deals on Groupon with Inbox Dollars to get big savings on a trip, an adventure, to see a show, or even go out on the town plus cashback for every purchase you make.


Inbox Dollars has partnered with several major companies that are looking for people to give their opinions about various products and services.  They will pay you for your honest answers in cash.

Referring Friends

Don’t forget that referring your friends is another easy way to make passive income with Inbox Dollars.  As long as your friends use the site and remain active, you will earn for recommending Inbox Dollars to them.

Gold Membership

Gold Membership with Inbox Dollars gets you access to more benefits, like faster payment processing, so keep engaging to earn more cash!

Join Inbox Dollars

Are you ready to join Inbox Dollars?  You can do so here and get started making money today.  I have already made over $300 from Inbox Dollars alone and so can you.  Watch this video to see the very first check I received from Inbox Dollars below and don’t forget to subscribe for more ways to earn at home and payment proofs.

Other Sites that Pay You to Read Emails

Fusion Cash

This company will pay you to read emails and complete other tasks.  You also get a $5 bonus for joining.


This site now has several ways for you to get free gift cards and paid emails are one of them.

Quick Rewards

They use the word quick in their name because you will get your cash or rewards in 24 hours or less to read emails, visit websites, play games, and more.


Make sure you join Swagbucks because they also give their members an opportunity to earn reading emails.

Know any more sites that will pay you to read your email?  If so, please leave me your comments below.


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