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How would you like to make $500 or more every single month right from the comfort of your own home?  If so, make sure you use and join PrizeRebel today.  This is a popular survey website that has been around for 11 years helping people (including teens) make money.  Just using PrizeRebel alone can help you to achieve this goal if you follow the tips, tricks, and suggestions that I will provide in this post.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Getting started is extremely easy, free, and takes less than 2 minutes.  The first thing you need to do is to make an account with your email address with your first and last name.  After you verify your email address your account is all set up and ready to use.  Remember, PrizeRebel is a site that does not require you to have a PayPal account for you to get paid.  You can request your earnings through direct deposit to your bank account and a whole variety of gift cards from your favorite stores, restaurants, game codes, items on Amazon, and more.

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Facts about PrizeRebel

  • PrizeRebel has been online since 2007
  • They have over 5.5 million members
  • They have paid out over 6 million dollars in rewards to their members
Get paid cash instantly to take short polls

Tips for Beginners

If you have never done any kind of survey website before, you might want to read through and watch their PrizeRebel tutorials and videos on their support tab.  Before you start taking surveys, here are some very important tips to keep in mind.  Fill out your entire demographic profile.  This will help you to gain access to surveys that fit your lifestyle.  For example, if you have children include their names and date of birth and also your annual salary, the location that you reside in, and other personal details because depending on your responses, you will get access to more or additional surveys but not so likely if you omitted this information.

Give truthful answers to questions that you are asked to ensure that you will be paid.  As the popular slogan goes, “honesty is the best policy” especially when it comes to taking online surveys.  Do not use jargon, slang, shortcuts, or phrases like “blah, yep”, gibberish or incomplete words or sentences that would be difficult for others to read and understand.  Avoid speeding through surveys because this could compromise your answers and prompt an alert on your account.

Be sure to follow all the instructions and abide by the rules to stay on track and make the most out of your account.  Take advantage of the daily points because they can be repeated up to 20 times a day.  Be aware of the daily challenge tab on the left side of your dashboard because you will gain more points as you reach the point level.

Don’t forget to check your inboxes on PrizeRebel so that you will not miss out on any additional bonus offers by completing surveys, offer walls, etc.  Follow PrizeRebel on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media accounts for free promo codes and contests for additional cash.

How to Earn $500 a Month on PrizeRebel

As you use PrizeRebel, you will notice that there are several ways to earn on this site including online tasks, videos but the best way for most members is by completing online surveys.  In fact, the longer the survey is the more you will earn.  You can expect to spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day completing a survey.  Don’t wait to take a survey because market research companies have a quota that can get filled quickly so complete a survey as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that it is best to take and complete surveys during the week rather than on the weekends because they are limited.  Find a survey provider on PrizeRebel that works best for you and spend time completing their surveys.

Use PrizeRebel every single day consistently to reach your goal of earning $500 a month.  I would recommend that you spend at least 5 hours a day on this site.  The afternoons seem to be the best time to complete their surveys.  If you find that you are getting disqualified for the surveys and you are near the end, please do not hesitate to contact the PrizeRebel support team so they can investigate it and take proper action.

As you continue to earn with PrizeRebel, you will move up to the next level.  All members start off at Bronze and after just earning 1,000 points will go to Silver.  Once you have earned 2,500 points, you will get a discount on your rewards which means you will spend fewer points to redeem a reward and a bonus added to your points.  Reaching 7,000 points will give you the Platinum status helping you to get a bigger discount for your rewards.  The Diamond level is the highest you can reach with 120,000 points earned.  You will also earn more bonuses, for your referrals and less for redeeming rewards.

If you are unable to spend a few hours each day using PrizeRebel, another great way to earn $500 a month is to refer your friends to join PrizeRebel.  You can earn up to 30 percent (depending on your level status) for every friend that joins PrizeRebel with your referral link.  This is how it works.  If your friend earns 100 points with PrizeRebel, you will earn 30.  If they earn 500 points, you will earn 150 points and so on.  The more friends you refer, the more you will earn and there is no referral cap or limit.  So join today here so you can start referring others.

Additional Ways to Earn

Another easy way to earn is simply by redeeming a reward and submitting a picture or video testimonial of your earnings.  If it is approved, you can earn 50 up to 250 points!  You can also win additional points by completing the most tasks, surveys, offer walls and even playing games, with contests and more on the win tab.  Check it daily to see how much you have earned.

Join PrizeRebel

I would only encourage you to join this site only because I use it myself.  It has proved to be a real money maker for me.  My only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner.  Whether you use it temporarily, for side income, on an as-needed basis, you will see that PrizeRebel really works especially if you implement some of the tips, tricks, and strategies to make the most with this site.  Visit PrizeRebel here to join now.

Please watch one of my video tutorials about PrizeRebel for more details below and don’t forget to subscribe.



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