One of the many benefits to working from home is that you will not only have to pay money for gas to commute to work but you can also save money with car maintenance repairs (minor or major).  If you have a car sitting in your private road you only} aren’t using, you can make extra money renting your car out to others from a company called “Turo“.    Turo enables automobile owners to use their cars for others to rent for additional money.  If you are looking for easy or passive ways to make extra money at home, listing your car on Turo is a great option and alternative for you to be able to accomplish this.

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How will it work?

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It is very easy to get started listing your car on Turo and the best part is that it is completely free to do so.  You will be helping others in the process which can be a true life-saver for those who need reliable and budget-friendly transportation so that they can reach their desired destinations.  Turo even has a mobile app that’s available on Google Play or the App Store so renters will be able to easily access and rent cars right from their mobile devices.  Car homeowners will use Turo to list their car(s) in a few short minutes and place some additional benefit their pocket.

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After your automotive has been listed on Turo, you will be notified once somebody requests you automotive to rent. At that time, you can ensure or decline the trip and even contact the traveller with any queries you will have. If you confirm the trip, you get to personally meet with your guest or automotive renter, check their license before they venture off on their destination. Once your car has been returned, you will make sure that everything, including refilling the gas and other details are the same as it was before it was rented out.

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Three ways that you’ll be able to earn money with Turo

Local Pickup

This is one the most preferred methods that Turo renters use to have easy access to a vehicle they have rented.  It is also very desirable among car owners because you will never have to depart from your residence. This makes it terribly convenient and practical for those who work out of their home offices including stay at home moms, dads and others.

Deliver your car

Turo has another option for automotive homeowners to deliver their cars to guests at airports and different native locations. If you do arrange to go this route, you will earn additional income than merely having the renter come back and pick it up through a local pickup.

Park and Earn

The third option is to park your automotive at LAX or SFO for up to 2 weeks at a time, if possible.  This will ensure that you will receive income every single month that your vehicle remains there.  If you have plans to take a vacation and you are going to travel via an airplane, let Turo know and they can drive you to your terminal after you have parked your car at one of their lots.  Turo will also be responsible and take care of any rentals during your absense so that you can still make money while you are away.  As long as your vehicle is in good shape, you can park your car there on the Turo lot for a month or longer.  Also basic maintenance will be completely taken care of by Turo for long-run parking reservations that last a month or more.

Is it Safe?

You may be questioning if it’s safe to allow others to drive my vehicle and the answer is yes because Turo goes through a radical screening method before a person can even rent out a vehicle from their company.  This helps to make the renting experience enjoyable and builds confidence in the listers and sellers on Turo.  Turo is also unique in the fact that they will ensure your automotive for each trip that’s taken in your vehicle for up to one million dollars!  Here are a number of their eligibility necessities for automotive renters listed below as follows:

Must hold a current and valid (non-temporary) driver’s license and gift your license to the owner before you start your trip.
Must be at least twenty one.
You will would like a minimum of a a pair of year driving history if you’re below twenty five.
Renters must have a mobile phone in their name which is able to be verified by text message.
Must be a registered user of Turo.

Eligibility requirements for listers on Turo

Your car should be lawfully registered in your name and free of mechanical problems.
Must be in honest condition and have fewer than one hundred thirty,000 miles.
Must be at least a 2006 year model vehicle.
Car homeowners should have minimum insurance and registration. You can find full auto insurance without a down payment pretty easily if you Google a local auto insurance provider.
Your vehicle will would like basic maintenance that includes: oil and filter changes, tire rotation, wiper maintenance and basic mechanical inspections.
You will transfer photos of your vehicle on their official web site.
If you have a automotive that’s older than a 2006 model it will be listed on Turo as a specialty or classic car as longbecause it is in wonderful condition.
Read a lot of of Turo’s eligibility necessities for automotive homeowners by going to their official web site here.
How a lot of are you able to earn rental out your automotive on Turo?

Of course you will be wondering what proportion are you able to earn for listing and renting out your car on Turo.  Here is a breakdown of a number of the earning estimates listed on Turo’s official website for listers.

If you have a vehicle with a value of around $20,000 and you rent your car out fifteen days per month, you will earn around $6,501 each year. Turo sets your car daily rate primarily based on value, time of year, location and otherknowledge. You can conjointly earn up to $425 additional per month by parking your automotive at SFO or LAX.

When you can you get paid?

Turo will deposit your earnings into your bank account each single week.

Why I recommend Turo?

I have 4 sensible reasons why you must offer Turo an attempt.  It is an excellent option for those that have multiple cars at their residence or you possess a vehicle that’s sitting idle or seldom getting used and in need of some extra cash.  It is also a simple way to generate some decent cash for yourself and you’ll be of great service to your neighbors and others who lack transportation.  It also provides other options to those who may not want to be driven around by a driver from Uber or another company.
How to get started with Turo?

In order to get started, make sure that you visit Turo’s official website here to list your car today for free.


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