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Did you know that there are several companies that will pay you to record your voice from home?  Your own unique voice can be used to help you earn extra money right from your computer. Whether it is for commercials, movie trailers, audio books, local and national radio and television ads, and other ways, there are many opportunities out there for those who are interested in this fun and exciting line of work.  Voice overs are needed from people who speak all languages.  You can actually make a decent living as a voice over artist.  This article will explain what it takes to become a voice over artist, how much you can earn, and what companies will pay you to do this.

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What is a voice over artist?

A voice over artist is a person that uses their voice to express themselves.  Because they are unable to rely on facial expressions and gestures, they use their voice to convey thoughts and emotions.

Do I have to be a professional voice over artist?

Absolutely not.  You just need to have a unique and clear speaking voice and the ability to read from a script.  It would definitely be helpful if you practice reading aloud so that you can listen to your voice especially when you will be portraying different characters or personalities.  This technique will help you to hone your craft so that you can land more voice over jobs.

What do I will need to get started?

Some basic items you need to do voice overs are a computer or at least access to one, a microphone, an up to date demo, and recording software that you can save on a mp3, wav, or other files.  You will need a quiet work environment to do this, so if you have small children it would be better to record when they are asleep or at school so that you will not have any background noise or distractions.  It is not necessary to have a home studio, although some people may decide to invest in one (at some point and time).  If you are looking for a microphone here are a few good ones I recommend from Amazon

How much can I earn?

Some voice over artists can earn from $50,000 up to $80,000 per year.  There are a few that earn a 6 figure salary recording their voice.  But many gigs can pay anywhere from $300 up to $600 or somewhere close to that range.

Companies that will pay me to record my voice from home

Here are a few companies that will pay you to record and use your voice right from your home.

ACX ( An Amazon Platform that will allow authors and narrators to audition for books and record them from home for extra money)

Appen (They have a special project for individuals to record their voice at home and read short annotations into an app or from your computer)

Clickworker (has some voice annotation tasks that you can complete and work on for extra cash) temporary assignment

Craigslist (you can always check Craigslist to see what kind of voice over tasks they have advertised there)

Able Innovations
Go Voices
Internet Jock (charges a commission fee)
Online Voices
Sun Spots Productions
The Voice Realm
Voice Bunny

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