If you shop online or plan to, you will definitely want to use Ebates not only to save money when you do so but Ebates will send you a check in the mail just for doing so.  If you haven’t heard of Ebates or have yet to sign up, I will give you a few reasons why you should do so today.  Tomorrow on July 12th, Ebates is offering Double Cash Back (or more!) at over 100 of our top stores.  That is double the savings that you will not find anywhere else online.

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What is Ebates all about?

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Ebates is an online pioneer and leader of cash back shopping that has been in business since 1998.  They partner with approximately 1,800 online stores all over the world.  Some stores include but are not limited to:  Target, Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Weight Watchers, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works and many others.  Not only can you earn cash back when you shop online but now Ebates will give you cash back when you physically shop at participating stores.  This is something new that they have introduced in 2016 and a great option for those who are accustomed to purchasing items at their favorite stores.

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Is Ebates a scam?

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No, it is not.  Ebates is a legit site that has paid out over $250 million dollars in cash to their members.

Does it cost any money to join?

It is 100% free.  There is no cost to you at any time ever!

How does Ebates work?

First, you will sign up to be a member of Ebates.  You can either do this on their official website or through their mobile app.  Confirm your email address and be directed back to Ebates.  When you are ready to shop online, go through the Ebates site first and pick the store you want to shop at and click shop now from Ebates to get started shopping.  Ebates will tell you exactly how much in the form of a percentage you will get cash back from shopping at that store and each store you shop at online.  After you are done shopping, Ebates will record how much you spend there and in 3 months will give you the cash back in the form of a check or PayPal cash.  It is just that simple.

Why are the benefits of joining?

Not only will you be able to get a free $10 gift card after you have completed your first transaction as a member of Ebates but you will get some of your cash back just for doing so.  The only difference between shopping online and using Ebates to do so is that you have to go through Ebates first.  If you install the Ebates cash back button, you can eliminate this step altogether because when you browse the web and visit a particular site, if it is an Ebates partner, the Ebates button will light up and inform you that you can receive a percentage back for any purchase through that company.  In order to activate the cash back, you will click on the Ebates cash back button and your savings will be calculated in your Ebates account.  It is also easy and rewarding.  In fact, if you don’t use Ebates, you will lose money.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid in the form of a check or via PayPal cash every 3 months or 4 times a year for shopping online through Ebates.

Is it worth my time to sign up with Ebates?

Yes!!!  If you are already shopping online and not using Ebates, you are literally throwing away cash.  Here is an example:  Say you where going to buy a new phone online at Best Buy and you spent $200.  If you went through Ebates first and they were going to give you 10% cash back for shopping at Best Buy – that is $20 that you could keep in your pocket.  Imagine if you spent even more money online.  As long as you used Ebates, you will get a check in the mail every 3 months that you can spend however you like.

How do I Sign up?

Go to Ebates here to start getting cash back every time you shop online.

Any tips for using Ebates?

Make sure that you always go through Ebates first, before you shop online to get your cash back.  If you forget to do this, you will not get your cash back from Ebates.  You can also use the Qmee browser when you shop for deals with Ebates to get extra cash for browsing on Amazon, Ebay, Google and elsewhere.  Remember that you will get your free gift card after you shop online.  I know you will love this site!  Sign up today to get started getting cash back when you shop online through Ebates.

Here are some of the stores that are participating in the Flash Cash Back event that starts tomorrow.  This deal will get you at least double cash back or more!

American Eagle – was 2.0%, now get 4.0%
Ann Taylor – was 2.0%, now get 4.0%
Ashford – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Athleta – was 2.0%, now get 4.0%
Avon – was 3.0%, now get 8.0%
bareMinerals – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Barneys New York – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Bergdorf Goodman – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Bloomingdale’s – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Canon – was 2.5%, now get 5.0%
Clinique – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Coach Handbags – was 2.0%, now get 4.0%
Converse – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Dell Home – was 2.0%, now get 4.0%
drugstore.com – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Estee Lauder – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Entertainment – was 17.5%, now get 30.0%
Expedia – was up to 4.0%, now get up to 10.0%
Fabric.com – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Fannie May Candies – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Finish Line – was 5.0%, now get 10.0%
Fisher Price – was 2.5%, now get 5.0%
Foot Locker – was 2.5%, now get 7.5%
Gilt City – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Gilt Groupe – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
GNC – was 5.0%, now get 10.0%
Horchow – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Hotwire – was up to 3.0%, now get up to 6.0%
HP.com – was 2.5%, now get 5.0%
IT Cosmetics – was 3.5%, now get 7.0%
Jack Spade – was 6.0%, now get 12.0%
JCPenney – was 3.0%, now get 11.0%
JOE’S Jeans – was 4.5%, now get 9.0%
Juicy Couture – was 2.5%, now get 5.0%
kate spade new york – was 3.5%, now get 7.0%
Kohl’s – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Levi’s – was 2.5%, now get 5.0%
Loxa Beauty – was 6.0%, now get 12.0%
Macy’s – was 3.0%, now get 6.0%
Marriott.com – was 2.50%, now get 5.0%
Nasty Gal – was 2.0%, now get 8.0%
Neiman Marcus Last Call – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
New Balance – was 5.0%, now get 10.0%
New York & Company – 2.5%, now get 5.0%
Nike – was 1.5%, now get 3.0%
Nine West – was 3.5%, now get 7.0%
NutriSystem – was 7.5%, now get 15.0%
Old Navy – was 2.0%, now get 4.0%
Onlineshoes.com – was 5.0%, now get 10.0%
Petco – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Ralph Lauren – was 2.5%, now get 7.5%
Saks Fifth Avenue – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
ShoeMall – was 7.5%, now get 15.0%
Sur La Table – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Swarovski – was 2.5%, now get 5.0%
T-Mobile – was up to $37.50, now get up to $75.00
The Limited – was 1.5%, now get 3.0%
TOMS – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Toys R Us – was 1.0%, now get 2.0%
Travelocity – was up to 7.0%, now get up to 14.0%
Under Armour – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Vans – was 4.0%, now get 8.0%
Walgreens – was up to 7.0%, now get up to 14.0%

You can see a payment proof from Ebates on Instagram here or by watching this video below.


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