By now, most individuals either have access to a smartphone or some type of mobile device or use social media to some capacity to connect with and share information online.  But did you know that  you can use this to your advantage to get a work at home job?  The good news is that there are a few legitimate companies that need remote workers to complete online tasks with their smartphone or mobile device or simply be an active daily user of social media.

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If you happen to fall into to one or both of those categories, you can apply to a few work at home jobs that either pay by the hour, per call or task.  Before you apply, please make sure that your smartphone or mobile device meets their requirements and standards and that you read over the entire job description so that you will know exactly what they are looking for, how many hours you will be required to work in a weeks time, any other work at home equipment you may need and if the job is location based for onsite training meeting periodically.

Please keep in mind that most of the online social media jobs do not require any experience but you will definitely need to be socially active and use at least more than one social media account like Twitter and Facebook (for example).  Remember that employers will constantly be monitoring your performance so even if the job is fairly easy, you will still want to pay close attention to your accuracy and follow all the instructions accordingly.  This will help you to not only perform well if there is any testing involved so that you can get the job but assist you in the long run to enable you to keep the work at home job, you worked so hard for.

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Apply to as many opportunities that you qualify for listed below.

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Social Media and Smartphone Work at home Jobs

  1. Mod Squad – This company is always looking for independent contractors to join their team as a mod who are pros in digital engagement where you will moderate forums, chat with customers, manage communities and make a buzz in social media.  If you use social media regularly, you will definitely want to bookmark this job and apply online.
  2. T Mobile – Not only get you get a smartphone and data plans from this company but you can also work from home as a social media specialist resolving issues and answering questions on their social media channels.  You will also promote the brand on social media campaigns.  This job requires you to live in Hawaii so that you can come onsite for staff meeting and training.
  3. Appen – Work from home for 1-4 hours a day as a social media evaluator for at least 5-7 days per week.  This company offers hourly pay and prep sessions to ensure your success.  You will need to use social media daily and have a number of followers on your social media profiles.
  4. Lionbridge – There are actually 2 work at home jobs from Lionbridge using  your smartphone and working as a social media evaluator.  If you currently have an Android smartphone and are familiar with downloading apps through the Google Play store, please apply to this position.  You will also need a PC or laptop and use Gmail daily.  This position is open to those who reside in the US only but Lionbridge has global work at home jobs that you can apply to as well.  Please apply to the US Android and Desktop Internet Search reviewer position here.  If you prefer to work from home as a social media evaluator for Lionbridge that will last at least 12 months, read over the full job description here.
  5. Leapforce – Work from home using your smartphone to evaluate web search, video evaluation, maps, projects, etc.  You will need an Android, Windows or iPhone.
  6. AdSemble – This company has a temporary position for a social media ambassador to create content to post on various social media sites.  The pay is $12 per hour working 20 hours per week.
  7. VOIQ – This is a mobile app that you can use to work from home as a sales agent working on various campaigns in your spare time.  You must have 3 years experience in a sales position.  Pays $0.30 per minute of talk time plus performance bonuses.
  8. Clickworker – This company has several freelance gigs and online tasks that will involve  you using your smartphone.  They currently need people to take photos of pampers products with your smartphone by visiting a retail store.  The job pays $10 flat.  They also need people to search terms on Google with your smartphone and other mobile jobs that pays per task.  This company looks for remote workers worldwide.  You can work whenever you want.  Weekly pay via PayPal.
  9. Humanatic – Listen to recorded conversations between individuals and businesses to determine whether the call was answered, not answered, went to voicemail or answering machine.  You can download their app and start taking calls today.  Payments are made weekly via PayPal as long as you have $10 in your account.  No experience needed.  Pay rate is per call reviewed.
  10. Mturk – This company has smartphone and social media hits that you can complete from your computer as a Turker that pays you per task.
  11. I Soft Stone – Try applying to work from home as an online crowd worker to get access to an abundance of freelance gigs including jobs that may require you to use your smartphone or work in social media.

Please also check the weekly job section and Friday freebie page of this website to find even more work at home jobs in this category.  There are a few that I posted just a few days ago that may be hiring.  If you know of any more companies or jobs that can be added to this list, please feel free to leave me your comments below.


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