Do you love riding roller coasters, engaging in pastime fun activities like skating, bowling, going to carnivals, visiting aquariums, museums, water parks, seeing animals at the zoo and more?  If so, Amusement Advantage has some cool new shops for new and existing mystery shoppers in several states.  In fact, these shops are so urgent that not only will you get reimbursed for the shop but you will also receive a cash bonus for completing each shop.

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What is required to be a mystery shopper?

The first thing that you will need to do is to register to be a mystery shopper for Amusement Advantage or log into your shopper dashboard if you are already a member.  You can visit their official website, here to get started with your shopper application.  If you want more details about Amusement Advantage including how long they have been in business, how you will get paid and other important details by reading this post.

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Please keep in mind that you will need to sign up today to get access to these priority shops to receive a cash bonus if you complete them by the end of September.

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How can I ensure that I will be approved to be a mystery shopper?

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As you fill out your shopper application, please give honest answers to the questions you are asked.  In addition to this, you will want to make sure that you have complete sentences in your replies.  Do not make an incomplete statement like:  “To make extra money”, especially if you are asked why you want to be a mystery shopper.  You may want to mention that you enjoy spending time with your family engaging in fun activities or that you are very observant and pay attention to details as a consumer or even that you have previous experience as a mystery shopper and you feel that your experience makes you a great candidate for mystery shopping assignments.

Additional Tips

  • Use good grammar.
  • Proofread your answers.
  • Do not omit punctuation or capitalization when needed.
  • Check your spam folder for a confirmation email from Amusement Advantage.

If you remember to follow these steps, you will definitely increase your chances of getting approved to be a mystery shopper for Amusement Advantage.  Always remember that clients pay attention to what you submit on your application which is why you want to give special attention to your answers.  If you have complete sentences with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and so forth, you will more likely do the same when you fill out and upload your answers in your shopper report.

Can I get rich as a mystery shopper?

No.  Working as a mystery shopper is for supplemental income only.  It is idea for those who enjoy spending time with their family and enjoy various amusements to get reimbursed for doing so.  You may receive a little compensation but it is will not replace a job or work at home job.

What kind of shops need to be completely urgently?

Amusement Advantage has a few mystery shops that need to be completed right away.  Please check out some of the shopping assignments below.  If you are interested, please sign up to be a mystery shopper and send me an email at to let me know that you have registered.  If you are already a registered mystery shopper with Amusement Advantage, please leave me your email address in the comment section below, so that I can assign the shop to you.

Don’t forget that these shops pay more money because they are a priority!  Make sure you tell your friends so they can join too.

Urgent Mystery Shops from Amusement Advantage

Roller/Ice Staking Indianapolis Indiana  $40 extra pay above listed rate September only!

Aquarium/Oceanarium Boston Massachusettes  $10 extra pay above listed rate Sept 28,29,30 ONLY!

Business Improvement District Minneapolis Minnesota  $20 extra pay above listed rate September only!

Jump/Trampoline Center New Hartford New York   $20 extra pay above listed rate September only!

Family Entertainment Center Draper Utah  $10 extra pay above listed rate in September only!

Family Entertainment Center Modesto California  $30 EXTRA PAY Above Rate Listed September Only | Now Serving Beer, Wine & Frozen Cocktails! NEW Spin Zone BUMPER CARS! MILITARY DISCOUNTS-Active Duty, Retired, & Dependents show military ID and get 4 Hours Unlimited Attractions for only $29.99! Check with your scheduler for authorization to use discounts.

Family Entertainment Center San Diego California  $40 EXTRA PAY Above Rate Listed September Only | Shoppers who complete a PARTY shop at r San Diego locations in September will be given priority consideration for the Aquarium or Zoo shops! | Party Shops pay $209.99-$299.99 + tax + gratuity!  END OF SUMMER PARTIES, Moms & Dads Group play dates, Sports Team parties, Birthday parties (real or fake) – Almost any kind of kids/adults events! | Shoppers will receive direct reimbursement refund within appx 21-28 days of submitting the report. | There are no evaluations of attractions required as part of this shop, just the party process.

Jump/Trampoline Center Santa Rosa California  $20 EXTRA PAY Above Rate Listed September Only

Family Entertainment Center Parker Colorado  $20 EXTRA PAY above rate listed September only!

Family Entertainment Center Meridian Idaho  $20 EXTRA PAY Above Rate Listed September 26th (preferred) or 29th (final client deadline) Only

Museum/Science Center Huntsville Alabama  $20 extra pay above rate listed SEP only

Family Entertainment Center Boca Raton Florida  $10 extra pay above rate listed SEP only

Roller/Ice Stating Tampa Florida  $10 extra pay above rate listed SEP only | Wednesday Night is Family Night $5 admission w/skates | **Friday night Troll Roll** | SAT 2 sessions 12-3 or 3:30 – 6:30

Family Entertainment Center Norman Oklahoma  $30 extra pay above rate listed SEP

Zoo/Wildlife Park Oklahoma City Oklahoma  $50 extra pay above rate listed ASAP in SEP

Who can register to be a mystery shopper?

Amusement Advantage needs shoppers to visit amusement from every state in the  United States as well as Canada.  Signing up takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.  Please register to be a mystery shopper here.  You can read a full review about Amusement Advantage below.

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