Working from home has never become more popular and convenient than it has in 2017.  There are literally so many different jobs you can do, tasks you can perform and career paths you can pursue without ever having to leave your front door.  You can even make a full time salary paying at least $400 a week or more working as a home advisor for Apple, taking calls for American Express, receiving floral orders from Blooms Today, tutoring students and more.  You can find a complete list of work at home jobs you can live on by reading this post.  There is another opportunity that I want to alert you to that needs people to work out of their living rooms paying at least $25 per hour.

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If you are a person that enjoys teaching people and likes to be physically active, then this work at home opportunity may be your next career move.  There is a company that goes by the name of Blend Fitness that is currently seeking dance and fitness instructors to work out from home giving lessons to their students remotely.  Here are some of Blender Fitness online positions that they currently have available:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Cardio Fitness
  • Other

Just in case you have some questions about what is required, how long and what hours you will have to work, this post will answer these questions for you.

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What are Blender Fitness requirements?

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In order to be a fitness or dance instructor for Blender Fitness, you will definitely need to have access to the internet and a Skype account.  Blender is interested in working with people that are likeable, positive and enthusiastic about teaching.  These desired skills will help you to build a rapport with your clients/students so that they can feel a bond or connection with you and be empowered to engage in your online lessons.  They are also looking for instructors who are professional and can communicate well as you represent their brand.

What hours will I be required to teach?

You decide when you want to instruct.  As a dance or fitness instructor, you can choose to work just a few hours each week, day or month on a part or full time basis.  There is no set schedule so  you have the flexibility to work on your own terms at your discretion.  This is perfect for those with children at home or those with very busy lives.

How much will I make as an instructor?

You are paid a flat hourly wage of $25 per hour plus commission.  The commission rate is $5 for each package you sell.  This means that whether you decide to be a dance or fitness instructor, you can make close to $30 per hour and more depending upon how many clients you have.

Why I recommend this opportunity?

I think this is an exciting way to earn an hourly wage doing something you love!  If you enjoy working out or dancing, you could get paid to teach others to follow along with you.  Not only can it be financially beneficial but rewarding as well because you get a chance to help people meet their fitness goals, lose weight, improve their self esteem or even learn some new dance moves.  It also helps to eliminate the isolated feeling that many people experience working from home.  If you think you are up to the task and are ready to embark on a new career without commuting to work, make sure that you apply to Blender Fitness today.  You can visit their official website here to read more information about being an instructor and apply online.


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