ACD Direct is currently seeking experienced inbound customer service professionals for our current project which is slated to increase November 25th and build throughout the month of December.  We represent not for profit organizations nationwide with an emphasis on capturing donations with a SMILE!  Historically, this project has proven to be one of our busiest campaigns which in turn can produce a larger earning potential.  While this project will end on December 31st, 2017, we are always looking to pair future projects with those agents that are most competitive and active during our projects.  Contract extensions and renewals are awarded when possible.

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As an Independent Contractor with ACD Direct, you will be providing your skills, expertise and services to the clients we represent.  We are looking for those who consider themselves among the best of the best in the customer service industry to help answer inbound calls from our client’s enthusiastic callers.

Some benefits of working with ACD Direct are:

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  • Set and Maintain Your OWN schedule
  • Bi-Monthly Invoicing
  • Rewarding Atmosphere
  • Low Cost Start Up
  • Performance Incentives

If you are interested in learning more, please email with WorkersOnboard in the subject line for more information.

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Common FAQs

• Is a business entity required?

o No, a business entity is not required.  Having a business entity does make you more competitive when it comes to contract renewals/extensions and future project opportunities because you have an investment in your success as a work from home entrepreneur.  If you don’t currently have a business entity, it is okay and you can always establish one in the future after you have had a chance to experience ACD Direct for yourself!


• Is there a set schedule or what hours will I be working?

o There is no set schedule with ACD Direct.  You select and maintain your own schedule from our online scheduling tool.  You can select to work the times and days that work with your personal and professional schedule.  Our highest call volume typically occurs evenings, nights, overnights, and weekends!  While there are no minimum or maximum hours you are required to schedule, ACD Direct does look towards those agents who been reliable and consistent in scheduling and call processing when contract renewals and extensions are available.


• How long is certification?

o Our most enthusiastic agents can complete the certification process in as little as 1-3 days.  The first segment to certification is reviewing our online certification modules and completing necessary assessments based on what you have learned through the online certification modules.  Once those are complete, you will be presented with the opportunity to select a time for your Test Call.  Now don’t get nervous – the test call allows you some hands on experience in as close to a live call setting as we can provide so this is really a great benefit for our incoming agents.  Our current certification fee which includes a criminal background check is $30.


• Is time spent in certification compensated?

o Our certification process is self-paced and considered an investment to your success as an independent contractor with ACD Direct. Certification is not paid or reimbursed.


• When will I start processing live calls and earning?

o Once you have completed the online certification and test call, you can be phone ready in as little as 7 days.


• How often are ACD Direct Agents paid?

o ACD Direct agents invoice twice monthly. Our first invoicing period is the 1st – 15th and our second invoicing period is from the 16th through the End of the Month. Pay is delivered via direct deposit into your banking account.


• How much do I earn?

o Our agents earn per talk minute for each call that they process.  A talk minute starts from the time you pick up your phone until the call is completed (hung up) for each call that you process.  Our pay scale ranges between 20 and 32 cents per talk minute with new agents starting at 25 cents per talk minute. 


• Am I an employee?

o Agents providing their customer service skills to ACD Direct are operating as Independent Contractors.  As an independent contractor, agents are responsible for maintaining office requirements and are responsible for reporting earned income to the IRS annually during each specified filing period. We provide a 1099 for those agents who have earned over $600 during any calendar year.


Effective May 15th, 2017 – will no longer be a valid email address.  Please contact for inquiries related to registration and onboarding.


Virtual Regards,

Melissa Houghton

Hiring Manager – ACD Direct/ACD Connect

Phone:  (573)660-0818

Skype: melissarhoughton

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