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If you live outside the United States, you know just how difficult it can be to find a work at home job.  These opportunities seem to be little and far between but don’t give up yet because there are some employers that have and even welcome international remote workers from any location to obtain employment whether it be on a temporary, seasonal, part or full-time basis.  In fact, some companies will are desperately seeking people to start working today.

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In addition to working from home, you can also complete online gigs and tasks for extra cash.  For some, this may be a more practical option due to the fact that they prefer not to be tied down to meeting an hour requirement or they only want to make some side income.  If this is what you are looking for or you would like to add some additional revenue to your online income, check out some of these sites below.

17 Work at home Companies that Hire Worldwide

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  1. Live World – Work from home as an online moderator and get paid on an hourly basis moderating posts and forum communities for this company.  Please keep in mind that you will need strong typing skills and be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Lionbridge – If you want to work from home on a part-time basis where you can set and work your own schedule, Lionbridge is a great place to start.  They have global opportunities for independent contractors as a social media internet assessor, online map quality analyst, personalized internet assessor, mobile search reviewer, and more.  You can see a list of available jobs by clicking on the country you live in to bring up the latest work at home job leads.
  3. Text Master – This company is always looking for translators and copywriters to work from home where you can choose which projects you want to work at your own convenience.  Payments are made through your PayPal account.
  4. Wonder – Work from home as a researcher browsing the web to find the best resources for their customers who ask questions online.  There is a possibility for you to make up to $2,000 a month depending upon how much you work.
  5. Humanatic – Work from home evaluating recorded calls online.  Your job is to sort them into categories.  Payments are made on a weekly basis.  You can also use and download their free mobile app to work from your smartphone or mobile device.
  6. – This is another job that has several global openings in online ad evaluation, search engine evaluator, online web evaluator, transcribers, and more.
  7. VIP Kid – As long as you have a stable internet connection you can work from home as an online teacher for this company assisting young students in China via video conferencing to learn English.  Pays $14 to $22 per hour.  You will be required to have a Bachelors degree.
  8. – Make money from home captioning videos, movies, and classic TV shows from any location.  You can even start working in 48 hours or less.  Work and set your own schedule.  Weekly pay via PayPal.
  9. Clickworker – Use your smartphone and get paid to work on the UHRS project (a long-term assignment), data categorization, translation, transcription, writing, etc.  Weekly pay via PayPal.  No experience required simply a skills test needed.
  10. Appen – A well-known work at home employer that has several work at home job leads around the world.  They have a hot work at home job opportunity for daily social media users to work from home just a few hours a day rating ads.  They need people of all ages to do this.  There are additional work at home jobs leads that you can apply to when you visit their official website.
  11. Up Work – Complete assignments that you are skilled in at your own pace for companies, businesses, etc.  There are multiple payment options that make it convenient for all.
  12. Sykes – This company has work at home jobs for those who live in Canada to work in customer service.  You can visit their official website and apply online.
  13. Mod Squad – Work from anywhere moderating forums, chat with customers, manage communities, and making a buzz in social media.  This position has some flexibility.
  14. Apple – Another popular work at home employer that has work at home jobs in Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy, and other countries.  You must be tech-savvy and familiar with mobile devices to assist customers with password and various technical issues related to their apple products.
  15. Leapforce – Work from home as a search engine evaluator participating in different evaluation projects, including web search, video evaluation, maps, local, automation projects, etc.  You will be required to have a smartphone.
  16. One Space – Get paid daily to work on various assignments and tasks from One Space.  You can work from anywhere at any time.
  17. Textbroker – Make money writing content for Textbroker on various topics.  You can select your own assignments.  Several payment options available.
  18. Course Hero – Get paid up to $300 a week or more answering questions from high school and college students in various subjects like Math, finance, computer science, US history, and more.

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