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Let’s start off 2018 with some cool ways to earn some pocket change, side income or extra cash online.  If you are on social media and/or have a smartphone that you use, you can make more money with these sites especially the smart phone apps.  Having access to a smartphone will also enable you to use these sites while you are out and about.  If you need some work at home essentials for your home office, please visit this page.

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Remember as always, it is advantageous for you to join and use more than one site so that you can have income coming from various places.  Then you can determine which one works better for you and keep the ones you like.  Here are a few sites and apps that I use for extra cash that you can sign up with too!

Grab Points is one site that you can join today for watching TV, answer surveys, completing offers, download apps and more.  You can access this site from your mobile device, computer and more.  Use invitation code Workersonboard for a $5 bonus plus 500 points if you use my invite code by visiting this site here.

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  1. Watch 2 Earn – A fairly new mobile app that you can join that will pay you watch videos.  You can earn free PayPal cash or gift cards.  Use my invitation code d1d7d6bc for 300 free credits.
  2. Ibotta – A must-have app for cash back for shopping at the grocery store, department stores, online stores, home improvement stores and so much more.  You will get $10 in cash when you join.  Fast pay!
  3. Mileup – Use this free app to get free gift cards when you drive your vehicle to pick up the kids from school, run errands, go shopping and more.
  4. Checkout 51 – A really cool site and mobile app that gives you cash back when you upload your grocery receipt.
  5. Points Prizes – Get free PayPal cash for taking advantage of free offers and advertisements from all over the web.  No password needed to join this site.
  6. Feature Points – One of the best apps that you will ever download, install and use for easy cash.  You get paid simply to download, install and try completely free apps.  You must keep each app that you install from Feature Points on your device and use for at least 2 minutes to get credit.
  7. Mobee – Free app that will pay you to complete various missions in retailers, stores, restaurants and other businesses in your area.  Some missions may require you to do price checking, take photos, etc.  Use code QQPD for a bonus when you join.
  8. Perk – Get free cash or gift cards when you search the web, watch videos, shop, play trivia games, take quizzes, read viral stories on various blogs and more.  You will make more when you install Perk on your phone.  Join today!  You won’t be disappointed with this app.
  9. Fronto – Nothing gets easier than getting free PayPal cash to unlock your phone or mobile device.  When you install the app and unlock your phone, you will slide the advertisement either to the left, to visit the website or to the right to access your phone or tablet screen.  Either way you will earn points.  Use code Workersonboard for 1,350 points when you join.
  10. PrizeRebel– Get free PayPal cash, direct deposit or gift cards to take daily surveys, complete online tasks and more.  Must be 13 to join.
  11. Ebates – Another cash back company that will give you money for shopping at your favorite stores.  You will also get a $10 bonus when you join.  There are more than 1,800 stores that gives double cash back, in-store cash back, hot deals and more.  Use their app to earn more money.
  12. InstaGC – Get instant gift cards or cash to watch videos, take surveys, download apps, make phone calls, and so many other tasks.
  13. Clixsense – Site that I use to get extra cash for visiting new websites.  You can also earn for playing free games and more.
  14. Thredup – Get cash for your used clothes, your kids clothing items that they can no longer fit and more.
  15. Usertesting – Visit a new website or mobile app and give your opinions about it for $10.  Each test takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  16. Cash 4 Essays – Sell your essays for cash with this company.  You must be able to upload them online.
  17. Legerweb – Get at least $1 or more for every survey you complete.  You can even download their mobile app for more survey opportunities.  Open to members in the US and Canada.
  18. Timebucks – Get paid cash to view slideshows online, click on ads, take photos, watch videos, complete offers and more.
  19. Turo – Rent out your car to others for weekly payments.
  20. Quick Rewards – Another get paid to site that will pay you in cash to read emails, visit websites, play games and more.
  21. Earning Station – Earn real cash for being a members and completing various online activities.
  22. Qmee – Get paid cash to search the web and visit sponsored websites as well as take online surveys.
  23. Snips – Get paid to share links from Apple music, trending news, memes that you create and more.
  24. Branded Surveys – Get real cash or free gift cards to take daily polls, give your opinion, find local deals and more.  Must be at least 13.
  25. Berry Cart – Get cash back when you buy healthy foods including organic items, non GMO’s, gluten free, vegan and more.
  26. Voxpopme – Get paid to cash to complete video surveys from your smartphone.
  27. NCP – Scan and send them your household purchase information every week with a handheld scanner that they provide.  For each week of the month NCP receives your purchase information, you will earn one entry into the Quarterly Sweepstakes where you can win a $500 Visa prepaid card.  Every month, an additional 20 panel members win a Visa prepaid card just by sending purchase information in every week of a month.  You will also get to use your points for electronic and household items, jewelry, toys, gift cards and more.
  28. Pay Your Selfie – This mobile app will acutally pay you when you take photos of your surroundings, meal items, yourself and more.  Pays via PayPal.
  29. Cash for Apps – Another app that you can use to get free gift cards for downloading and installing free apps.
  30. Apperwall – Write short reviews on mobile apps that will get published online.  You will earn at least $1 per review.
  31. Slicethepie – Review new music, clothing items, home decor, commercials, apps and more before everyone else and get paid in cash.
  32. Qriket – Play live games on your mobile device for a chance to win extra cash and big cash giveaways.
  33. Shopkick – Get points towards a free gift card when you join this app.  You will earn more when you shop and redeem great offers.
  34. Pocket Points – Earn points for not using your phone while you are in class.
  35. Paid Viewpoint – Take mini polls online in under a minute or less to earn cash.  Cool site to use for extra cash.
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