Work at home scams they don't want you to know about

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Did you know that for every legitimate work at home job posted online, there are at least 70 that are complete scams?  That ratio is very high and likely to get worse as more people get online to search for work they can do from home.

Since this is the case, is there anything that can be done to protect yourself from being scammed?  It would be nice if we could stop the scammers altogether but that is unlikely because people are desperate to make some easy money even if it means hurting another person to do so.  In this post, I will reveal some work at home scams they don’t want you to know about, tips to help you find real work at home jobs, as well as suggestions on how you can keep a work at home job once you find one.

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Work at home Scams they Don’t Want you to Know About

  1. Google Hangout Scam –  Recently scammers have been using Google Hangouts to invite honest-hearted individuals to a virtual interview via Google Hangouts or Skype.  You will know it is a scam if they ask you for your personal bank account information or to deposit a check for work that you haven’t even done yet to put in your bank account.  Please do not deposit the check or give anyone your password, bank account information, or so forth to someone who may not even represent the company.  Many people are getting scammed because they are using well-known legitimate employers to lure unsuspecting victims for fake work at home opportunities.  Please watch the video below for more details about this scam and what you can do right now to avoid it.
  2. Data Entry – Popular Job Boards like Career Builder, Indeed, and even Craigslist have data entry jobs that claim to pay their remote workers at least $600 a week and up!  Please do not be lured by the amount of money you can make because these kinds of opportunities are non-existent.  I have been researching work at home jobs including data entry for at least 7 years now and I have never seen a company that was legit that paid this amount to start.  Most of them start at minimum wage only and mainly have part-time hours.
  3.  Copy & Paste – There are several websites, Facebook Groups, and so forth that advertise remote jobs that people can apply to that involve copying and pasting.  These jobs are also not real and even charge you a fee up-front to get started.
  4. Envelope Stuffing – Maybe you ran across a job claiming that you can make $1,200 or more stuffing envelopes from home.  Sounds super easy and too good to be true.  And guess what?  It is.  Not only will you not make this amount of money but you will have to pay for information or a packet to even get started which could cost you anywhere for $30 to hundreds or more.
  5. Reshipping Agents – Scammers will post fake jobs like Gift Wrapper, Reshipping Agent, Packaging Agents, and so forth that state they will pay you to receive items to your home for you to ship overseas.  Although the job description may appear to be legit, you could actually go to jail because the scammer is using you to send stolen items that will be traced back to you from the personal accounts of others they hacked.  Do not fall for this scam.
  6. Mystery Shopping – Con artists will hide behind legitimate Mystery Shopping companies by using their names and logos to offer you a supposed job as a mystery shopper and send you a large check to be deposited to your bank.  The check is fake and your bank will hold you responsible for those funds.  This is the scam they continue to use to get money from you.
  7. Assembly or Craft Work – This scam offers to pay you money for every product or item that you put together from home.  The problem with this opportunity is you don’t know if the company will even accept your work after you shipped it to them plus there is an upfront fee for materials.
  8. Rebate Processor – Sounds simple to process rebates from home in your spare time.  The only skills you will really need are access to a computer and being able to type well.  These work at home job offers are also scams.  A lot of rebate processor jobs claim that you will be paid $200 an hour or more.  Many of these offers come from Clickbank and other affiliate companies where the individuals promoting them will make $40 to $50 for every person that he or she can get to sign up for this fake job.  Stay away and do not apply to these work at home scams.
  9. Social Media Jobs – Make $50 an hour as a social media moderator from home.  These jobs are bogus and are sometimes filtered in with legitimate social media jobs from companies looking to hire individuals to monitor their social media accounts.
  10. Online Business – You’ve probably seen ads in front of YouTube videos or even my own that have people claiming you can make thousands of dollars online even in your sleep as an affiliate marketer.  The truth is you can make money as an affiliate marketer but a lot of these “so-called” gurus charge you a substantial fee to gain information, coaching, and training that may be similar to the insight they provided in the video.  You may even have to pay monthly fees to buy more products and still not make any money with these programs.  Please beware before you give your money over to an individual who may not be equipped to guarantee that you will make thousands of dollars following their program.  Also know they will constantly make money off you from your membership, buying their products, etc.
  11. Membership Boards – There are websites that claim to have legitimate work at home jobs that will pay you $10 to $90 per hour to work from home.  But in order to even see these jobs, you have to pay $85 to $210 or more to get full access to their job banks.  The danger is, “How do you know they even have legitimate work at home jobs on their website?”  Plus who’s to say that once you pay the fee you will get access to it?  Not to mention the jobs could be out-of-date or opportunities that are internal, meaning they will pay you a commission to recruit other people to their job board to scam them just like you have been.  No way.  Stay far away.  Not only will you save yourself some time but money also because you can visit free work at home job boards and apply to real work at home companies.
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Tips to Find Real Work at home Jobs

When you are searching for real work at home jobs, use alternative words like “telecommute, virtual, remote, instead of work from home or work at home to root out the work at home scams.  Visit forums that are dedicated to working at home jobs like WorkatHomeArena or WAHM.  Visit the weekly job section and Friday freebie pages of new work at home jobs on this site join our FB Group and subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional work at home jobs.

If you find a work at home job you really like, make sure you apply as soon as possible and have all your work at home equipment ready to start working.  Be prepared and ready for a possible interview and be sure to clean up your social media profiles if it contains profanity or other content that may be offensive to others.  Employers will make sure to check out your social media profiles to select qualified candidates.

Tips to Keep a Work at home Job

Once you get a job, do not slack off on your work and performance or be relaxed about logging back in after you take a break or signing in late.  This could go against you and leave the company with no option other than to terminate you.  Keep your workspace distraction-free and as quiet as possible so that you will not make unnecessary mistakes.

Remember if you have a job that requires talking to customers over the phone, sometimes employers may listen in on those phone calls unexpectedly so keep a positive attitude, be respectful, and be friendly to each and every customer you speak with.

If you have any other scams that you have encountered or would like me to add to this list please leave me your comments below and stay safe online.


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