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Would you like to make money online working from home as a Market Researcher?  There are a lot of companies that will pay you to give your honest views on various topics.  A newly rebranded company called LEO short for Leger Opinion is seeking panel members to give their opinions on topics such as sports, cars, fashion, economic climate, and other issues for real money.

About LEO

LEO is the largest panel opinion in Canada with over 400,000 members in that country alone.  They are also open to people in the United States.  You can join now for free and earn anywhere from $1 on the low end up to $35 per survey!  When you join, you will make a difference in society and generate some extra cash for you to spend as you like.  Companies, brands, and governments are always seeking the opinions of people just like you to help shape the products and services they develop and how they market them to consumers.

The Benefits of Joining LEO

One of the main benefits of joining this panel is that you get to have your voice be heard and contribute to change around you.  Your feedback will influence major corporations in a positive way.  In addition to this, you will get paid for every single survey you complete.  Here are some other benefits of being a member of the LEO research panel.  Not only will you get cash for completing a survey but you will get an entry to win a monthly sweepstakes giveaway for the following prizes.

  • Apple iPad new generation
  • $1,000 in cash
  • $100 in cash
  • spa gift cards
  • Air mile rewards
  • 10 cashouts
  • 2 checks for $250
  • 1 $500 check
  • other computer equipment and gift cards

Remember this is in addition to the cash rewards that you will receive for completing their surveys.  When you are ready to cash out, you can choose from 20 Air mile rewards, 250 Aeroplan reward miles, a $20 Visa prepaid card, a $20 check, $20 in PayPal cash, a $20 Starbucks gift card, or a $20 Tim Horton’s gift card.

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LEO market research was established in 1986 paying their members more than $16,000,000 in cash and rewards and counting.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join this exciting panel with even more ways to earn free cash and rewards in the coming months.

Join LEO today  

You can join LEO here to get started as a market researcher using your spare time to give valuable feedback and earn extra cash in the process.  To make it convenient for their members, LEO also has a free mobile app that you can download from Google Play or the App store so that you can earn it on the go.

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