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Are you looking for some legitimate ways to make money online?  Did you know that before I officially started working from home, I did some online gigs or side hustles to make extra cash?  I was so excited when I got my payment for the very first time because it helped me to know that these sites were real and gave me the motivation to keep searching for work.

There are a few companies that need people to complete work on a temporary basis, as needed, or even just for a few hours.  If you are up to the challenge and have some free time on your hands, there are some easy gigs that you can apply to online today.

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Get a work-at-home job or gig in 30 days or less 

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English Voice Raters

Appen is currently looking for native English speakers to listen to different computer voices in English and rate them by commenting on how natural they sound.  You must be a native English speaker that is a Male or between the ages of 18-30 or 45 and up.  You will need access to a computer with Firefox or Chrome.  The task will take 1-3 hours and is expected to begin in late May.  If this is something that you’re interested in, please sign up for an account and fill out the form with the highlighted link above in the title.  If you already have an Appen account, you can fill out the form here.

Paid Project

Product Tube is looking for first-time parents with a child between the ages of 4 and 24 months who are just now starting to buy pureed baby food in pouches for the last 3 months or less.  You will receive $10 for your participation in this online study in less than 2 days!

Mock Trial Study

First Court Inc. is looking for people to participate in a temporary, online mock trial project.  The mock trial is about a real lawsuit and they need people to give honest feedback on their facts about the case.  The mock trial is online and self-paced and will take approximately 2 hours to complete.  It can be completed anytime in a 36-hour time frame.  The trial is planned for the weekend of May 18th and 19th.  All participants must have internet, a working webcam, and Chrome or Firefox browser.  You will be paid $60 via PayPal or a business check.  They will also seek out jurors to provide feedback in a moderated deliberation meeting about the case.  It will take place in Dallas, on May 20th from 2 to 4 pm.  This pays an additional $120.  If you are interested, click the link above enter your email address, and select the city you live closest to.

Virtual Session for High School Teachers

Panelpolls has a special opportunity for high school teachers to be a part of a virtual session for a popular technology company.  The virtual session will take place online from Tuesday, May 7th through Thursday, May 9th.  They are looking for high school teachers at public, private, or charter schools.  The sessions will last 60 minutes between 10 am and 5:30 pm CST.  You will receive $100 for your participation.

Extra Cash at Panelpolls (For Everyone)

Panelpolls is the “Cool Opinion” site for Families (Moms, Dads, Kids, Teens, and Young Adults).  Panelpolls members earn points worth cash for every activity they participate in.

Below are some project examples

• Fun surveys on interesting topics (i.e. sports, fashion, toys, restaurants, entertainment, parenting, trends, social media, etc.). Every survey is worth money.
• Check out new TV shows, movies, online games, websites, and more. (bonus payments can be $5.00-$10.00!)
• Online communities and projects (bonus payments can be $ 10.00 every month!)
• Mobile Apps & Games Beta Tester Program (bonus payments can be $10.00—every month!)
• Online Focus Groups & Games Testing Projects (bonus payments can be $35.00-$55.00!)
• If you live in NYC & LA you may optionally receive invites to participate in in-person focus groups. (bonus payments can be $55.00-$75.00 or more!)  Sound like fun?  Sign up for Panelpolls today.

Moderate Comments

Respondology uses responders to work from home whenever they want to manage some content creators’ comment streams.  Your job is to examine and qualify which comments on social media deserve moderation and/or engagement.  You must be 18 and you will get paid every week!  Click the link above to be put on their waiting list.

Random Gigs

Clickworker is looking for people with a smartphone to take photos of various scenery, pets, etc.  They also have paid tasks for people to record live videos, convert receipts into PDFs, record phrases, and more.  Pays weekly via PayPal.  Tasks and gigs differ depending on the need but there is always something to do and work on at Clickworker.


Slicethepie needs people to review short pomo clips of TV series, voiceovers, and short audio clips as well as music.  They may offer a bonus on select categories you review.  You can review as much as you want.  Pays twice a week via PayPal.

LEO Opinions

Sign up to join the LEO panel to earn money by taking surveys and giving your opinion on real-world topics.  You will earn $1 and up for every single survey you take from your computer or smartphone.  You will also have a chance to enter their monthly contest for a chance to win cash prizes, computer equipment, gift cards, and much more!

L & E Research

This market research panel has some of the highest-paid online studies, telephone interviews, and in-person focus groups around today.  Currently, they have several studies available for you to participate in.  Here are just a few you can try.

Airline Study

They have an airline seat study for those who are between the ages of 18-75 for research regarding the airline industry.  This is an in-person study for those in the Winston-Salem area.

Mystery Shop and Apple Stores

L & E Research also has a paid research study for people that includes two 30-minute video interviews and one class that will take up to one hour at a local Apple store.  You will get paid $200 in the form of a Visa Rocket gift card at the completion of the study.  You must be 21-65.

L & E Research also has nationwide diaper studies that pay up to $155 for parents with a child in diapers between the ages of 0-5 months.  This includes both men and women.

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