Do you have a skill, passion, or desire to aid others in learning various topics?  Are you looking for a non-phone work at home job that will help you make around $300 a week?  If so, Course Hero is looking for people right now to answer questions from high school and college students for extra money.

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What is Course Hero?

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Course Hero is an online learning platform that enables individuals to have access to over 25 million course study resources that will help to explain subjects that you are currently studying so that you will get in-depth knowledge to help you graduate.  Founded in 2007, Coursehero has helped connect 1000s of tutors with students eager to learn and get answers to course-specific questions.  Course Hero is one of the few companies that has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and they even give back to students and others through their monthly scholarship program and partnerships with foundations.

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What kind of jobs does Course Hero have?

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Course Hero has a few openings including several work at home positions for tutors or contributors who are experts in their field and are interested in helping students learn and succeed in their courses.

What kind of Subjects will I Tutor?

It really depends on which subjects you feel more comfortable assisting students with.  Some of the more popular subjects that are currently available on Course Hero are in Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics, Computer Science, Math, Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Psychology, US History, Calculus, Physics, Management, and others.

What hours will I be required to work?

One of the advantages of working for Course Hero is that you get to select when you want to work and for how long.  You can help your students learn when it’s most convenient for you anytime and anywhere you want.

What if I am not a tutor or professor?

You can still apply to Course Hero if you are not a certified or professional tutor.  Course Hero does not require that you have any credentials to prove you are an expert and would like to tutor.  However, you will need a bachelor’s degree, be fluent in English, and live in either the US, UK, CA, or AU.

How much will I earn working for Course Hero?

Tutors who are strong in their particular field can earn an average of $3 per question answered on Course Hero.  That averages out to be between $12 to $20 per hour or around $300 a week answering questions when and where you please.  Your earnings will also depend on how much you work.  Top tutors can earn an average of $500 a week!

Benefits of Tutoring

It has been said many times that if you don’t use, you will lose and that can be true when it comes to the knowledge that we have gained over the years but that will not be the case when you tutor.  In fact, many tutors express the fact that working in this field helps to hone their teaching skills and gives them more confidence in various subject matters.  It also allows them to have an opportunity to supplement their income in a very satisfying way because they get to make a difference in other people’s lives.  Plus you get to work on your own schedule affording you the work/life balance that you desire and in some cases need.

How to Apply to Course Hero?

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, please click here to get the application process going.

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