HOw to get freebies and earn money with Bath & Body WorksMost of you have heard of the popular store Bath & Body Works by now.  They sell body care and fragrances that you will love like candles, lotion, hand soap, wallflowers, and much more.  For many, Bath and Body Works has become a guilty pleasure and one of my favorite stores to shop at.

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Recently, I visited a local mall and purchased a few items for my home and spent a total of $3.53 for my entire shopping trip!  How did I do this?  I took advantage of some cool deals and gift cards that I could redeem at Bath and Body Works.  You can do it too.  But first, check out some of the things I purchased below.

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7 Hand Soaps from Bath & Body Works for $3.53

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Before you run out to the store, let me explain what I did to spend the least amount of money and how I was able to earn money too.

  1. Go to Bath & Body Works’ official website and enter your email address to get free coupons sent to you.
  2. Visit their official website and/or check their official website to see if they have any promo codes listed at the very top of their website.
  3. Have your smartphone with you so you can show this code to the employee when you check out.  If you are shopping online, make sure you enter the code before you pay for your products when you are checking out.
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Right now, Bath and Body Works has $10 off a $30 purchase with a special code which is what I used to save money.  My total purchase was a little over $30 for this trip but that still doesn’t explain how I was able to only pay less than $4 for everything you see in the picture above.

As I was checking out, I had 2 tabs open on my smartphone.  One for my coupon from Bath and Body Works pulled up in my email address and a $20 gift card to spend at Bath & Body Works from a smartphone app that I have been using for the past 5 years now called Ibotta.  If you like to shop online at Bath and Body Works, you can use Rakuten to get 1% cashback on your total sale price.

The employee working at Bath & Body Works scanned my gift card and was shocked at how much I was able to save!  In fact, she was curious about the app I was using and wanted to try it too.  Ibotta will even give you $10 for free just to join and be a member.  You will save at hundreds of stores online and offline and get access to free coupons, discounts, rewards, and even earn money too!

After I got home, I scanned my Bath & Body Works receipt with Fetch Rewards (use code G4HBH) and NCP plus I earned cashback from Rakuten because I linked my debit card and selected Bath and Body Works to earn cash by shopping at their store.  It was really that easy!  You can see proof of my receipt below.

Other tips to save more.

  • Shop at the Bath and Body Works outlet stores.
  • Go when they have their semi-annual sales where you can save up to 75% off retail price.  Bath and Body Works normally has this deal around June and then again in December.
  • Look at the bottom of your receipt to see if you have a survey to take from the company.  If you decide to answer the questions, you will get $10 off your next purchase.

Don’t forget to save your receipts and scan them at

Fetch Rewards – This free app will give you free instant gift cards to scan receipts from any store.  Use code G4HBH for 3,000 points when you join.

NCP – Use the code 4B790A for a bonus when you join.  Scan your weekly purchases including items from Bath & Body Works to get free cash, gift cards, prizes, and rewards.

Rakuten – Get cashback to shop online or at the store at Bath & Body Works and over 2,300 stores!  Get $10 to join for free.

Ibotta – Get free cash instantly to shop at the store or online plus $10 for free when you join, download, and install this app.

Shopkick – Get free gift cards to walk-in stores and also to scan barcodes.  Download this free app to get started.


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