Work from home Teaching jobs that pay wellIf you are looking for a work from home job that is in high demand but allows you to choose and work your own hours and does not require you to talk on the phone…try Teaching/Tutoring.  Work from home teaching jobs has become a very popular way in recent years to earn full-time or supplemental pay.  If you are already a teacher and have experience homeschooling or mentoring others, this could be a great opportunity for you.

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In this article, I will go over a few different companies that are currently seeking educators or those who excel in various subjects and give you the breakdown of how they work, why they are a great option for someone with teaching or tutoring experience, and an idea of how much money you might make doing this for a living.  Please keep in mind that these companies are willing to pay you good money to do this online and even pay you more to work during certain hours as well as on the weekends.

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The first company I will review is VIPKid.  VIPKid currently needs thousands of work from home teachers and will pay up to $22 per hour.  This is a company based out of China and has an online platform where they pair Chinese students ages 4-12 with English-speaking teachers who can teach them basic English!  Through this platform, the teachers need to show up on time, teach a lesson, and write a feedback form after each lesson.  It is important to always write down notes of your student during each lesson so that you remember how the session went.  Each class lasts for 25 minutes each.  Peak hours are designed to get the most students per class and start at 7 p.m. Beijing time.  The best part of teaching through this virtual online platform is that you can make your own hours and schedule your classes during times that would work for you!  Plus, you are not required to know any foreign language or have formal teaching experience.

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Education First

Education First is considered to be one of the top 100 Remote Companies to watch and another great opportunity for someone with some ESL experience and the ability to work from home!  Teaching ESL on Education First allows you to teach only adults, and of course, requires a good internet connection.  Students on this platform are typically professionals from all over the world who require English lessons for work or educational opportunities in English-speaking countries.  The students on this platform are very motivated to learn which can feel very rewarding for the teacher.  There is not a lot of time-consuming preparation that goes along with teaching on Education First.  In fact, when preparing to teach a class it’s recommended that you look at all the presentations for all the lessons you will be teaching that day.  The PowerPoint lessons only take about 5-10 minutes to review, then you would simply enter the classroom and teach the lesson plan for that day.  These are typically group lessons, so there will be multiple students during each lesson.  After the lesson, you will need to write feedback for the students.  You also have the option to work on one with students.  The curriculum is provided to you, so you can really focus on teaching and providing feedback!  Education First pays up to $20 per hour plus more during peak hours.

Course Hero

Course Hero is the last company we will talk about today.  This company looks for passionate educators and tutors to help students receive answers to questions regarding various subjects.  You are not required to be a certified tutor or professional to work for this company but need expertise in the categories you would like to tutor.  Course Hero is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has helped over 10 million students to date.  Your job is to help the students get step-by-step explanations to help them study and succeed in their courses.  You will receive $3 for every question you answer.  If you are able to answer six questions in an hour, that would result in $18.  Some tutors are able to earn $300 up to $500 a week answering questions when and where they please.  If you do this full or part-time, this could be a great and easy option to make a good salary per week!  They are open to tutors in the US and other countries.  Please apply online here.


Qkids (formerly Funbulous) is one of the larger Online English Teaching companies out of China, while it keeps a low profile, the company is steadfast in its commitment to supporting its teachers and students.  The company employs a staff of over 1,000 people who help support their awesome teachers in the US and Canada.  Qkids connects 300,000+ Chinese young learners between 4 – 12 years old with thousands of Online Teachers to create an amazing learning environment.  This is an incredible work from home opportunity, working for one of the premier Online English companies in China.  The company takes amazing care of its teachers and is always on the lookout for great new teachers. Teachers earn between $16-20/hour teaching at Qkids.  There is no experience needed.

If you are currently working for any of these companies, please leave your comments below.  You can find other work from home teaching jobs on the weekly job section of this website as well as on our Facebook groups below.

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