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Today is the very first day of fall and to usher in the fall season, there is a new virtual job fair that you can attend in just two days.  The job fair is completely free and open to every single person nationwide.  The time of the job fair will be from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m Eastern Standard time.

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This job fair is being held by My Employment Options who I regularly speak about on this blog as well as my official YouTube channel.  My Employment Options hosts virtual job fairs special times throughout the year for you to help you chat and connect with work at home employers right from your home office.

If you have never attended a virtual job fair before, here are some reasons why you will want to do so.

  • Find out what openings some of your favorite work at home companies are hiring for.
  • Get to speak one-on-one with a potential employer.
  • Learn more about the company.
  • Attending virtual job fairs can aid you in getting a future work at home job.
  • Get access to more free work at home job leads.

Requirements to participate in the Virtual Job Fair

Anyone can participate in the virtual job fair but you will have to register prior to, in order to secure your spot for the job fair.  Registration is completely free but failing to do so will prevent you from attending.  You can register here.  After you have registered, you will receive an email from My Employment Options that will help you prepare for the event.

Who is attending the job fair?

You may be wondering exactly which companies will be participating in the virtual job fair.  The following companies below have been confirmed and possibly more added before September 28th.

  1. Ask MEO
  2. Bender Consulting Services
  3. Concentrix
  4. Cotiviti
  5. Global Connections to Employment
  6. Pearl Interactive Network
  7. Republic Services
  8. Stateside BPO
  9. Transcom
  10. TTEC
  11. WR Systems

Frequently asked questions about the job fair

You may have some questions about the job fair and I will answer some of the more common ones below.

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  • Do I have to attend the job fair the entire time?  You are not required to attend the job fair for the entire duration.  The hours are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to give as many people as possible time to connect virtually with these employers according to your own schedule.  If you only have 15 minutes to spare, you are still welcome to join this free event.
  • Do I need to be disabled to attend the job fair?  You do not have to be disabled or receive SSI or SSDI disability benefits in order to attend the job fair.
  • Are only work at home companies participating in the job fair?  There will be work at home and brick and mortar companies participating in the job fair.
  • Will the job fair cost me anything?  The job fair is free to register for and to attend.
  • Will I have to dress up?  It is not a requirement but only a suggestion because you may video chat with an employer.  This is your chance to give a good impression by wearing casual or business attire instead of pajamas.  You may also want to give attention to your workspace and tidy it up before you enable your webcam.
  • Can I apply to work at home jobs without attending the job fair?  Yes.  You can do so by clicking here if you receive SSI or SSDI disability benefits and want to work from home.

Things to Remember

Please mark your calendars now so that you will not miss out on this free upcoming event to talk with employers especially if you earnestly want to work from home.  Feel free to tell your friends and family about the job fair and have them register too.

Did you know that some of my blog readers have gotten hired just by attending a job fair?  You could be the next one to get a work at home job from this free job fair.  Don’t forget to register for free here.

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