Work at Home Jobs Graveyard ShiftAre you a person who sleeps during the day and stays up all night?  Do you get more things done when everyone else is asleep?  Would you like to work at home during the overnight hours?  If so, you may want to apply to some graveyard shift work at home jobs.

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What is considered to be a graveyard shift?  

This is typically a time frame that would normally start around midnight to dawn or 8:00 a.m.  Some people refer to it as 3rd shift or late night hours.  Although everyone does not desire to work these hours, there are some advantages to working the graveyard or late-night shift.  Here are a few listed below.

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  • You are able to work without any distractions and have a quiet-free environment at home.
  • Most companies will pay you a higher amount on the hour to work during the graveyard shift.
  • You may be able to focus better while performing your job duties.
  • Gives you the freedom to do other things during the day.
  • Affords you more opportunities to get hired to work for a company because a lot of people will go after the 1st or 2nd shift positions.

Working a graveyard shift may prove to be challenging so make sure you get proper rest (it is recommended that you get at least 7 hours or more) before you log in to work and alter your schedule and daily routine around your working hours to have a healthy life/work balance.

Graveyard Shift Work at Home Jobs

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3Play Media

Create your own schedule working when you want to transcribe recorded audio.  You get paid every single week even if you only work 2 hours.  Must be fluent in English or Spanish.

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Work at home during the graveyard hours in audio transcription, annotating audio, voice recording, and translation from anywhere.


Work on your phone or computer categorizing data, taking photos, gathering data from the web, and so much more.  You can work whenever you want including late at night.


This company has a need for remote agents to work very late nights because they are open 24/7.  In fact, their busiest times are during the evenings and weekends.  They hire in the US, Canada, and Europe.


This company is hiring Overnight Nurse Practitioners to remotely triage, diagnose, and treat patients via their online chat-based platform.

Go Transcript

Work at home listening to audio files and typing the words into text whenever you want.  Get paid every single Friday.


Get paid to listen to live recorded calls from your computer late at night and sort them into categories based on the way the call was answered/handled.  Work from your computer or smartphone.

ICON Health & Fitness – Company will supply all your equipment!

NordicTrack is now hiring tech support reps to work the graveyard shift from home that starts from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. to assist with any inquiries, requests, and concerns about their products and services.  Pays $15 per hour plus commission.


This is another company that hires social media content specialists to work from home all over the world to respond to comments on their client’s social media accounts and enforce online community safety across multiple content areas to ensure guidelines/rules are followed.  This kind of work can involve overnight hours.

Integrity Express Logistics

Currently seeking client services reps to work from home providing after-hour support to service customer accounts and carrier needs.  You will need data entry skills.  This job will require you to work the 3rd shift including weekends.


Seeking triage nurses to work the overnight shift from home answering phone calls for their hospice and home care clients.  You will also be expected to work every other weekend overnight.


This is another company that allows you to work at home at night rating the relevancy of ads and other content on the web as a rater, social media assessor, multimedia judge, personalized ads evaluator, etc.


This company hires social media agents in the US and outside the US to help moderate social media posts for brands and companies to protect their image.  There is a need for their social media agents to work weekends, nights, holidays, and some evenings.


Now hiring customer service agents to handle inbound inquiries troubleshoot basic technical issues, and assist with questions about products, etc.  You must reside in the US or Canada.

Mod Squad

ModSquad is seeking experienced customer service reps to work during the nighttime hours to guide customers to the right answers and resolve their concerns.  You must be a night owl.  You will be required to work from 6 pm to 6 am PST.


Work the graveyard shift selecting short tasks you can do from your computer like recording audio clips, answering questions, chatting with bots, etc.


This company has thousands of non-phone work at home jobs that may require you to collect video clips, and photos, do voice recordings online, and so much more.  Work the graveyard hours with this company.


Work from home third shift as a Service Desk Analyst providing first-line support for their clients and resolving technical issues related to hardware, software, network, or general computer usage.

Safe Auto

Hiring P & C Insurance Call Center reps to work from home to assess customers insurance needs, resolve inquiries, give details about policy status, and other related duties.  They have 2nd and 3rd shift openings and you must be dependable.


Hiring overnight customer success reps to help their clients when there’s a problem regarding login issues, troubleshooting bugs, etc.  You will be required to work from 1:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.


This company has work at home jobs for those who want to work late nights but do not list them as such in the job title.  You will have to read the job description to find out what hours you are required to work but I did see some in their customer service department.

This company will allow you to work late nights and the graveyard shift completing various non-phone tasks in your spare time.


This company has overnight work at home jobs in select states for reps to deliver exceptional service to their customers.  Depending upon your location, you may even receive a free computer to work the graveyard shift for TTEC.


This company provides 24/7 support to their in-house guests, responds to property reviews, and other duties as an operational support specialist during the night shift all from your home office.


From time to time, you will see Uhaul hiring remote agents to work during the graveyard or overnight hours assisting their customers who are seeking to rent their storage units, get prices, quotes, etc.


Currently hiring customer care experts to work from 6 pm to 3 am EST to build strong relationships with their users and assist with any of their needs via phone, email, chat, or other communications.


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