You may already know that companies like Lionbridge, Appen, and others hire remote workers outside the US but there are some other work-at-home employers that you may not be aware of.  If you live outside of the United States and want to work from home, you can do so in customer service as a virtual assistant chat operator web search evaluator, and many more.

If you are looking for some side income, Field Agent is an app that you can use to complete simple mystery shopping missions and tasks from your smartphone.  Available to users worldwide.

You can find more work at home jobs that hire globally below.

17 Work at home Jobs that Hire Worldwide

Top 60 Non Phone work at home Jobs including some Global Jobs

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Keywords Studio

This company has several global work-at-home jobs and is hiring Video game proofreaders to proofread test text and video game content moderators.  This job pays $14.75 up to $17.25 per hour you must be fluent in English and another language in order to work for this company

Blue Arrow

Another company that hires people to work from home is a Tesco Mobile sales agent. You will be talking to customers who are in a mobile phone contract already that will be expiring to encourage them to extend this or call customers to entice them to buy into new contracts with their brand. You will be required to work five out of seven days a week and it pays $21.30 per hour


H & M hires people to work from home and live in Germany as customer service agents to assist their german-speaking customers who need information about orders deliveries or payments.


Packlink hires Customer support specialists who can speak German and English to work from home but you have to live outside of the United States and be able to speak the languages fluently. Your job duties will be to provide support to customers that visit the website with purchasing items.

ePlay TV

Hires online moderators to work from home outside of the US.  You must be a gamer with a camera or webcam.


Another company that hires people outside of the US to work from home.

Firstsource Advantage

is another company that hires outside of the United States they need sales advisors to work from home receiving calls from customers who are thinking about canceling part of their subscriptions.


StarTek hires customer service reps in Canada to work from home paying $15 + $15.50 per hour.


Crowd Surf is always hiring new transcribers to turn audio into text you can work your own schedule and it pays per task. Canadian residents.

A1 media

A 1 Media hires captioners to work from home and they pay $16 an hour to do this you will receive equipment a laptop and software and your base casual Early rate will be $19 per hour.


Advanis Hires telephone researchers to work from home who reside in Canada.

Education First

Education First hires virtual tutors to work from home can teach young kids English who live in China.

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Course Hero

Course Hero is seeking subject tutors to work from home outside of the United States.


You can also apply to Wayfair they hire people to work outside of the United States.


hires customer service reps to work from home outside the US. Sometimes they hire in the US also.

A few more companies you can try that also hires outside the US.






Hinduja Global Solutions

Working Solutions


Sutherland Global


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